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30 years back, you could never find the two words, “technology” and “fashion” appearing in the same sentence. Technology was supposed to be very straight forward, always function over form, beige box, black screen, black keyboard.

Engineers were hired, but not designers or artists. It was the dark ages. And someone like haze would say “It hurts my eyes…”


Fast forward to current time, technology and fashion now goes hand in hand. No longer are laptops coming only in the old boring black rectangular form. Aesthetics has found a home in modern technology.

fashionable notebook
Lenovo ideapad S10-2

Take for example this netbook from Lenovo, the ideapad S10-2 actually comes with four different designs. Since this is something that is small enough to be brought to everywhere, it really doesn’t hurt at all to be looking good.

Lenovo ideapad S10-2

Also, the PR lady who is handling Lenovo, Radiance Leong, told me to write something about her. She is like, awesome and all, go to her blog to read about her ramblings.

I digressed…

I think I wouldn’t mind having a netbook for traveling at all. The blue one kinda looks neat.

3 hours and 10 minutes to go before the end of Blogathon!

Discuss : Can Technology be Fashionable?

  1. toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break toilet break !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cheesie,
    Woohoo thank you for the comment, now i have to add a few more words to make this twenty words long, but does it count? :/

  3. Yes it can can technology can be very very very very fashionable. It is th best thing since sliced bread and I think it’s awesome if it has the kitchen sink in!!!

  4. Huai Bin,
    Yesss it’s really the best thing since sliced bread, except maybe fashionable sliced bread, which I haven’t seen yet. 😀

  5. I like the ideapad, looks cool. Of course tech can be fashionable, HP just recently paired with Vivienne Tam for a designer notebook – looks uber cool.

  6. you got see my lenovo c300 or not? it’s teh beautiful 😀

  7. Time really flies, my time in 1989 was with really really huge ass computer with green color text that u can switch to orange or White <–considered high end spec.

    now with so much changes, i pity those coma dudes if they wake up.

    nobody remembers phone number anymore but tweet address and url.

  8. boo_licious,
    oooo, interesting!

    I know, so jealous!! I want one too!

    Hahaha, hopefully you’ll never go back to the huge ass phase evarrrrr

  9. Aztec Warrior runs on something like that first computer but not the Lenovo. It’s so sad 🙁

  10. James,
    ahh, then perhaps it is time to move onto slightly newer stuff already, gotta get on with the flow yooo

  11. oksy i will vote for you if only you are treating me pork burger in pj state. also i want to see u to pretend cute now, cuter than cheesie can ?? im standing infront waiting to take pic wit u !! lol. this also a supporting comment oksy

  12. jess,
    OK if i win then no problem at all, you wan cristang or ribs at oasis or sids pub alos can!

  13. Beige boxes? Try tape spools (not cartridges), hard disks the size of wedding cakes, keyboards that work like typewriters with no monitors and the option of spray painting your mainframe the colour that you like (offered by IBM, apparently, since you paid so much for it, they should at least allow you to pick a colour like a car).

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