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Several months ago cheesie asked me, “how would Fergie order a plate of char kueh teow?”

Utilizing all the quiz solving prowess I have, I couldn’t figure that out the answer to that one.

She told me Fergie would order them without cockles, humming the tune of “My Humps”, which sounds exactly like “no cockles” in Hokkien. OKAYYYY


Little did I know then that Black Eye Pea was actually coming to Malaysia, so this whole Fergie ordering char kueh teow business has a potential of being true. The world is awesome in very interesting ways.

Estelle & Kasabian at other venue around the world, we have BEP in Malaysia!

Along with other top Asian and Malaysian acts including MC HotDog from Taiwan, Reshmonu, Danny One, and Man Hand, Black Eye Pea will be performing in the biggest party of the year.

The party that is Guinness@250 –  Arthurs Day Celebration

It all started 250 years ago when Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease at St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin and started brewing the most famous black beer in the world. This global celebration is to mark the remarkable man’s archivement and to mark the monumental milestone.

Did you know that 1759 was also the year when George Washigton got married? A strange coincident.


With the awesome lineup and the fact that Guinness does know how to throw a great party, I am sure the celebration will be a great event. For the press invitation that I was lucky enough to get invited to, Guinness booked the entire Aquaria and had eleborate set up with decorations all over the place, served up good food, great Guinness, and even had divers and Guinness bottles in the tanks.

I can only imagine what they come up with during the main event this 25th September at Sunway Lagoon. It will be glorious!

Tickets will be sold at RM 100 a piece, certainly a very good value for the international line up, but since you’re reading, I am going to play Santa and give away 5 pairs of tickets, absolutely free!

All you have to do is leave a comment answering this question:

“How would your celebrate your 250th birthday?”

The most creative 5 answers will get the a pair of tickets each. So lets see what you got. The biggest party awaits!

Discuss : Guinness Arthurs Day Celebration, free tickets here!

  1. I will treat everyone free Guinness!!

  2. superwilson,
    Not overly creative, but we’ll see! 😛

  3. i will gather my whole family, would have gotten great great great grandchildren by then, and have a football tournament in accordance to my 250th birthday. rofl

  4. for my 250th birthday, i imagine i would be crippled by very very old age symptoms already, and would not be able to move around much.

    hence i would have a virtual birthday bash in an MSN chatroom, and buy everyone virtual cake, pizza, beer, and even a cute tortoise of their own each! whee!

  5. for my 250th birthday. i would donate all the money budgeted for the celebration to help fight hunger.

    some people can finish a glass of guinness in 6 minutes.. but not know every 6 minute someone in the the world die of hunger.

    but still… i wouldn’t mind the tickets man! lol

  6. I’ll use up all my savings and hold a birthday party inviting 250 people that have the same age as me myself hohohoho and treat everyone of them char kueh teow!!! Best hor? I’ll even find Michael Jackson and Elvis to perform for me man, Why? You know la, i would be 250 years old already that time….It would be a helluva party!!!!!! ok now gimme my tics! xD

  7. I would hold a huge ass party with games like who has the nicest fake teeth and the least hair among all the old folks that I know. that’s IF my friends are still alive in that time.

    Then, I would want a cake with 250 candles and see if I can finish blowing or I will die blowing it. Something significant eh? Hahahaha..

    I tried my best to be creative. Lol..

  8. i would get up from my wheelchair and start sexy dancing

    huh. u want creative? u freaking get creative.

  9. I would have thought that celebrities would usually be insulated from our country by staying in their hotels and bringing their personal chefs along.

    250th Birthdays are cool for breweries but not humans leh.. watched Highlander??

  10. Big Boys Oven

    Living through 250years, that is truly awesome. Firstly I thank God for having me living through 250years, hopefully I am still as youthful as year 2009. Well I will rent glass house in Mars, bring in the party people, bring in the music, have luxurous dinner with the guests and dance all day looking at the earth, just awesome!

