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A few weeks ago suanie asksed if I wanted to join her in a food review session at 1901 Hot Dog at KLCC, being someone who is aware of 1901 but have rarely been their customer, I reluctantly joined in out of convenience (it was at KLCC, my workplace).

My expectations weren’t sky high, but I came back rather impressed not only with their food, but their company philosophy in a whole. I am glad took up suanie’s invitation.

Update 2019: this place is now closed permanently

1901 Hotdogs
1901 hot dogs: Deutsch Doodle Dang in pau, Cheezy Carbonara, Coney Dog in pau

My first taste of 1901 was some years ago at one of their outlets in Mid Valley, as recommended by my buddy Damien. To be honest, I thought the dogs, while tasted good, would have been better if the sausages were deep fried instead of steamed.

It was during this little session that I learned about 1901’s philosophy in thier food, as explained by the very friendly Zakir (CEO and co-founder), Afzan Adenan (Brand Manager), and Raymond (Marketing Manager).

suanie and KY having some hotdogs
suanie & KY having a dog, Zakir proudly show off the aidil fitri promotion

While often being compared to fastfood behemoths like McDonald’s, KFC, and the likes, 1901 is a true Malaysian homegrown business that operates nothing like the big chains. The conventional assumption is that fastfood is usually greesy, salty, and unhealthily delicious while packing a tonne of calorie. 1901 challenges that idea and came up with a rather healthy version of fast food.

Everything here is steamed, the bun, the sausages, and set meals come with orange juice instead of normal soft drinks (you can only get Diet Coke here, no “full flavor” ones). The result is a brand that actually sets up quite a few outlets in hospital lobbies.

plenty of dogs!
Had the gourmet platter with some colleagues

During the review session, 1901 also shared with us their CSR (orporate Social Responsibility) programme in feeding the homeless. In a nutshell, they give out some 250 packets of nasi lemak every week to the homeless people.

The entire team from HQ are directly involved in this, and they do really try to get the homeless out of their current situation instead of merely giving away free food, Zakir was telling us the different categories of homeless people and what they can do to help them, very heart warming. Check out their website on CSR.

More businesses should be run like this, no?

Discuss : 1901 Hotdogs, hmmm healthy

  1. Do American hot dog stands steam or fry their sausages?

  2. Suertes,
    I think they steam/boil.

  3. i only eat it on the 19th of the month, only rm 1.99. cheap!

  4. calvaryzone,
    Hahha yah that’s a great deal!

  5. so i see… you’re at klcc
    i’m just nearby…

  6. I’ve had this several times in KL a couple of years ago. There’s one in Sibu but it doesn’t quite taste the same for some reason.

  7. Really? 1901 hotdogs are healthy? Hmm, must try it then. I always give it a miss everytime I pass it. Don’t know why?

  8. Wow, never knew that they are actually healthy. Maybe a good time to frequent more.

  9. imantulen,
    oOOo small world.

    Huai Bin,
    Weird, perhaps it’s cos of the sausage having to be transported all the way to Sibu?

    A lot healthier than other fast food I assume. 😀

    Yah make it happen. 😉

  10. isn’t this like ages ago? why so slowww?

  11. Hehe… I didnt know that 1901 is a local brand till lately! I used to buy it from the Mid Valley stall when i was working (no time for lunch)! Yum Yum! I like cheezy carbonara now!<3

  12. eiling,
    backlog ok 😛

    Yesss, Malaysia Boleh!

  13. JUST HAD ONE YESTERDAY . . .the coney was ok. . . . . .pau thingy was cute. . . . .

  14. how much cost for 1 hot-dog bun ?

  15. hahaha nice…used to be my fav but the last one i had many years ago…

  16. foodcrazee,
    Yah coney was alright, I prefer the carbonara!

    I think it was around RM 6-7

    Time to grab one soon! 😀

  17. no review on the taste?
    i felt it tasted pretty bland, but a good deal on 19th!

  18. 1901 is still one of my favs! I love Texas Ted, yum yumms!

  19. i tried the coney dog pau.. yum yum.. i must admit that my last time trying 1901 was few years back. i did not even know they have improved and with orange juice until i went there recently! cheezy cabonara! i must go try!

  20. cw,
    Ah they tasted pretty good actually, but I’d want to deep fried them. lol


  21. there’s one moment that i had it as lunchy every alternate day =.=
    now, i see also scare niao 🙁

  22. Precious Pea

    I had my first 1901 hotdog on AirAsia flight and I lurve it!

  23. annant,
    Hahah that’s a bit hardcore!

    Precious Pea,
    Oh yah they have it on AA, I forgot! 😀

  24. ahhh hot dogs. i have no problem with sausages.

    *take the hint* lol

  25. they should sell all these diff flavors in the cinema too kaaan? 😛

  26. you foodblog can make me fat by just reading it 😛 i love!

  27. Ah… hotdogs! I had a lot of it when I was studying in college and new zealand. Fast, convenient and quite filling I’d say! 1901 is proudly Malaysian owned brand… the last time I had it was last month when i was visiting my brother in SJMC… hahhaha!!

  28. Robb,
    HAHAHAH terrible.

    Tey Cindy,
    I didn’t know they have only 1 flavor at cinema?

    Hahaha don’t be exaggerating!

    Yesss, they just started the outlet at SJMC not too long if I remember correctly. 🙂

  29. never knew hotdogs had potential of being healthy! Too bad the branches in 1u and curve closed though.. i think the one in centrepoint too.

  30. Thanks for the enlightenment. Now only I know their sausage is steamed rather than deep fried. And tips to buy from them on the 19th!

  31. Jac,
    Check their website on where to find the closest branch!

    Yaa, really worth it on the 19th

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