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On my first trip to Melbourne last April, I tried to avoid food that are available here in Malaysia. I sorta ran out of options rather quickly, so on the second trip, I was ready and more than willing to have some of the meals usually associated with students living here instead.

In a way, instead of having a traditional holiday to Melbourne, I spent the 10 days I was there like a typical student would. I ate the same food, watched a bit of TV series, and even went to a lecture with Mellissa!

Ying Thai 2
Ying Thai 2, rather authentic and very tasty

So when Mell and I were meeting Pinky and Kah Kit, we had it at Ying Thai 2 instead of a place that serves “western” or Australian food. The last we met was April, at Notturno (which happens to be just across the same street), and at Supper Inn for, well, supper.

Ying Thai 2 is a Thai restaurant run by, at the face of it, mostly Thai people. When we got there at around 8pm on a weekday, it was still fully packed. We had to wait for some 30 minutes before securing an alfresco style table. Luckily the outdoor heater was on.

seafood tomyam, green curry, pork with basil leaves
tomyam, green curry, and minced pork with basil

We quickly made our orders, and as usual, being the least picky eater in the group, I let the others do the honor. This also means that I get to enjoy different tastes most of the time, instead of always ordering something I am familiar with.

We asked for 4 dishes: seafood tomyam, green curry chicken, minced pork with basil, and chicken in pandan leave. We also ordered coconut rice instead of normal steamed rice to go with them.

coconut rice and pandan chicken at Ying Thai
coconut rice and chicken in pandan leaves

It took quite a bit to get our food as the place was extremely busy, to make matter worse, we had to deal with the smell that comes off from the restaurant with our empty stomach. It was a torture, but it was also well worth it.

The green curry chicken and the seafood tomyam was no different from those you get at any good Thai restaurants. The curry rich in coconut milk and come with all the ingredients you expect, while the tomyam is not overly spicy, it was full of seafood ingredients and still manage to provide a small kick.

Mellissa, KY, Pinky, and Kah Kit at Ying Thai 2
Mell, KY, Pinky, Kah Kit

The pandan chicken was even better, on par with some of the bests I’ve had. Soft and very flavorful, they go well with the extra fragrant coconut rice, I like the rice a lot more than normal steamed rice or even sticky rice.

However, the best dish of the day had to be the minced pork with basil. It was spicy, it had the flavor of pork, basil (one of my favorite herbs), red chilli, and whatever sauce the chef put in. The result was something with a kick, it was spicy, it was tasty, and it was very addictive.

map to Ying Thai 2 at Lygon Street

It was a good dinner session, with great food and of course, Pinky is one of my favorite persons whom I got to know via Nuffnang over a year ago. Incidentally, Mell worked with Pinky during her internship and that was how we got to know each other.

Ying Thai 2
110 Lygon St,
Carlton VIC 3053,

GPS: -37.804329,144.966424
Tel: 03-9639 1697

p/s: I have a few more Melbourne food posts to complete before the memory escapes my mind, so bear with me. 🙂

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  1. Hmm…I often go to Lygon and Carlton (have a friend who stays there and I crash there coz it’s nearer to Melbourne CBD than Clayton. I’ve never been to this place but it looks good! 🙂

  2. the pandan chicken looks yummy….miss the pandan taste a lot.

    nice thai food experience at melb

  3. certainly looks thai.

  4. Huai Bin,
    ooO are you hinting your age again?! 😛

    Yahh, certainly 😉

    Oh yess!

  5. Ying Thai is yummsss. And yay for short hair!

  6. pinky is getting fat. looks like she’s enjoying life there

  7. Mellissa,
    Oh yesss, taking off the extension was a bitch!

    LOL teruk la you

  8. Tan Yee Hou

    I concur with ah lobb.

  9. I found that generally, Thai food in Oz is better than here in Malaysia. Probably because they usually have real Thai cooks..

  10. don’t worry, you can easily pass of as a student.

  11. My first comment in your blog *shy*

    My sister and her housemate brought me to Ying Thai 2 when I visited her last June. But, we didn’t manage to order as much food as you guys did! hehehe… and I love basil too 🙂

  12. da green curry looks luring :d

  13. Still looks good….

  14. Tan Yee Hou,
    Hahaha you teruk

    I think you do have a point. 🙂

    Hahaha cis!


    Haha, yah basil is nice! Comment is all good no need to be shy 😛

    It was quite lovely


  15. Pinky cuts her hair d izzit?! so cute deee!

  16. Tey Cindy,
    I believe so!

  17. Yikes! My taste buds are truly missing pandan chicken!

  18. Kiran,
    LOL tragic

  19. and you said you wanted to avoid any food associated with what we have in m’sia? see, told you… eksyen2 last2 makan jugak kan? peace..

  20. No, he didn’t want to have Malaysian food in Melbourne because there is no point in paying RM30 for nasi lemak or whatever when you can have it everyday for RM3 in Malaysia, and will taste much better too. Thai food isn’t Malaysian.

  21. Adrian,
    Thai food is Thai, not Malaysian, and in Malaysia most Thai food aren’t operated by Thai, but by Malaysian instead. Mellissa is right.

  22. but KY said that he’s trying to avoid food that’s available in Malaysia

  23. No, in Adrian’s previous comments on previous posts he was asking KY to go to all these Malaysian restaurants like Nasi Lemak House and Lazzat and what not.

  24. oic why so ngok wan?

  25. Ying Thai for mince pork! it’s damn awesome and You and Mell is one of my favourite couple blogger too hehe (see i so come melbourne soon again k!

  26. Mellissa,
    You’re absolutely right! 😀

    Hahhaha chill!

    Oh yes I’m missing the mince pork!

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