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Two weeks ago, I had to go to Tun Hussien Onn National Eye Hospital to get my left eye checked after being hit by the ball during futsal (now pretty much fully recovered.)

Barely a week after that, having been making too much fun on my injured eye, Cheesie too had something on her left eye. So I took her to the same hospital located near Asia Jaya to have a look. As suspected, it was due to allergy to those colored contact lenses she was wearing.

Moral of the story: 1. Karma is a bitch. 2. Love to appreciate your own eye color

gerai satay cina thoo yuen at PJ old town food court
Pork Satey at PJ Old Town food court, Gerai Satay Cina Thoo Yuen

After the whole eye opening experience at the hospital where we also met a reader who came up and greeted us, it was time for dinner. Since this part of PJ is quite notorious for its traffic during weekday rush hours, I suggested that we head to PJ Old Town for for some good old cheap and traditional food that also happen to involve my favorite meat – pork.

We ended up at the food court.

Appetizer was 10 sticks of pork satay from Thoo Yuen stall at RM 0.80 per stick. It was quite juicy, and tasted pretty good with the accompanying peanut sauce. I just wish they serve  pork intestine satay too, but they don’t. Bummer.

Gerai Thong Kee at PJ Old town, steamed fish, bitter guord with ribs
pork ribs with bitter gourd, steamed tilapia fish with lard at Gerai Thong Kee

To fill our stomach properly, we ordered two dishes from Gerai Thong Kee to go with rice. The stall next to Thong Kee serves umbra juice  with dried sour plum (kedondong in Malay) at RM 2 per glass, nice!

Our first dish was bitter gourd with pork ribs. Quite flavorful with the brown sauce, red chili, and ginger. However, we didn’t have very good cuts of ribs, could have been better, but I’m not really complaining here.

KY and Cheesie at PJ Old Town food court
KY and Cheesie at PJ Old Town Food court

Our second dish was this steamed tilapia with spicy sauce as suggested by the owner. The paste tasted a bit like tomyam, and went really well with the fish. However, the secret ingredient that made this otherwise very normal dish good was the lard on top.

Adding lard (be it raw or fried lard) on steamed fish gives the fish meat a softer and smoother texture, and of course, that pork fat flavor. I do that too when steaming pomphret fish (hey, I cook too ok)

The two dishes with rice came to RM 28, that’s fish, meat, and vegetable in a balanced meal. Now both of us needs to put eye drops, *drips drips*

Intersection of
Jalan Othman & Jalan Selangor
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.087519, 101.645948

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Before this morning, mine said “Sent from my Mobile”.  Now it says “Sent from my awesome Blackberry”.

This girl used to not understand why BB is so addictive and now she’s the biggest advocate and addict there is. Cis! You can get your very own BB 8520 at a very good price from Xpax BB!

Discuss : Pork Satey and Fish with Lard at PJ Old Town Food Court

  1. Jaclyn Chew

    can customize one meh yer sign off?
    kns i want too

  2. Jaclyn Chew,
    It’s very simple, just go to edit emails option!

  3. Hmm…after much Googling I still don’t know what umbra juice is. Is it that thing called “Mankuang” sold when we were kids by stalls outside our schools which goes for RM 0.20 to RM 0.50 per fruit, it’s pickled in it’s own juice.

  4. Is that the “ang bu la suoi puey” juice?

  5. Huai Bin,
    I think you might have been referring to nutmeg, that is different from “umbra”, which is kedondong. 😀

    Yes you are right! 😀

  6. at first it seemed to be a nice post on food then u have to spoil it with the BB thing! Ish!

  7. eiling,
    so how does the BB update spoil the post? make the food less tasty? puzzling… it’s just two different information in one post, a little bit of advert at the bottom, that is all.

  8. Cause it’s like OOH YAY FOOD then suddenly fuck this stupid BB shit everywhere fucking Celcom fucking needs to be shot hahahaha

  9. This pork satay is sweet one or salty one ar? The one I tried in wangsa maju is sweet and the one in Melaka is salty!

  10. Mellissa,
    You’ve been reading too many blogs, hehe

    Porky taste wan lol

  11. Must be a a very strong kick on the ball that resulted you need to see the Eye specialist, but I guess it’s something can’t be avoided when playing futsal.

    Haven’t been to Thong Kee for a while but the owner is my grandma’s relative. Hmm..maybe time to show some support.

  12. Aiyo. The secret ingredient is pork lard on steamed fish??
    (Oh dear…. and all this time I thought that steamed fish was a healthier option…. Haha)

  13. Hi Ky, just wanna know where did you get your bb casing? izzit form the launching? i’m trying to get a good one but all those that i found are too soft, guess i’ll have to go for ori.

    also how do you change ur signature?

  14. btw, celcome really sucks, their customer service are bunch of idiots who are not train on bb support plus their gprs network is not stable. i went thru hell wif them…

  15. JD,
    Yah it was the ball! and please go support your relatives 😉

    Hahha yes, oh well, still relatively healthier than just pork lard alone 😛

    My BB casing came with my BB Bold 9000. You can get any casing for Curve models, they should fit nicely on the 8520.
    Ah, my experience with celcom is, fortunately, better than that of maxis’.. but both providers do have a long way to go..

  16. :O tak ajak…. )=

  17. lotsofcravings

    tats a lot of lard on the fish..

  18. Tey Cindy,
    not planned wannn, tak kan u wanna follow us to eye hospital? lol

    Hehehe yes, very nice!

  19. my eye so red FML

  20. Cheesie,
    that’s to document you actually went to the eye hospital, not CHEAT ONE™

  21. wow…lot lard on the fish…sure delicious…

  22. squall,
    Hahah yah, lard is always delicious!

  23. the blackberry 8520 is nice but too BAD it does not have GPS…

  24. My blog post on pork satay XD

  25. kimi_,
    Oh well, the cell tower location information isn’t half bad. 🙂


  26. love love love the yong tau foo here during the day also:)

    oh yar, i forgot, pls cld u kindly update our link to (ignore if you already have) Thx so much:)

  27. cumidanciki,
    Done! 😀

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