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Having been graduated with a Computer Science degree and working in an IT job. I do like to think that I know just a little bit about computers.

However, the topic of “dream notebook” is actually quite a tough one. Instead of describing the speed of processors, size of RAM, hard disks, operating systems, screen size and all those technical specifications, I thought I’d go all out with my imagination here on what I want my dream notebook to be able to do.

Here goes 3 of the features I’d love to have!

  • a smell function – it’ll be neat to be able to convey the sense of smell other than just visual and audio. This will definitely bring food blogging to a totally new dimension, but I guess you’d also get a lot of gag blogs – fart posts anyone?
  • solar/nuclear/kinetic power – wouldn’t it be nice to have a notebook with power source that can last as long as a calculator?
  • built in projector – webcams are now pretty much a standard feature on notebooks, but I’d really love to see a projector on the laptop, doesn’t need to be a very strong nor powerful one, it’ll be really neat.

lenovo ideapad u350
Lenovo ideapad U350

Since we can’t have those yet, the laptop I’m using now, the Lenovo ideapad U350 is actually very nifty. It’s got an Intel Centrino processor, HDMI output for entertainment, and an active protection system for the hard disk to prevent accidental shocks. This thing is pretty light too.

Discuss : My Dream Notebook will be able to..

  1. I really like a notebook that is as powerful as a desktop and has a 22″ monitor when activated, then with a push of a button, it shrink into a size of a paperback book, so I’ll be having something like a mobile desktop :p

  2. PocketAnne

    Smell function?? My boss will love his laptop if it smells like Nasi Lemak which he eats every morning hahaha. Imagine if your lappie smells of Chau Tau Fu (Smelly Beancurd)

  3. Jaclyn Chew

    it will be super duper ultra gross if you can smell farts from your lappie..

    the lappie looks very nice though.. ideapad.. erm not so creative from think pad la, but the finishing looks rather berchanggih..

    hows the feeling using it?

  4. yeah, nuclear laptop would be easier to smuggle to Iran than uranium.

    what’s this button ? *click KABOOOOMM !!!!

  5. Christine Diansuri

    i dun care all those stuff. all i want it a preeetyyy notebook that is affordable and reliable.
    my dream notebook: pink, encrusted with swarovski, sleek silhoutte, nice font for the keyboard, and smooth keyboard. lenovo, when are u coming with my dream laptop ??? πŸ™‚

  6. Jaclyn Chew

    if you really do win this awesome laptop

    can you like sell it?

    like to me? hehhe since i’m the one who really needs a laptop? πŸ˜€

  7. laptop wit smell?? wah..nice one, can attack ppl with something smelly and ppl cannot use laptop while doing BIG BUSINESS, if not sure the others can smell from far away…HAHAHA

  8. hahah I think there needs to be an activate and deactivate function for the smell feature on the laptop to prevent abuse, dangerous otherwise heh.

  9. Laptop that smells? wow…something new for sure. All the best in this blogathon..woohooo..throwing my support to you πŸ™‚

  10. Sue Me,
    Thank you very much, appreciate it. It’s an uphill battle but I shall not ever give up. Woohoo lets go lets go!

  11. Brother, you sure you want nuclear power near your crown jewels ar? LOL!

  12. Danny Fo,
    Hahhaa, now that you mention, I think I’ll have to think about that.. you do have a point. :/

  13. Hahahha KY, the 3 features is damn good! Let me know if there’s any in the market.. :p especially the solar function, sucks battery ran out in genting moment. XD

  14. wah!! ky, ur dream features for a laptop is really creative ler… love them especially the second one!! my laptop always died on me in less than 2 hours wan. sien!! but i cant imagine a laptop with smell function when it detects fart! LOL!! *faint*

  15. lilbunny,
    yahh, we shall have to wait and see. hehe

    Yahhh, but now the latest laptops can lasts for many more hours than just 2 already. πŸ˜€

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