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In school, we’ve always been taught that brushing your teeth is always the best practice after a meal. Not only does it help the teeth to stay healthy, it leaves a nice fresh taste in your tongue too. But truly speaking, who really ever have the discipline and time to do that?

The next best thing though, of course, is by popping a couple tablets of mint in your mouth.

wrigley's extra professional mint
Wrigley’s Extra Professional Mints come in two flavors

The latest mint from Wrigley’s – Extra Professional Mints, come in two flavors and has a very unique surface and is designed to clean your tongue and give it a fresh, clean feel with reduced germs. This is because the mint’s surface is designed with special formula with dissolving micro granules. But lets not get too technical anyway, the two flavors are Peppermint and Forest Berries, very welcoming after those nasty stuff.


Even if you don’t have someone to kiss after meal, the minty fresh taste is always most welcomed, especially after you had something nasty like what I almost regrettably did with Cheesie and the whole nasty candy experiment.

Best of all, this thing actually tastes very good. I got myself the Forest Berries flavor to try it out and I gotta say I like it a lot, very very addictive. The only problem is keeping the box tucked away so my colleagues wouldn’t steal em from me. 😀

Wrigley's Extra Mint game

There is a flash game you can participate to win prizes too. Simply head to, play the online game by scrubbing unwanted food stuff and germs off the tongue with the mint, and stand a chance tow in these cool stuff!

prizes from wrigley's extra mint game

Weekly prize of Sony Video MP3 player, and the grand prize of.. jeng jeng jeng..

Sony VIAO Pocket Style PC! Actually I saw this particular VIAO in Sony store before and it’s seriously the sexy. Wouldn’t mind one myself, I’m gonna take my chances in this game thing! You enticed? 😀!

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  1. Can I have some please?!!

  2. foodcrazee

    from a food blog into a ads blog ? lolz

  3. eiling,
    you wait 😛

    cari rezeki bang. 😛

  4. I like mints. Can create the coolness effect without haven’t to buy menthol. LOL.

  5. Tried to Submit.. it just didnt work.. strange!!

  6. Simon Seow,
    Hahhaha true also

    Ah, maybe try again in a bit?

  7. Cheesie,
    Tasty! 😀

  8. kimberlycun

    best! i really like the mint. fav is forest berries

  9. berry i like!!

  10. kimberlycun,
    Me too!

    Yess 😀

  11. can i know wats the tag line code?

  12. KF,
    I.. am not sure. :X

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