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My exhousemate Kerol reads the Chinese daily Sin Chew religiously, and once in a while she’d come across a food review from the paper that she thinks we should try. Most often than not, her recommendations prove to be spot on, just to show that you can usually trust a Penangite when it comes to food. ๐Ÿ˜€

char siew zhai wantan mee at taman paramount
Char Siew Zhai wantan mee at Taman Paramount

The latest place she recommended was this new wantan mee restaurant at Taman Paramount by the name of Char Siew Zhai (or little bbq pork), the first time wee went was just a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been there three times since.

One of the unique selling point of this place is the way the noodle is prepared. After boiling the noodle and going through the standard quick bath of colder water (to make the outer layer more springy), they throw it up really high and before catching ย it on the sieve several times. Apparently this is done to get rid of most moisture so that the noodle absorbs sauce better.

I managed to capture it on video on my 2nd visit there with cheesie, check it out!

sui kao mee, wantan mee, curry chicken mee
dumpling, curry chicken, duck & char siew noodle

Char Siew Zhai offers a wide range of noodle and rice based dishes that is often associated with restaurants like this (another place would be Chong Loy at Sunway). They have wantan, dumpling, char siew (bbq pork), siu yok (roast pork), roast duck, curry chicken, chicken feet, stewed duck, fried pork, roast chicken, poached chicken, and shredded chicken served with noodle or rice.

You can also order most of the items listed above as side dishes.

kerol, rachel, cheesie, and KY at char siew chai wantan mee
kerol, rachel, cheesie, and KY at Char Siew Zhai

I’ve tried their dumpling noodle, wantan mee, roast duck, bbq pork and roast pork so far and I gotta say I really like their noodle. I guess the whole high throwing method really does work, they’re tasty!

The char siu (bbq pork) is really good too, slightly different texture (rougher and less oily outer layer) than normal. Roast duck was alright but not anywhere near Loong Foong which is situated just a few doors down. Wantan and dumplings were pretty tasty.

The best part is, a wantan mee, char siu mee, or dried curry chicken mee is only priced at RM 4.00, with the most expensive main dish ย not exceeding RM 7.00 (combination roast meat noodle). This is cheaper than most hawker stalls around the area in a much more comfortable area too.

map to restaurant char siew chai, taman paramount

Restaurant Char Siew Zhai Wantan Mee
No. 5, Jalan 20/13, Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.106085, 101.625295
Tel: 012-628 1348

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Discuss : High Throwing Wantan Mee at Restaurant Char Siew Zhai

  1. One can’t resist good wantan mee prepared in the most appropriate way. Another one that I tried where they do it to perfection is the one opposite the Longan Water store in Petaling Street.

  2. makes for good showmanship. ๐Ÿ™‚
    though it’ll be funny to see someone ordering double/triple servings of the mee.
    and having the cook catching them all at once!

  3. ooh it’s not very expensive. Lucky I just had my wantan mee for breakfast so I’m not drooling. Stop showing off the BBM can because I’m feeling the itch and sad cos my BB can’t do much! haha

  4. JD,
    ooo, ya I haven’t explored a lot of places around Petaling Street though. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hahaha, I’m sure they can handle it.

    very cheap actually! Subscribe la to BIS!

  5. That is one huge dumpling…like a wanton that went through some gamma radiation or something and got mutated.

    RM 4 is a good price, pretty close to where we are too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Huai Bin,
    Incredible wantan = dumpling! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. eh have u had the one at seapark? somewhere at the back of the nasi lemak …

    they toss the noodle as well, an much more higher than this …

  8. Wah the dumpling is quite big compared to other wantan mee seller. You didn’t help Ringo to finish her mee? ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. ok, must go try liao…LOL… ๐Ÿ˜€ that dumpling looks damn huge!

  10. earl-ku,
    I think they’re the exact same people, moved to this new location. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Simon Seow,
    Yah, huge. Simon, I don’t eat that much, hehe

    Make it happen!

