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We’re living in the era where the world keeps getting smaller and smaller, traveling is now ever more accessible thanks to the proliferation of airlines such as  Air Asia where “now everyone can fly” (which is a problem in itself, but that’s another post in another day).

Melbourne city at night
taken just as the plane was landing at tullamarine airport, Melbourne

This year alone I’ve been to Singapore, Melbourne, and Thailand (Krabi and Bangkok) twice each. In total I’ve spent close to 30 days out of the country so far, and we haven’t reached the end of the year yet.

Which got me thinking, what if I ever fall sick during one of the trips overseas? This was especially a concern when I bought my tickets to Melbourne a month prior to the trip when the H1N1 flu is rather rampant in that part of the world but hasn’t quite started in Malaysia yet.

prudential health check
health check at Prudential event in KL

Which got me thinking about the travel insurance airlines usually try to sell whenever we purchase tickets. A quick check AirAsia’s GoInsure plan shows that the policy pays out RM 50,000 for accidental death, but it doesn’t seems like any illness or treatment is covered… hmm.

Of course, there are other travel insurance you can buy that gives quite a bit more protection than that, but I am usually only concern about medical coverage while traveling.

Prudential overseas coverage

So when I was listening to the brief given by Prudential regarding PruHealth, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that the policy actually covers medical treatment overseas with benefits paid according to the cost of treatment that would be reasonably charged by a hospital in Malaysia. If I’m paying my coverage in Ringgit Malaysia, I think that is a very fair return.

Nice to know that I am holding a policy with them, especially looking at the amount of traveling I make. 😀

Discuss : Fly fly… and boohoo, sick?

  1. I have several Pru policies too.. very good returns. There’s even one where you get money back when you get married (for chicks that is).. not bad hor? 🙂

  2. cumidanciki,
    How about guysss, do we get money back, do we do we?

  3. For a moment there, thought U had jetted off again..

  4. Cheong Hao

    i cant believe prudential have those special policies. last time i saw them, they still dont have. =(

  5. I’ve always wondered what “accidental death” means. If I get robbed and killed while travelling, is that accidental death? Interesting, that. 🙂

  6. Suertes,
    Hahaha, not so soon!

    Cheong Hao,
    I guess times are different now. 🙂

    Huai Bin,
    Those are the things that are only answerable by lawyers I think :S

  7. PruHealth.. hmmm… maybe I should just stick to my GE instead 🙂 but I will definitely ask if GE offers this kind of benefits or not. Gotta grill them gao gao

  8. Leo,
    Hahha yah you should.

  9. I think the plan quite good also…..thinking about getting one too…

  10. I have so many policies with Prudential! Lol..

  11. I think we should get the resident lawyer xes.cs to come in here. Heh!

  12. JD,
    Yaa, wouldn’t be a bad idea to explore a bit 🙂

    Hahah i only have one!

    Huai Bin,
    Good idea!

  13. Cheong Hao

    maybe i should go back and see got refund or not for last time…haha..

  14. Cheong Hao,
    hahaha good luck 😛

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