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It seems like it’s been quite a few weeks since my last post on a bak kut teh place, this cannot be be happening!

So today, let me introduce this little bak kut teh place at Seapark that I have visited since a few years ago. Tucked within Sun Fatt Kee kopitiam and somehow overshadowed by the busy mamak that is famous for its nasi lemak at night, this bkt stall isn’t flashy nor it is particularly busy.

bak kut teh at seapark
wholesome bak kut teh, and i love their vegetable

Bak kut teh here is served in a clay pot, with teow chew style soup that is pretty flavorful. Ingredients are as per standard bkt places, lean meat, fat laden meat, knuckle, intestine, tripes, ribs, tofu skin, mushroom, and vegetable – if you asks for everything, my default choice usually.

I particularly like the “oily vegetable” they serve here, it is laden with a lot of fried garlic and oyster sauce, which makes it quite flavorful and not merely a dish with its sole purpose of making us feeling less guilty of having only meat.

horng, rachel, dree, suan, having bak kut teh
everyone had bak kut teh except dree, who ordered nasi lemak (halal bah!)

Although this isn’t the best bak kut teh I’ve had (i’d say it is above average though); the very old school ambiance, friendly service, and convenience its location (close to where I stay) more than make up for it. The price is in line with most other bak kut teh places at around RM 10 ish per person.

The bak kut teh stall only opens for dinner, in the afternoon, the same kopitiam has a pretty good teow chew porridge stall.

Jalan 21/11b,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.109920, 101.622301

Discuss : Bak Kut Teh at Sun Fatt Kee, Seapark

  1. wow. the photos from last year? 😛

  2. like the BKT served here-a very unassuming place.

  3. KY, that’s my favorite BKT whereabout. Been missing it after i moved away from Tmn Paramount.

  4. suanie,
    yah blast from the past! 😛


    Ooo well I hope you’re not too far away, it’s still there. 😉

  5. imho, it’s kinda expensive as the portion is quite small…
    the nasi lemak ayam beside it is better.. 😛

  6. kimberlycun

    suan got jerrica’s hair from Jem. hhehehe

  7. Marvin,
    Haha what you saw was only for 3-4 person though, and I don’t have very huge appetite anyway so it suits me just well 😛


  8. I probably go there too late (10.30pm), as the stall is always closed! So it has always been the nasi lemak ayam…

  9. Bangsar-bAbE,
    Yahh, they’re usually finished by around 10pm

  10. When im there,I don’t see any reason to eat anything else but the nasi lemak ayam! *drools but will try the bkt one day..

  11. Andrew,
    Hahah well, sometimes when you crave for porkkk

  12. See liao very hungry…going down to buy food^^

  13. Oh I know where it is. Do you know there’s a Hokkien Mee place on the same road as KFC too?

  14. kelvin,
    Hahahah awesome!

    Yess, there’re a few hokkien mee places nearby tho. 😉

  15. wow! bkt AND porridge during the day~ GOOD.

  16. yup.. tried that but like you said, it’s decent 🙂 not the best but OK enough to eat if you are in the vicinity

  17. that wasn’t me… that wasn’t me….

  18. Tey Cindy,
    Yess, very nais!

    True, true. 🙂


  19. suanie doesn’t look like she’s enjoying it. haha

  20. eiling,
    LOL she just didn’t enjoy looking at kerol’s hairstyle!

  21. Yeah I’ve been here once! I prefer the one just before the SS6 turning (there’s a row of shophouses, one specializes in chicken rice, the other BKT). 🙂

  22. bakute… now im cravin for it. dem ><

  23. Huai Bin,
    ooO i gotta check that out then

    do it! 😛

  24. Danson Lee

    Loyal Customer Appreciation Promotion

    The boss always quote “my BAK KUT TEH is the best in South East Asia.”(without mentioning the park). Cause the stall is situated in SEA PARK.

    Promotion: 10% discount on all items (inclusive food & beverages)
    How: Just tell the boss u was referred by Danson Lee
    Period: 1st – 30th April
    Boss contact no: Mr Victor Lee 019-3312909

    p/s thank you all for being supportive customer to my dad stall.. have beg him for this promo long time. Hope you guys like it … 😉

  25. Christopher Lee

    thanks for your to help us to promote our family business of bak kut teh =)

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