  11. Serge Norguard

    On my 250th birthday, I will wake up smell the oil as my legs are now robotic and i will open a bottle of Petronas Primax 1984 as my wine for vintage oil is vintage

  12. 250th birthday i will definitely celebrating in hell having all sorts of activities with all the sexy devil available there and cause all the angel willingly convert to red instead of staying white.

  13. 250 years old ain’t easy
    having a big ass bday party, it Have to be in a big foot ball field, 250 tables with friends and family, buffet style with 250 types of food to choose. and have to be a bar that serve unlimited Guinness Draught! There will be a stage and hopefully grandchildren will perform on the stage. while i sitting next to my dear other half (if she even live that long as well) smiling seeing how we living that 250 years, while watching how healthy my grandchildren are and perform on stage adorably while sipping the ice cold Guinness…. nothing can beat this when you can celebrate your life with your friends, families and of coz the loves one.

    TBH… Guinness Draught still the best beer out there…. I really wanna celebrate Arthur’s day and thanks him for this awesome drink that come in my life 🙂

  14. i’ll held my biggest birthday celebration for my 250th anniversary, with Guinness as a sponsor..

    in conjunction with the recent contest to win a trip to the SPACE,
    imagine, a birthday party of all the people in space outside the spaceship, all floating around, with free flow of guinness, Black Eyed Peas as the special performance for the party, damn cool rite?
    i’ll be then creating history, FIRST outer space birthday party ever!

  15. Melissa Sim

    I’d be on ivy, on a motorized wheel-chair, going around asking everyone,”Lu chiak pa leow beh?” (HOKKIEN). [Translate: Have you eaten already?] I’d be senile by then la. Looney people has the grandest party in their own world.

  16. i will celebrate it by throwing a ‘tomb’ style party ….with lots of wheel chairs and the food will be all delicious and fattening good food! (no need to be so health concious at that age!)

  17. i will celebrate it by throwing a ‘tomb’ style party ….with lots of wheel chairs and the food will be all delicious and fattening good food! (no need to be so health concious at that age!) and the drinks would of course be Guiness!!!

  18. i will be having a halloween party without any costumes needed with my mates from the same graveyard.

  19. i would spend the day with a glass of Guiness, toasting all the great people that came into my life and made a difference, moulding me into person that I am and being part of my 250 years of greatness.

  20. hmmm….i dont think there is anyone who can celebrate the 250th birthday. But then again if i do, i will cherish this opportunity to be with my love ones, close family members and friends. Just chilling, chatting and thanking god for such a long life and for giving me the chance to see what the world has to offer 🙂
    Cheers to that!

  21. I’d zh’ng up my wheelchair into a mini rice rocket and have some Guinness poured into my I.V. drip before clocking out for the last time…

  22. For as long as i doubt, I must be a GOD for having such longevity. So for my 250th living annivesary, i’ll make Guinness a national drink (& UNLIFT bans on beer for ANY reasons! Hehe!;p)

    Burp-Cheers !!

  23. if i get to live till 250years old and will surely throw a big bash party in a presidental suits with unlimted supply of Viagra to check my little one still usable, to provide tongkat and wheel chair for those needed with black eye peas at the age of 250 years old stil humpping my humps…

  24. I would celebrate my 250th birthday with style. Set in jet black Gucci halter low neckline dress. And in my hands, I had a pint of 250th yo creamy guinness stout in bohemian crystal glass. There, I’ll cheers with Arthur Guinness himself provided we get to meet in Guinness heaven later!

  25. I’d be reading the archives of reminiscing about how great the Guiness party was and how I was able to win a pair of tickets with this entry..

  26. I would probably raise from ny grave and celebrate doing MJ’s Thriller dance.

  27. Bday cake (check)
    unlimited supply of guinness (check)
    yummylicious food (maybe some artery clogging as well) (check)
    wheelchairs (check)
    invites only for 200 yrs old and above (check)

    old ladies dancing/prancing around the dance floor dancing to the tune of ‘stayin alive’ (priceless)

  28. i will be in a sexy playboy bunny suit enjoying guiness served by sexy, muscular and handsome bartenders. at the same time, i will be watching some guy strippers doing pole dance and going naked.