  11. Hey KY, the noodles look excellent. Wan tan mee is a breakfast staple without doubt.

    I felt a bit let down that I missed your trip to Melbourne (working prhibited me from logging in). I wanted to introduce you to a few of my fav places.

    Greek food still maintains on the top of my list. Souvlaki (lamb wrapped ala kebab style with loads of veggie) and Gelati (excellent ice cream – creamiest I’ve ever had) at Lygon

    Did you know Melb has one of the largest Greek communities outside of Greece? Point to ponder.

  12. Andrew aka ScAvEnGeR,
    Wah what kinda work prevents logging onto the net after working hours? Yah I saw some Greek restaurants at Melbourne but didn’t really try them out tho. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. yerrr… i want also… )=

  14. hrmm…wonder if they are going to keep throwing like dat the crowd are full house~

  15. haha.. awesome vid!!

    and huge dumpling…. i wan!

  16. Oh ya.. they do have a website too…

  17. Tey Cindy,
    Make it happen!

    Hahah I think they still do!


    Yess, awesome right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I think u could actually hurt someone with that dumpling! Not that I’d throw it, since u say it’s that good O:)

    Omg, BBM me! 30414885
    My bestie, Shannon also got a Blackberry and surprisingly, the US-Malaysia line works swell!

  19. Sammy,
    Yaa the everywhere everywhere line works well for BBM

  20. bro,

    I guess the noodle is too wet for my liking. I prefer dried ones..

    I love BBQ wanton noodles..Yum yum yum

    Thanks for the post.

  21. Throw noodles in the air, this is something I had never came across… Wan tan mee, my favorite food, sure will check out this place when in PJ.

  22. clement,
    Ah, personal preference

    min dfin,
    Haha yah make it happen!

  23. wow so high almost touch the ceiling. good!

  24. jg,
    Hahah yah quite awesome!

  25. dont ask for your wantan if they didnt serve you cos they will change ur siew yok as well.

  26. Myhorng,
    Hahha that was tragic

  27. Went few times to this place (be it morning, noon or dinner time) but each time it’s closed….

  28. Sally,
    That would be quite odd, it’s still there!

  29. the char siew wantan mee is quite nice. but me and my fren got diarrhea the next day =X

  30. ying,
    oOo weird, could it be something else? I never had any problems there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Throwin Mee is new for this generation. i’m restauranter. i studied food. Throwin mee was already in business back 50 years ago after WW2 in kl. Chinese immigrants were doin this to make living for builders. Even their noodles are handmade. Nobody know wats that taste gonna be like today coz at the time, NO MSG. Purely, entirely origin taste from the food. Wat uve have tasted today except home cooking, is base from MSG.

    Are u familiar with food delicacies n taste?, or just the stomach hunger do the thinking for u? do u know the how the process of making char siew, if u seen it b4, iโ€™ve bet u dun treat this as ur routine food consume. this stall serve OK OK food, nothing to fancy about, just plain wan tan mee as usual. iโ€™ve eat far better than this.

    izit a fair price u get from this stall – OK OK!
    services from the stall – OK OK! no proper uniform.
    char siew – OK OK, boleh masuk perut.
    drinks – OK OK, not many choice.
    msg contain – WORST! is bloody high. after u eat, for few hours quench for thirst.
    cleanliness – WORST! dun sit over the table n wait for ya food, go see where ur food comes from coz that food will endup in ur stomach.

    Health concern for better living. what u eat is what u goin to be. Eat Healthy. my verdict on that stall. Scale (4/10)

    been there only once! 2nd is not gonna happen!

  32. Law,
    I think you are quite a lot harsher than me when it comes to valuating dining places. To me the RM 4 to 4.50 per plate of wan tan mee for this type of establishment provides good value. I didn’t think the MSG content was that high though, then again maybe it’s cos I am used to eating out. Thanks for the comment though, I really appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I went there tapao this morning, thinking to try the char siu wantan mee but when i reached office, no wantan inside the noodle, very bad feeling. :<

  34. Anne,
    ops i think they messed up? lol

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