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Remember my previous blog post on Brand’s chicken essence and the Generasi Hebat campaign? Well the contest for the campaign is now out, and I think it is actually exceedingly simple and difficult at the same time.

First, the prizes!

  • 20x trips to Disneyland Hong Kong
  • 10x LG 42″ LCD TV
  • 20x LG GM 900 Arena


The contest mechanics is very simple, first you obtain the Generasi Hebat Ties. Then you only need to:

  1. Express yourself in the most creative way using the Brand’s Generasi Hebat Tie
  2. Shoot a photo of your creation and post the picture(s) in Generasi Hebat facebook page and tag yourself
  3. Upload your photo here and fill in your information.
  4. Print out the form here and post it to Cerebos (M) Sdn Bhd

Detailed information can be found here.

It’s all rather simple, but ahh, the whole “most creative way” is not easy…


At first, I thought about doing what the girls do, using the tie as headgear/hair tie. I think this only works for the girls, as the photos above demonstrate, I shall not ever do this in public, nor private.


Then I thought, emm, maybe since I got a big blister by on  my palm driving go-kart, the tie can be used as a sort of palm protector. Wrap it around my arms and be a karting hero.

p/s: I don’t think it is a good idea to actually tie your hands on the steering wheel though.


But as they say, third time is the charm. I think I’m gonna submit this picture instead, using the tie to keep a pair of fork and spoon on my neck so I’m ever ready anytime!

OK excuse me while I drink a bottle of Brand’s. Yums (no fork and spoon needed though)

Discuss : Now what can you do with these ties?

  1. Cheesie,
    creative ok!

  2. hahaha!!! KY u damn cute~ I like this post; it’s not that hard!! ;D

  3. Tey Cindy,
    Hehehe thank you very much :X

  4. Haha! Not too bad at all…needs a knife for the complete set though. 😉

    Soup spoon wouldn’t hurt too.

  5. Huai Bin,
    Ah, how could I forget about the knife!

  6. hahaha. i like the last one! like little kid only. hahaha. no la dont want knife, you will kill yourself. should have attached the chopsticks!

  7. The 1st picture is classic. I agreed shouldn’t do it in public nor private, but blog can lar. Fork and spoon only, what if er there’s something you can’t eat with that (although I don’t think there’s any).

  8. vvens,
    Hahah true, chopsticks i can borrow from girls who use them to tie hair. 😛

    Classic? Nooooo!

  9. Jaclyn Chew

    choppie sticks!

  10. Jaclyn Chew,
    Hahaha, chopsticks can put by my ears!

  11. nay… you should stuck-in the green tie to your nose and out at ya mouth!!! 😛

  12. Hehe put in yer ears?
    Like robot?!

  13. sotong,
    Don’t be crazy!

    you girls are nuts. 😛

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