  29. on my 250th birthday, it will be 2230, no longer i will celebrate with just a birthday cake in malaysia. technology will be super duper advance that i will be celebrating my birthday at every country in the world, singing all versions of birthday song in just a single day. from afghanistan’s “Sâlgerit Padayish rawaz day unbaraksha!” to zimbabwe’s “happy birthday” (zimbabwean speaks english okay), i will also be wishing “To Arthur!! Happy 500th Anniversary!!”

  30. at my 250 birthday, i definitely will attempt to do something to break at least one of the guinness book of records.

    helloo….at 250 if u dun throw caution to the wind..when are u gona live life??


  31. I will spend it teaching you to spell BLACK EYED PEAS properly because I bet you’ll still spell it wrong by then -_-“

  32. happy dragon

    If i am still alive at 250 years old, i had seen it all and have it all…

    I would celebrate my birthday in Malaysia (where Malaysia has become a third world country as we no longer have oil and no more money for corruption), I will buy over Putrajaya and give all people who live in Putrajaya one big jug of cool guiness drink and every one is having fun..

    when i wake up, all the muslim are being canned in public.. damn…..

  33. I’ll celebrate my 250th birthday with my dentures flying out of my mouth, landing on my pint-of-Guinness-shaped-cake while blowing out the candles with a pint of freshly brewed Guinness on my right hand.

  34. Since I’ll be dead by then, I’ll be eating candles and joss-sticks, and perhaps washing it down with some hak gou beh (if someone is kind enough to leave some out).

  35. I will spend my 250th birthday inviting 250 people to my birthday party telling them the secret formula to how I manage to live this long!

  36. I will sleep more for good health so that I could celebrate my 251th birthday!

  37. I echo Mellissa. Hehe! The copywriter in me just had to point this out:
    coincident = coincidence

    Oh well, at least it means I read your posts! 😉

  38. pls stop having the image of a 250 yrs old guy as an old man first.

    when i am 250, meaning i am a quarter of a millennium old. Morning will bungee jump for warm up like my 249th bday. then all the guests will be invited into my private jet and parachute down while enjoying a pint of guinness (not sure law of gravity allows this). then i will be in the center while the rest form a circle in the mid-air and sing happy bday song.

    cool, eh?

  39. I’ll drown myself in the fountain of youth… a fountain of free flowing smooth foamy black magic Guinness to attain Stoutvana !!!!

    p/s that way I’ll live till the 500th Guinness party and will be the guest of honour instead of having to leave comments on people’s blog to deperately try win tickets.. = )

  40. It will be crazy. Hopefully, I can spend it in Holland surrounded by chickadees and stuff myself silly with happy cakes. Then I’ll go down to Hollywood for a plastic surgery to look like a 25 year old girl with big breasts.

    Cause finally, after 250 years… I can look into the mirror and play with my presents.

  41. 250th birthday will have it day n night…

    on day, will held on dataran merdeka,then i will enter with parachutes after that got march pass, helicopter , aeroplane then lion dance then dragon dance then horse dance then mickey mouse dance, then minie mouse dance etc…then everybody will give a door gifts which is the coins which got my head on it..HAHAHA…

    on night, will book a club to celebrate lo…confirm with free flow of guinnes then performance for me who aged 250 hip hop dance lo, then challenge world guinness world record the 250 years old helicopter twist.. after hip hop dance then follow with pole dance to entertain all la…

  42. hmm 250years is a long time only God knows what will take place, if I were alive then it would be very grand party to celebrate and with free flow of any drinks on earth and of course plenty of chicks were be invited

  43. ask me again in 222yrs.

    For now, let’s just enjoy some Guinness shall we?

  44. on my 250th birthday, i don’t want to have anything fancy. what i want is a simple meals with all the family members and relatives and with all my cucu, cicit…

    then, i want photo shoot with them. i want the biggeest family portrait in the world and sign up for the guinness world record (hmmm, do they have award for biggest family portrait yet?)

  45. wow… free ticket?? but i missed it this year… probably next yr? can i reserve one now?

