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Jarrod and Rawlins is one of the first non-halal “western food” joints that I was introduced to. Their pork burger and dynamite chili sausage sausage are two of my favorite dishes. After a long hiatus, I went to their Damansara Heights branch (they have four locations now) with Elfie to get some dinner and Guinness lovin’.

In case you haven’t found out yet, it is also because Guinness is running their Merry Guinness promotion this time around, more on that later.

guinness stew pork, jarrod & rawlins at damansara height
Guinness beef stew meat with mash potato

I really like the set up of their branch at Damansara Heights over other locations. The restaurant takes the space of an old bungalow, with tables sprawling within the former living hall, balcony, and back yard. As such, it offers several different ambiance according to taste, I typically favors the backyard especially when the temperature is favorable.

open seafood sandwich, soup, guiness stew pork
open seafood sandwich with bacon, Guinness stew with mash potato

Jarrod and Rawlins is one of the restaurants that offer several Guinness infused dishes in their menu on a permanent basis. For dinner, I ordered the intriguing Guinness beef stew with mash potato while the lady asked for open seafood sandwich with bacon, and tomato soup.

We also ordered a couple sausages – dynamite chili and something else that is non-spicy, as Elfie is a noob who can’t take anything spicy.

Of course, I got me a pint of Guinness to go with dinner.

tomato soup, pork sausage
tomato soup and J&R’s sausages

The Guinness beef stew was better than I had expected, the slight bitterness from the black beer compliments adds character to the beef and goes really well with the mash potato. This was even better than the Guinness infused beef ribs I had at SevenAteNine during last year’s promotion.

The soup and open seafood sandwich received no complaints at all from Elfie (who is often critical), and the sausages were very tasty as usual. We left happy and very well fed, with my stomach full of a whole pint of Guinness goodness too.

KY, Guinness, Elfie
KY, Guinness, and Elfie

Dinner came to around RM 160 with the four dishes and a couple drinks. Jarrod & Rawlins is one of the participating outlets that offer a free pint of Guinness Draught free of charge when you order from the Guinness Infused Menu. For more information and other outlets, check out Guinness Malaysia facebook page.

All my previous posts with Guinness (including last year’s promotion) can be found here.

jarrod rawlins damansara heights map

Jarrod & Rawlins
No. 6, Lorong Dungun,
Damansara Heights,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.153693, 101.665077
Tel: 03-2093 0708

Discuss : Jarrod and Rawlins at Damansara Heights

  1. y the tomato soup never add Guinness goodness?! 😀

  2. The Guinness beef stew is good. I’m loving this festive food pairing promos. 🙂

  3. Tey Cindy,
    Hahah that would be nuts! 😛

    Huai Bin,
    Yah Guinness food pairing advertorials are my fav to write!

  4. OHOH so this is the one! *eyebrow wiggle

  5. you should request for them not to cut the sausages up.. spoil the picture 🙂

  6. OOOOhhh sooo this is the one one one one (fade off [ON])! eyebrow double wiggleee

  7. Great food there! But that area is pretty dodgy. My colleague got robbed few doors away from JR. Kena assaulted somemore.

  8. wowo..guinness beer with meal..all time the best

  9. aud,
    hahaha u think elfie is my gf? u ask her la at xmas eve party, she’ll just kick me! hahahah

    but tastes better!

    lol read my reply to aud. 😛

    u look hardcore u’d be fine there

    oh yess!

  10. Haven’t been to the restaurant yet. The one I went in Mont Kiara don’t have proper main course. Looks like time to pay them a visit.

  11. i still haven’t got my cherry-popped for Jarrod & Rawlins!

  12. JD,
    oOo try it, and you mean Hartamas right? 🙂

    Do it!

  13. Only tried the Guiness beef pie at Magnificent Fish n Chips, not that good though.
    J&R’s version looks cool.

  14. i heart J&R sausages
    hehee so yummy! nvajak >.< LOL jk

  15. Haha…guinness is always the best companions no matter where you are LOL

  16. J2Kfm,
    Ooo, I guess the Guinness pie’s is a bit more of more of an acquired taste. 😀

    Yahhh, awesome! Hahah you will meet elfie soon, chill!

    Tony Wan,
    Hahah true!

  17. hehee yeah i cant wait to meet her 😀
    xmas party woohoooooo

  18. Would luuvvvv to ask her during xmas eve but no invitation la boss.. LOLZ!

  19. thenomadGourmand

    I tried the Guinness ice cream at Decanter PJ. Loved it!
    I wonder if they do that ice cream here too??

  20. JaCJaC,
    Yessss soon!

    I don’t know your facebook/blog/nothing!

    I don’t think they have the ice cream at J&R though. I ate before at the Guinness event 😀

  21. cant take spicy food ok later kena tummy ache and diarrhea!!

  22. I tried the dynamite sausages, too hot for my taste. Its a pity that they closed the branch in 1Utama though.

  23. fietheelf,
    Haha you noob with spicy food!

    Yah I guess 1U was never really suited for these kinda restaurants tho

  24. wow..must try it out

  25. erica,
    do it 😀

  26. One of my favourestestest places! KY you also need to mention that you can now apply for a J&R card that gives 10% discount on your whole bill (YES!!! Drinks as well!). The BOOOOO is you have to pay 50RM for it…. The HORRAY is that they give you a RM50 voucher as part of the deal!

  27. Richysam,
    oOoo never knew there’s the J&R card, interesting!

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