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Not a whole lot of details in terms of how the data packages and BIS (Blackberry Internet Services) will be priced in prepaid yet, but here’s a little short video advert on Xpax Blackberry with the new BB Curve 8520.

I’m starting to think that the new optical track pad on the 8520 will be a pretty welcoming feature in replacement of the usual trackball on other BB Curves and Bold line up. My colleague actually had his older Curve’s trackball sorta stuck, track pad would eliminate that sort of problems.

I think it’s just a couple weeks now before we get this phone, can’t wait!

Discuss : Xpax Blackberry short video ads

  1. i hope i don get the blackberry from the company tat i worked … it’s nice to have the latest technology but it’s also nice to get the whole office following you anywhere you go … :p

  2. Hahaha ya that doesn’t mean you must read the emails, or to reply them 😛

  3. cant afford it . . . . .too expensive for an old man like moi – – -lolz

  4. Foodcrezee,
    It is the older dudes like u who are loaded!

  5. slurpp!!!

    dun ask me why, but i’m salivating when i watch the video.

  6. Robb,
    Hahahah don’t be so hard sell! 😛

  7. cheesie,
    me too!!!

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