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Nasi Lemak is, of course, one of the most well known national dishes of Malaysia. Other dishes that I would consider representative of our beloved country would be satay, roti telur, char kueh teow, and of course, bak kut teh. But today, lets concentrate on nasi lemak.

Air Asia nasi lemak
glorious nasi lemak with egg, ikan bilis, peanuts, chicken, and sambal

The last nasi lemak I had was the in flight meal at Air Asia X from KL to Melbourne just a little over 2 days ago. While most things Air Asia isn’t exactly awesome (flight was delayed for almost 2 hours, seats aren’t exactly recline-able), I must say that their nasi lemak is one of the bests out there.

nasi lemak on air asia flights
AAX meal with nasi lemak and water – RM 15

Ikan bilis and peanuts come in separate container to ensure freshness and especially the crunchiness, with fragrance rice, curry chicken, half a hard boiled egg, and sambal that isn’t exactly spicy but carries all the flavor you’d expect. This nasi lemak isn’t just good compared to other in flight meal from any airlines, it is good even when you put it next to any good nasi lemak you get.

It is so good that Mellissa wanted to order one for the 1.5 hour flight from KL to Krabi. The RM 15 meal used to come with the nasi lemak, a bottle of water, and a Chunky Kit Kat the last time I had it, but it seems like the Kit Kat is gone now. Bad economy calls for cost reduction perhaps?

If you’re flying Air Asia, be sure to choose the nasi lemak. I’ve tried 1-2 other meals, they are not exactly very palatable (can’t remember what I had, but I didn’t finish it)

Air Asia in flight entertainment
feels like you’re 2075 meter high, Air Asia in flight portable entertainment

The flight from KL to Melbourne takes about 7.5 hours, genius ol’ me forgot to bring a book for the journey and only had an hour’s worth of videos on the blackberry. So I bit the bullet and ordered the RM 30 in flight entertainment since they have Watchmen on it, among a few other films.

Turns out, the portable entertainment module is actually just a customized version of Archos 705 media player. A free al cheapo version of earphones is provided (and for you to take home), but I used my own since I had brought a better one anyway.

The player worked pretty well and I watched almost 2 movies on it. Battery’s supposed to last 6 hours but mine somehow went flat after 3, luckily the stewardess provided a replacement after some explanations from my part.  Time goes by so much quicker with there’s an interesting movie or two to watch.

Discuss : Air Asia Nasi Lemak & Portable Entertainment System

  1. Nicer than coconut house’s nasi lemak? 🙂

  2. I did the same positive review also a while ago! The one I had even had banana leaf and thought that was a nice touch. After I wrote that , MAS invited me to their in flight kitchen. LOL.

  3. the nasi lemak looks good too… yeah, must order this next time when i take air asia

  4. Mellissa

    I totally don’t understand why you didn’t let me JUST HAVE THE DAMN NASI LEMAK considering we couldn’t go for duck noodles!!!

  5. Yes, I love air asia nasi lemak too.. i remember one time when flying back from Hanoi, my frens and i ordered the chicken nasi lemak and we enjoyed eating that very much.. perhaps we were too hungry, i guess..hahaha….

  6. DS,
    From what I heard about coconut house, definitely! 😀

    Chef Mel,
    oOo what a coincidence 😀

    cindy khor,
    Yess, must!

    Hhaha I did not not let you! I was just asking why. 😛

    Yaa, the nasi lemak’s best! 😉

  7. Tan Yee Hou

    KY should have tapau-ed it for Mell only. Tell the stewardess you want another then charm her into giving it to you for free.

  8. ah yes. the nasi lemak is good. the nasi briyani is better 😀

  9. I much prefer a book for long flight = more meat to bite for the long hours. TV gets kind of boring after 1-2 movies…

  10. Tan Yee Hou,
    Air Asia? Free Meal? you waitttt

    oOo intriguing!

    Yahh me too, but ter-forgot!

  11. the nasi lemak & nasi briyani i had on the air asia flight back from london was delicious!!! 😀 ordered the same for my flight to shenzhen recently, and it turned out nasty…..the peanuts and ikan bilis were soggy as they were placed in the same container as the nasi lemak…boohoo!

  12. sure bo?
    i haven’t tried any meals on AirAsia, but from my experience with all the other airlines, in-flight meal sucks! 🙂

  13. KY, the last time I went to Melbourne on AAX, they did not have the onboard entertainment. seems that they have improved but not the seats ya, non-reclinable and so not comfy.

    By the way, you mean the RM30 is for 6 hours of entertainment only? not unlimited usage? wow…this is new to me.

    Have fun in Melbourne.

  14. thenomadGourmand

    wahh..seems frm the comments i read here there’s actually rave-worthy meals served on board! cool!
    Nx time i do not need tota-pau my own sandwich! hehe

  15. AA’s nasi lemak rocks! Have you tried the roti jala? It’s good too! 😀

  16. At least you saved lots on money on airfare. RM30 is wet wet water la…

  17. foodcrazee

    agree with eiling – cant even buy a proper cigar

  18. pj,
    Hahah a bad day at the kitchen perhaps.

    True, usually most in flight meals are very mehhh.

    Well the battery only lasts 6 hours on the portable entertainment thingy, but the flight was only 7.5 hours anyway.

    Oh definitely! 😀

    Ooo I shall when I have a chance 😀

    Haha yah true. 🙂

    Except I don’t really smoke cigars 😛

  19. pak pander’s nasi lemak… hahaha!! tried once before… OK la!! I find that the name is rather funny coz in malay folk story, pak pander is one stupid man who did all the wrong things 🙂
    Get yourself an iPhone man… will make your trip seems short!!!

  20. I came in from London and had this. Thought the sambal tasted a bit “plastic”. Maybe I was unlucky.

  21. 30 for the inflight entertainment system isn’t too shabby if they have good movies inside.

    That’s Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak right? I always eat that one too. 🙂

  22. Leo,
    Hhahaah I didn’t know that.

    Ahh, perhaps.

    Huai Bin,
    Yah, I had watchmen and click. Not bad, yess, Pak Nasser’s. 😉

  23. Nasi lemak. One of my favourite dish. Takan purposely go up AirAsia to makan?

  24. Was I unlucky or what? There were no ikan bilis and peanuts to go with the (pre-purchased) nasi lemak that was served to me on the KL-MEL flight that I took about two weeks ago. 🙁

  25. JD,
    Hahaha hook up with some stewardess 😛

    Emily T,
    Hahaha that’s very tragic! And nice meeting you earlier today. 😉

  26. *wipes saliva

  27. aud,

  28. for all my flight on air asia onward i did book nasi lemak only. bf was eating it when we fly together, its damn good man.

  29. pinky,
    Yah, why did you choose something else la! 😛

  30. Lyrical Lemongrass

    The nasi lemak out of KUL is good. It was quite awful, though, on my return flight from Gold Coast.

  31. Lyrical Lemongrass,
    Aussie style nasi lemak? lol

  32. Kee Thuan Chye

    Did you go on the day or night flight? At which point did they serve the meal? Just after boarding or later? Or before landing?

  33. Kee Thuan Chye

    Oh, one other thing! Can you buy more than one meal for a flight? There’s no provision for that, though, when making the booking. There’s only one click provided.

  34. Kee Thuan Chye,
    They usually serve food after about 2 hours in flight. I don’t know if you can pre-order extra meals, but you can certainly buy them on flight. 😀

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