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Everytime we went out to eat with Chow Ahbeng aka Galvin, he would always say something like “next time I bring you to eat at this place, they serve the best xxx”, and one of the places he mentioned most was this “fried porridge” thing at Klang.

So after listening to him talking about it for a good part of last few years, we finally made a trip to Klang a couple weeks ago and actually tasted it for ourselves. The place is appropriately named Restoran Bubur Goreng, direct translation – Fried Porridge Restaurant, not the most imaginative name huh?

Restaurant Bubur Goreng at Klang
the group includes Galvin, Damien, Rachel, Kerol, Horng

The restaurant is located right across the 7-11 at Berkeley Garden in Klang. Berkeley is in turn, located on the right of Federal Highway after taking 3 o’clock at the round about not far from the Klang toll. Not exactly terribly difficult to find even for a first timer to the area.

Galvin did the honor by ordering for the nine of us. A big plate of Hokkien Mee, two bowls of their signature fried porridge, and another huge portion of crab meehun.

hokkien mee, fried porridge, crab meehun, sugar cane
hokkien mee, fried porridge, huge plate of crab meehun, bottled sugar cane

The Hokkien mee here is a little wetter than usual, and the extra sauce really does help bring out the flavor, I just wish there were slightly more lard like those at restaurant Ahwa in PJ though.

Crab meehun was this giant plate of fried meehun with three or four rather good size flower crabs. I’ve always love crab meehun and this did not disappoint, having flower crab instead of the usual mud crab made it easier to eat too. This was my favorite dish from the dinner.

crab mee hun and fried porridge
crab meehun, and fried porridge with extra lard!

As for the fried porridge itself, well, I find it tasting a little weird. It’s a combination of familiar tastes that never felt quite right to me. The porridge has pork, tofu, spring onion, and some ingredients I couldn’t identify/recall. Horng and Galvin seemed to like it, but the slightly burnt porridge taste was still a bit weird, probably takes a little used to.

map to Taman Berkeley, Klang

The bill came up to less than RM14 per person with drinks included. Pretty reasonable considering a typical meal of Hokkien Mee at PJ and drinks will fetch close to RM 10 anyway, and we had plenty of crab meehun.

Restorant Bubur Goreng
(Old Berkeley Cinema)
Lot 6932, Lebuh Bangau Taman Berkeley,
41150 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
GPS: 3.056758, 101.463928
Tel: 016-6868 579

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  1. thenomadGourmand

    I did tried fried porridge before but in Pg..definitely was better than that glob i see in yr pic here 😉
    It was dry and alike char kuey kak! I think it was quite authentic since I went w some old folks who murmured their approval as well!

  2. Huh! What in the world is fried porridge? This I gotta try, haven’t heard of fried porridge before. Cheers! 🙂

  3. thenomadGourmand,
    Haha yah I hope there are better fried porridge 😀

    Huai Bin,
    Make it happen 😀

  4. is that the plate of fried pork lard beside the bowl of porridge?!! Yum yumssss

  5. Eiling,
    Oh well of course!

  6. i didn’t know there are such thing as bubur goreng..
    can goreng the bubur wan ar?? lol.. =P

  7. kenwooi,
    Everything is possible! 😛

  8. looks like galvin can be my best fren. chow ahbeng. lol

  9. Robb,
    Hahhaha yes!

  10. i think i heard once from somewhere but never try before..

  11. jolene,
    Gotta try everything twice 😀

  12. yeah,it can get a little weird.
    it’s famous in Penang as well.

  13. foodcrazee

    worst thingy is mum’s place is only 5 mins frm there and i dont know this place exist . . . .looks like i’m not living up to mu nick. . .

  14. J2Kfm,
    Funny thing is, I’m from Penang but never heard of it there. lol

    Hahaha true! 😛

  15. can i ask how you all share the bill ? Divided it on the spot or at the carpark ? I like get togethers, but how to hint `dutch’ ? tips much appreciated.

  16. hmm, if you are saying of burnt porridge taste, i think i can imagine it will get to getting use to. nevertheless, something different.

  17. cin,
    Ya we always just divide on the spot when the bill comes.

    Not evrryone’s cup of tea tho

  18. why would human attempt try fry anything fryable AND unfryable?

    they try to make healthy stuff fattening and try to make fattening stuff more fattening.fried pizza
    .fried mars bars.what the fuck?

  19. Cheesie,
    Chill la young lady! why so much anger today? 😛

  20. since when berkeley got 7-11 ? sei for, dun even know wat’s happening in my town :s

  21. chris,
    Hahaha, upgrade already ok.

  22. Won’t the bubur goreng taste like burnt porridge? :p

  23. Simon Seow,
    yah it’s a little weird.

  24. KY,
    Keep up e good work – for my upcoming trip to msia, all i’m going to do is start from the top of your blog and work my way down one day at a time


  25. Lee,
    Hahah awesome!

  26. Adam Lau

    I decided to try this Restaurant Bubur Goreng place after reading this blog as I was intrigued..

    The Fried Porridge was interesting and unique, definitely a must-try at least once in your life.. Tasty, but cant eat too much of it.. The crab beehoon was not too bad either..

    HOWEVER, someone needs to tell these guys that the internet can bring people to their shop, and the internet can also bring people away… The way they serve and charged was HORRIBLE!! Maybe since it’s because we were first timers…

    I went there with my mom and dad.. Just 3 of us.. We ordered one fried porridge, one crab beehoon and one plate of stir-fry vege… Logic dictates in any restaurant/food place we go that they would adjust the size of the servings based on the number of people..

    Instead, they served us a huge bowl of porridge that could dish out at least 8 servings (of big personal bowls).. then a huge plate of crab beehoon, and a huge plate of vege that you would normally see on a table of 6 to 10 people…

    For the Crab Beehoon, we could see the bodies of 3 crabs in it, but there were parts missing – the claws were mainly absent and we could only barely make out 3 claws instead of full 6 claws… and we were charged RM56.00 for it… The porridge and vege were charged at RM12.00 each..

    Including the tea, the bill came up to RM83.00 which totally shocked my socks off… The girl who took our order did not even dare to come to give us the bill (eventhough she was the one I asked for the bill), instead asked one of her Indonesian/Myanmarese waitresses to bring the bill..


    • Adam lau,
      wah I think your experience definitely matched the classic case of kena potong :S

      • 其实在这餐馆用餐过后会有这想法也不奇啊!在1…è´µ…2…服务不出众..对有些顾客来说:觉得不值得也是难免的!不过同样也有好多顾客是觉得值得…就因为食物新鲜。这里的食物好多都是1个size而已…没大没小…可能对小吃的顾客来说是相当的大份…还是建议如果不想吃贵而又想吃多样的顾客带多几个朋友分担食物和价钱…这个做法在你买单后,除一除你就会觉得吃得饱又值得的啦!而potong 或不potong 也只是个人的想法…在生活上的每件事情…都会有人说好也会有人说不好…各餐馆都有自己的做法和宗旨…如做不到您的生意…也只能向您说声抱歉… 😉

  27. I think what Adam said is not really kena potong like what KY said.

    The ingredients they used do cost a lot. Fresh ones. Not those storage ones.

    Regarding the large portion, i have no idea about it.
    Everytime we go there confirm will get the (more ingredient) large portion than anyone else.

    about the taste, its not everyone’s taste anyway.
    Not everyone can use to the taste.
    There are still many long-term customers who support and love the food anyway.

    You should try the crabs and prawns. they’re great! (always craving for them)
    Will be there soon since we’re invited! 😀

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