  46. On my 250th Birthday,
    I would have gone a long way,
    I gotta feeling,
    Imma be Drinking,

    We gonna party all the time,
    with the black stuff in my mind,
    and boom boom pow,
    till the moon come down,

    So thank you KY Speaks,
    for Black Eyed Peas,
    I’ll see you there,
    with or without my hair.


  47. travel the world in 250 days, with a guiness stout in hand in every photo for every country i’ve stopped in. i’m sure that would be possible by the time i’m 250! bungee jump too, just because my heart is strong enough for me to be 250 and still breathing.

  48. King Kong

    I heard of the concert too.

    My answer is…”I will travel in spaceship back to the earth to celebrate with you guys”

  49. “Without Guinness how am i gonna celebrate it? “

  50. I’ll bring out that old glass of Guinness I put in a time capsule 225 years ago, raise a toast to Arthur and Guinness for keeping me alive for 250 years (hopefully more), and down the entire glass.. that is if no one snatches it away from me and downs it before I can.

    Arthur and Guinness, let’s see who gets to 500 =)

  51. I will book the whole Sunway Lagoon for my birthday party venue. This is what I will do for my 250th birthday pool party

    1)Fill in all the pools with Guinness. So my party guess can swim, surf and drink from the pool. Reason why I choose Guinness is because they have same history as me , this is their 250th anniversary!

    2) I will invite Black Eye Pea to char kuy teow with Guinness flavor and singing at the same time… at the Stage! So now we got food, drink and performance.

    3) Next I will hire 250 sexy girl and sexy man to dance and perform fire show.

    2) Since we cannot play fireworks for safety reasons then we play bubble with Guinness

    3) Everything serve on my party will be un-halal!! We will have roast pork with Guinness… kekeke..

    4) Every guest is advisable to wear fireman suit since its a flammable party..

    5) I want my birthday cake floating in the pool.. !

  52. 250 years is a long time. I will start keeping 1000 bottles of guinness now so that in 250 years time i’ll be able to open them on my 250th birthday bash(a bottle for each year i live, extra bottles cos i’ll live longer). Most probably i’ll be the oldest man alive, so i’ll definitely make sure my birthday is a public holiday so that everyone around the world will be able to party with me. I’ll have a guinness infused oreo cheese cake with power rangers design. There will be karaoke machines with songs from every decade, from elvis to God knows what. I’ll have performances, from moonwalk, shuffle, breakdance to futuristic dancing. Maybe if fergie is still alive she can dine with me because i don’t like sea hams too, mai ham cha kueh tiaw and mee. Don’t worry ky, you’ll be invited too. Write a blog entry of my birthday too! We’ll dine on those long mediaval tables like harry potter, the whole place will be lit by neon lights and glowsticks. Only guinness will be served, many variants will be available by then and i’ll have my own variant too together with my 250 year old guinness. I’ll have tabs at every table so that everyone can have easy access to guinness. Who says that a 250 year old needs wheel chairs and walking sticks? A guinness a day keeps the doctor away. I’ll still be able to party all night, and sleep all day, and throw all of my problems away. Life will definitely be eassssy!

    p.s i’ll carry it out if i live that long. It’s my ultimate dream

  53. wah!! 250years is a bash!!

    I will invite all my favorite singer & dancer to chill out at my 250th birthday. All of them will attend because of my amazing 250 years. They will come as if attending the red carpet (in their best).I will also invite all my family members with air tickets provided.

    The birthday party will be at Paris beside the eiffel towel with the best food from all around the world (Yummy food!!)
    There will also be entertainment and dance all night long. And when the clock strike 12 midnight just like cinderella (something happen) Hahaha!! Firework and musical fountain will start.
    The party will be the best party ever that is live in TV!!

