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Most people who embrace the digital age has surely heard of Twitter by now, the 140 character micro blogging platform that have fast becoming an indispensable tool for them internet addicts. And yes, that would include yours truly @kyspeaks.

The beauty of twitter is its lightness, no frill approach in social networking. A few tap on the keys and off you go, the update is sent across the network and instantly appearing on all your followers’ Twitter programme.

On the desktop, I use TweetDeck, but on the go, one of the best has got to be UberTwitter, only available on Blackberry devices.

UberTwitter incorporate pretty much all features supported by the platform: mentions, direct messages, time line, and best of all: it’s own version of picture and location implementation.

For the location awareness updates, you don’t even necessarily need a Blackberry with GPS, cell tower triangulation works almost as well most of the time. Check out the follow update with cheesie in it!

this one’s updated from Bkt Jalil Stadium during T-Music Fest

If you have an account, add me @kyspeaks, otherwise sign up at!

The Blackberry Curve 8520 from Xpax, though doesn’t come with GPS, will support UberTwitter and it’s location awareness updates perfectly well. It’s coming really soon!

Discuss : UberTwitter on Blackberry, with Map & Pics

  1. cheesie,
    soon you can leave trails for your stalkers 😛

  2. Hmm…I’m wondering how it can do location updates when it doesn’t have GPS.

  3. Huai Bin,
    GMS Triangulation! Pretty neat actually, it basically takes the signal strength of (at least) 3 nearest cell towers and calculate from there.

  4. Would data charges be expensive then?

  5. JD,
    Normal twitt updates would be minimal, but it’ll get more if you include pictures, so make use of Wifi when available. 😀

  6. I turned off the GPS function cause I’m a little bit worried that I get stalked kke

  7. xes,
    Hahaha I’m sure you have lotsa stalkers!

  8. if only BB will have a better picture quality it would be great.

  9. Myhorng,
    Yah that’s true!

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