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Remember the previous post on Brand’s Generasi Hebat contest where you “express yourself” creatively with the green tie to win awesome prizes? Well, the same campaign now releases a music video. Check it out below!

Gotta say it’s pretty catchy, multi-lingual too! Title of the song is Juara (not to be confused by the pretty tragic Proton model), basically saying that we’re all born to be champions if we just open our eyes, be creative, believe in ourselves, and not listen to those who are negative!

Like President Kennedy once said “we choose to go to the moon within this decade not because it is easy, but because it is hard!”.

I say to myself, “I will eat this crab not because it is easy, but because it is hard… and also tasty” 😀

Anyway, nonsense aside, do check out the contest on Generasi Hebat’s facebook page and participate in it.


After all, the prizes includes 20 trips to HK Disneyland, LG LCD TVs, or LG Arena phones. If you can do better than the four actual examples submitted, I’m sure you’ll stand a pretty good chance of scoring one of the loots.


I am keeping my fingers crossed, I wanna be a champion too!

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  1. foodcrazee

    dont knw wht the 4 pics stands for?>

  2. foodcrazee,
    those are some creative ways of using the green tie ok!

  3. YERRR you put some other hot chick never put me. i emo u. hmmph.

  4. Cheesie,
    Hahahha you too hot liao must give other ppl a chance! 😀

  5. when is ur next food update? i need inspiration on what to have for dinner!! 😛

  6. Christine,
    Be patient, go play with your green tie 😛

  7. Takes a lot of creative juices to tie a green shoe string ler. Must….feed…..brain…..with….creative…..juices. Will probably give this a miss…save own money for HK trip saja.

  8. JD,
    hahaha do it, do it! Be brave! 😛

  9. i wanna see you wear that spoon and fork tomorrow ya!

  10. eiling,
    Hahahah I prepare one set chopsticks wan for u ok?

  11. ciki,
    Hahah yah not bad at all right?

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