  54. joshuachin

    i will be conquering the world as a cyborg, head of a man, body of optimus prime!
    thats for 250th birthday.
    then after a hard day’s work,i’ll have siu yok and char siu and go to the garage to rebuild my body, thats the gym for robots baby….
    after getting my indoor body attached, i’ll relax at my lounge playing guitar, bass, drums, saxaphone, piano, and singing all at the same time while my “friends” cheer me on. (as a dictator you never know whether they’re friends or just smiling enemies….)
    oh, cos i can do these all but not at the same time with this useless human body…=(
    then we’ll eat a 3 michelin star standard 5 course dinner which i prepared psychically, and then have a guiness for old time’s sake (the brewery was accidentally destroyed in a tragic “accident” when the americans suspected arth of being a nickname for osama and they bombed the place clear into venezuela for fear of weapons of mass destruction, causing guiness to become rarer than petroleum in the 22nd century).
    after the celebration of sorts, i’ll cry myself to offline time as i haven’t in all my years of searching, found a mate to share my goals and visions.
    then i’ll go offline.
    until tomorrow…


  55. joshuachin


  56. I will be holding my stick and with a cup Guinness beer on the other hand .
    My birthday party will be held in the hottest club in the town .
    The theme will be : Sexy Red
    1. free flow of Guinness beer
    2. 250 pork will be sacrifice and roasted as the main dish of the day .
    3.I will be dancing and shaking with my grand grand grand child in the dance floor .

    Then I will go to the airport and get on the next plane and travel to 250 country to buy shoes from every town I have traveled to prove that I m there and I will take 250 footprint of mine in every country I have visited ! and I will buy a bottle of Guinness stout from every country as a souvenir to my friends and family!
    holy shit .. my luggage will be overweight … nvm 250 only comes once in a lifetime !
    why care so much XDDD

  57. Alright guys, I think this is it, the CONTEST IS CLOSED.

    I will forward the top comments to the client to decide who wins. 😀


  58. i would celebrate with 2 of my best pals across 5 venues in town and with 0 regrets at the end of the night.

  59. Thank KY,

    fingers crossed.

  60. Kevin Yoong

    I will sponsor 250 glasses of pure Guiness Stout for 250 lucky people to witness my 250th birthday on the 250th floor of the tallest building in town at exactly 2.50pm

  61. im the last 1 i wan can ar :(((

  62. Perfected the art of superb bowel control. I will be 250 years old after all.

  63. I would have a celebration party that last for 250 days with freeflow all the way.

  64. on my 5th birthday.. i celebrated it with my parents and my sister along with my 5th baby tooth falling out at a restaurant which i can’t remember.
    on my 10th birthday.. i celebrated it with my whole family with a total of 9 aunties, 13 uncles, and 29 cousins at my grandma’s place in the end had almost the whole neighbourhood joining in
    on my 15th birthday.. i decided to have my birthday held in class with only my classmates and at night with my family, in which i had almost the whole school and the whole restaurant joining in the party at both respective places..

    i noticed that as i got bigger, my birthday parties got bigger and bigger as well.

    so i guess what i’m trying to point out is that by the time i’m 250 years old?!

    i’d probably be partying on some other galaxy with tons of different species from other universes joining in the fun as i would probably be partying in my space-suit filled with guinness flavoured oxygen.

  65. michael wong

    Arthur Guinness an entrepreneur, visionary and philanthropist,
    I think His Birthday wish is simply world peace,
    Where there is smiley from adults to lil kids,
    No standardization and discrimination,
    Equivalence among people from every nation.

    Daily stress is just simply a beer away,
    Pushing all the fighting commotion at bay,

    Now that Guinness can be found from kitchen to local pub,
    There go all our dailies hiccups.

    To Arthur Guinness,
    A simply world renown genius.

    Happy 250th Birthday

  66. CONTEST IS CLOSED guys 😀

  67. i would hv finish drinking 250 bottles of guinness stout!!!

  68. Guinness Stout simply the best for me !!
    Happy 250th Birthday …

    If i would live till 250 yrs old ….
    i will have a party with everyone or even the world if im able to pay for it …. wow~ hooray~ Live Life Longevity .. Guinness Stout!

  69. Happy Birthday 250yrs old GUINNESS STOUT !!

    I would like to gather the pictures of my 250 happy faces from my age of 1yr till 250 yrs old and gather and mixing all the pictures to create a number of 250 and hope it will be a memorial for everyone that i contented as a human being in world and hope everyone will happy like me !!

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