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The 9th post under Blogathon category has a topic that goes “What defines style?”. Again, the guy who’s more in tune with his tongue than his eyes sorta… struggle.

*went into a 30 minute thinking phase*


Style is usually associated with our visual sense. William Gibson’s novel – Pattern Recognition, is an exhibition of highly stylistic writings, and even though it is a book, the descriptions and the world created within feeds our visual cortex in a very profound way.

I digress, ok I didn’t know what I was talking about. Lets get back to something more direct. Like, being stylish!

ah, got style!?
stylish facial expression, failed

Ahh, this is something that Cha Bom, the stylist at TANGS is very good at. Today I am wearing this white t-shirt that says “Dead or Alive” in like, really stylish fonts.

Then there’s this very comfy and rather sweet looking David Mayer jacket that I think will make me look awesomely stylish when riding my RS 250, which of course is a very cool motorbike in itself.



Discuss : so what is this STYLE thingy?

  1. Adele Archuleta

    HAHAAH! your expression awwwwwww.
    and why must your leg stand that way lol anyway go go blog more im reading 😀 (got 20 words bo)

  2. Hehehe todays styling is really suitable for riding your bike..

    Voot voot!
    Very ber gaya-gaya

    Fatty and ally sends their sniffles of agreement too 🙂

  3. PocketAnne

    hahahah KY you look like you’re either very upset with the outfit, or very upset cuz you haven’t go pangsai yet since yesterday lol

  4. Adele Archuleta,
    Hahaha what to do, I’m like, not very pro at this thing ok 😛

    heheh thank you thank you, thanks ally too 😛

  5. PocketAnne,
    Hahahah how did you know I really didn’t pangsai yesterday? Went home already late then kinda tired… so oh well! only 6.5 hours to go!

  6. You have almost the same facial expression for all pictures which require you to look a little more fashionable. Practice a bit more, you should! 😛

  7. KY, are u trying to give the “ganas”look? lol should have done d “hah!” look! XD
    that jacket looks like the one u have, nice!
    are you wearing skinny jean?

  8. Hahahaha why legs put until like that wan! Lol keep on blogging about styles man! Nice jacket and also shirt haha.. but facial expression never fail also la.

  9. Val,
    HAhahaha, what to do, you need to help me!

    ohh I didn’t think of that. Yes skinny jeans for skinny me 😛

    Hahaha, never fail? thank you! 😛

  10. i think what defines style is the attitude. like i always say to everyone who is interested to listen to me talk about fashion and style, is that I MAKE THE CLOTHES LOOK GOOD!

    Just the other day, I went drinking with Gracie @ PUBLIC, and all I was wearing was a singlet worth RM19, a fitting stretchable 3 inches above knee-length work skirt worth RM19.90, and a pair of 3 inches court shoes (RM88)…and Gracie was in her prada outfit (the whole package worth over Rm3000 according to her), yet in the end, I caught more eye-balls than she did when I enter the premise…

    Oh did I oso tell u that I had a weapon with me? perhaps that was the main reason why EVERYONE was looking at me!!

    I have a photo here –>

  11. TBG,
    wah your comment is long enough to be a blog post by itself. Cheap cloths and fashionable, best. 😀

  12. ky, style is either you have it or you dont and can’t be read from any magazines or books. the best style comes from inner self and pours out like molten lava if your self confidence is over the chart.

    for me, style is simple and comfy stuff that makes u feel good. Like mounting a pair of rough jeans, a polo T or some Zara Manly Scarfs…. ….

  13. no worry, you still have my support… still only have merely 5 hours to go…i think you should blog about ur RS 250…more interested into it..anyway..nice coat

  14. God,
    what? you mean you gotta have the talent?

    Thank you very much, I’m hanging on! My RS 250 is at home though 🙁

  15. I like what you’re wearing! ^^

  16. sharon,
    Thank you very much, the stylist at TANGS did a great job, i’m forever in debt T_T

  17. Why does your stylist make you look like you’re 25 when you’re so much older than that! Fail!

  18. Mellissa,
    Hahahah why are you so meannnn, I have to mask my true age to be in all these type of things 😛

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