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When I told a few friends I’m heading to Melbourne on August, the common response was “you have to go to Mt. Buller!”.

Well, since my last ski trip was some 8 years ago back  in Minnesota, I managed to convince Mellissa that we should take this opportunity to ski as it is also the last winter for her in Melbourne. This was my 3rd ski trip.

Ski rental at Mount Buller
ski equipment rental place at the foot of the mountain

We booked our day trip at this very Chinese travel agent on Swanston street called Extragreen and signed up for their package for day trip to Mt. Buller.

My adult ticket for unlimited chair lift and ski equipment was $193 and Mellissa paid $172 for her pass which includes a 2 hour ski lesson and seven char lift pass (student rate). We also ended up paying extra $37 each to rent waterproof jackets and pants which proved to be a necessity.

car park and ski lift at Mt. Buller
this is where we got off the bus and took the chairlift

We had to wake up at 4+ in the morning, got ready and met in the city by 5:45am for the tour bus. By the time we got to the ski equipment rental shop at the foothill of Mt. Buller, it was already around 10am. We decided that it was a good idea to invest $20 for a pair of winter gloves at the shop (another wise idea).

After getting our equipments (ski, poles, boots, jackets and pants), we boarded the bus and finally reached the car park at around 11am. This was where we had to abandoned all our luggage in the bus, changed, and take a rather scary chairlift to the ski area.

KY and Mell skiing!
skiing is of course, loads of fun!

While Mell had her two hour lesson, I went to the green slope (easiest) for a few runs and came back to check her progress from time to time. I managed to fall quite a few times but luckily the snow was quite soft and it wasn’t too cold at around 1-2 Celsius.

After shaking off a bit of rust, I went to explore the other slopes and managed to fall a few more times on the tougher trails. Some of the downhill slopes were just too steep and too fast for me even though it’s supposed to be easy/medium. Oh well.
Lousy hot dog at Mount Buller
absolutely terrible hotdog at the Burnt Hut restaurant

After her lesson we stopped by the Burnt Hut restaurant by the main chairlift to stuff our stomach with some really terrible food, the hotdog and chips were tasteless and cost $8.50 each. Hot chocolate and latte too were horrific and extra expensive, but that’s what you get at places like this I suppose.

Tried to convince Mell to try the green slope but it proved to be a bit too much of a challenge for beginner so we went to the bunny hills for a bit more. I later went to the green slope for a bit more, which kinda upset the young lady cos I abandoned her at Burnt Hill. =/

On the way back, we saw a wombat grazing from 30 meter in the air, that thing was huge. The bus took the scenic route back to Melbourne city and we also spotted a couple kangaroos in the wild. My trip is complete!

It was already 8:30pm when we reached the city, went for a quick dinner at Mekong before heading back for a hot shower and crashed completely. Our bodies are still aching.

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  1. Wow, you’re having a great time there! =)
    I wanna ski too, wait, wait till i got the money!

  2. YA LAH what kind of lousy boyfriend leaves his girlfriend LITERALLY ALL ALONE ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN!!!

  3. fall down is good..don’t roll down!

  4. Mel the same kinda person that would miss futsal two weeks in a row to be with the gf ……

    Ky! Thanks for the soothers :))

  5. Rachying,
    Yesss, awesome! Do it, you will eventually!

    Hehe sorry okayy I give you massage 😀

    Hahah that would be tragic.

    LOL shut up

  6. Debra Fong

    eh so fun!:D:D:D but damn expensive weiiii :s that’s like about RM600/person for one ski trip!


  7. I been there too!!!! Crashed into an instructor during practice and almost crashed into a couple who were having a chit chat in the middle of the ski route (i fell and slid for 10 m or so before stopping right behind them) but all was well. It’s good fun!!

  8. i doubt i’d ever go skiing.

    i dun wanna pay money to fall down and embarrass myself.

    It was the same for roller skating. T_T

    Yes, I know I’m a loser, stop judging!! Lol

    Sidetrack a bit, I don’t mind paying money and jumping off a cliff or bridge for bungee though. Lol.

  9. Debra Fong,
    Well there aren’t that many opportunities 😉

    Hahahha that would be quite hilarious!

    I’d love to bungee jump too!

  10. so fun. the nearest i got to experience skiing was in a sledge. bummer.

  11. calvaryzone,
    Hahah that’s not too bad, genting? 😛

  12. Yes, Mt. Buller is awesome! I love the blue runs, easy enough and pretty scenic too. Had a bad experience with a black diamond run though, coz I was nowhere at that level but took a wrong turn. :S

  13. just realised I mentioned mt buller as mt bullard in my last post. silly me 😛 bila balik kl?

  14. bad hotdog at mountain…but no choice rite…the only food source there

  15. Looks like a lot of fun! i haven’t went skiing before… 🙁

  16. aeroplane1234

    so rock brave. no need cover ear tim?

  17. Huai Bin,
    Hahah black diamond is the killer!

    Hahah, dah balik!

    Oh well what to do :S

    Make it happen!

    hahaha didn’t have snow hat maa

  18. fun fun fun. u should be able to pwn us all on skiing on wii.

  19. Myhorng,
    Well Mell beat us in skiing on wii but the reality is a different thing. :S

  20. No black runs for you then? Heh.

  21. ShaolinTiger,
    Don’t be crazy! lol

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