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Being primarily known as a food blogger, it is pretty safe for you to assume that writing about fashion isn’t exactly what I’m good at. The past 800 odd posts on this blog has been on a variety of topics, with roughly half on food, but none on fashion, until today.

Now I’m going to attempt to write my second post on .. fashion fix!

make up?
I can has make up?

I’m not sure what fashion means to you, to me, it is about making yourself look more presentable/prettier/handsomer than otherwise. For girls, it involves a host of different clothing articles, accessories, and make up.

But other than when I was involved in plays more than 10 years ago, I don’t think I’ve put on make up. The photo above illustrates how wrong it can be if I attempt.. emm..

sunglasses from TANGS
i think this pair of sunglasses suits me!

So, other than clothings, which isn’t exactly a quick fashion fix, I think the ultimate for me would be putting on a pair of sunglasses. Yesss, it’ll mask my eye bags. After all I haven’t had more than 8-9 hours of sleep combined in the last 2 days.

That pair of glasses from TANGS suits me, no? 😀

Discuss : Fashion again? Oh what’s this ultimate fashion fix thing?

  1. ky!! i went to tangs to see you today (around 6.50pm), you are sitting at the 3rd sit besides cheesie.. cool man!! jia you!!! jia you!!

  2. It sucks…. 😛

  3. Lefteris,
    Yess, thank you thank you for the support all! Another 1.5 hours or so to go before I can go back and crash… until the next day! wohoo

    Oh no!!! lol

  4. I almost wanna take your photo lively but i am quite shy because it is at public.. Haha!! All the best!!!

  5. Lefteris,
    Ah but there’s always a first in everything. Thank you for coming, underdog’s spirit!! still staying on, wohoo

  6. you and make up should never be in the same sentence 😛 soldier on mate!

  7. Christine Diansuri

    have a good rest tonight and regain all ur energy for a long day tmrw. btw for ur 1st beauty post, u can do much better than that!

  8. that sunglass doesn’t suit you lah. you look like some fortune teller by the road side. alamak my comment is not 20 words long. nvm, it is now..

  9. suanie,
    Hahhaha I know, I know..

    Christine Diansuri,
    Yess, I need to sleep more. woohooooozzzzz

    LOL, okay okay I shall remember that. 😛

  10. wow…. terminator… fried tong fun terminated.

  11. Beast,
    LOL what do you mean by that? Deep fried – terminator? @.@

  12. nice glasses…. terminator pose…. fried tong fun terminated earlier haha

  13. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. 30 mins more ky!!! after that take more rest.. we will continue to support you tomorrow… hope you have a nice sleep and prepare for tomorrow final battle.. wohoo!!

  15. Beast,
    Hahhaha awesome, thankss!

    <3 hehehe

    Yessss, thank you very much much much much much

  16. Dude, you have ventured into fashion too… 🙂
    All the best to your business expansion eh~

  17. Im here to give u some comments and here it goes:
    1) No the sunglasses doesnt quite suites you
    2) The shirt by tangs kinda rocls
    3) i think i have achieved more than 20 words

    Can u fart inside?or do dare to?Please do..and blog their expression ya. 🙂

  18. haha, any other choices?? Maybe it makes you look more uncle leh…

    how come no hair stylist for you??
    But got make up artist for you??

  19. Jaclyn Chew

    teehhhee yeah i agree with mervyn
    can we see a fart video recording with all the bloggers reaction?
    sure laugh until pass out 😀

  20. hehe , u need asked chessie how to apply blusher on ur face..

  21. wow… can’t believe i have been missing for 1 day and there are so many posts to catch up on! shit la..

  22. food turned fashion blog ROFL

  23. TZ,
    Hahah thanks, this is all ust for fun. 😀

    I don’t think others will take it well if I fart. lol

    why la my hair is nais! :X

    Hahhaha got video wann

    LOL noooo

    Awesome right? 😛

    LOL noooo!

  24. PocketAnne

    Maybe you should ask cheesie to make up for you then take a picture. It will be really awesome to see you make up and then cross dress jehe

  25. Hehe go video it then!
    It will definitely jive up the situation, as there is still 6 and a half hours left till showdown..
    Eric and I will RT 100 times for u, if you really do that – as support 😛

  26. PocketAnne,
    Hahah that would be prety tragic, I don’t think i can make it!

    Thank you very much jac jac!!!

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