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A few weeks ago we stopped by Ming Tien for a session of late night supper. Other than being one of the very few Chinese food oriented food courts that opens till the wee hours, Ming Tien is also among the few places that is dog friendly. It only make sense since there is a huge pet store next to the food court anyway.

Update: Unfortunately Ming Tien food court is now closed permanently

Spicy Taiwanese Sausage at Mint Tien with Kim and Gareth
Kim soothing her lips with ice

Kim, being one of the most adventurous people I know when it comes to food, decided that we should try the super spicy Taiwanese sausage. So without asking for opinion or approval, she bought 3 sticks of the most spicy sausage for herself, ST, and yours truly.

If you think chili padi is spicy, well, this sausage was possibly at least 5-10x the intensity. The level is right up there with the Habanero laced chicken wings I had at Frontera last night. It’ll make anyone sweat, I suggest ordering a big glass of soya milk to pre-empt before trying. But if you’re into the euphoric thrill of super spicy chili laced food, do try out this Taiwanese sausage.

They do offer Taiwanese sausages of other flavors, but what is the fun in that, right?

Soy Duck at Ming Tien food court, Taman Megah
duck breast with some pork belly

The other dish that I am slowly warming up to at Ming Tien is the Soy Duck. I usually order the duck breast and a side of pork belly to go with steamed rice. The fat from pork belly does well to add to the smoothness of duck breast, yums. A quick and quite a tasty meal for less than RM 7.00. Value for money!

The same stall also serves chicken, pork belly, “pork head skin”, tofu, eggs, and more.

Ming Tien is just a short turn from LDP

Ming Tien Hawker Center
Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.114334, 101.611658

Discuss : Hottest Taiwanese Sausage and Soy Duck at Ming Tien Food Court [Closed]

  1. duck breast? yum yum

  2. ooo i love the HOT taiwanese sausages!!! pasar malam also got~

  3. There is this stall at the Newton Food Court in Melaka selling these super spicy Taiwanese sausages as well.

    Apparently they are so spicy, one cannot finish a piece. The owner will pay RM1k to anyone that does.

    I tried to. I managed only one bite.

  4. Galvin’s heng tai ate something like that 2. should ask their opinion also. LOL

  5. The hottest taiwanese sausage wonder is the one they used on Galvin’s wedding… wanna try out really got that spicy or not… 😛

  6. u’ll have angelina jolie’s lips just by having a bite of it.

  7. Yatz,
    Yess, yumss!

    Tey Cindy,
    But can you handle it!? 😛

    wah, that’ll be an interesting challenge! 😀

    Hahah I don’t want to know.

    Where did you buy them? lol

    Hahhaha nuts!

  8. I tried this before! Funny thing was, I didn’t expect it to be that spicy.. so me being a fan for spicy food, I asked for extra chili for the sausage. The man told me ” But, its very spicy already!” … and I said, “no, no, I want more spicy!”. Lol. when It arrived , boy did I regret. Haha!

  9. Yah DAMN spicy la wei this thing, mouth still buzzing for 20 mins afterwards.

  10. hahaah kim’s face is priceless!

  11. Chef Mel,
    Hahah that’s asking for it! 😛

    Yah, once and never again 😛

    Hahahah best right? 😀

  12. I have to try this one. My aim is to eat at every single stall in Ming Tien. 🙂

  13. the sausages are really damn hot, I remember ordering them in metro prima foodcourt about 4 years ago and 4 of us couldn’t even finish 1 sausage. Bloody hell.

  14. Precious Pea

    I got to try the sausage when I come back…love spicy hot hot stuff!

  15. Did you guys actually finish a sausage EACH?? Hardcore sial! A friend of mine accidentally rubbed his eye after touching the sausage. MISTAKE!!

  16. Tan Yee Hou

    Ya that day I challenged my cousin to eat the whole thing.

    Ate until tears berlumuran wtf.

  17. oooh I’ll never touch that thing! It’s so hawt, it can fry my lips and tongue.

  18. Huai Bin,
    Good! Do it and let me know 😛

    Hahhaha noob, really! 😛

    Precious Pea,

    Chubby Zebra,
    Hahaha yah we did, was a mistake :X

    Tan Yee Hou,
    Hahahah terrible!

    Good move :X

  19. I came across your blog. Your country has so many delicious meals. Thanks for sharing the post…I enjoyed reading it very much.

  20. foodcrazee

    seen Kim’s pic . . . . . .knew how she felt

  21. Nice blog, and yummy food!

  22. if u like braised duck and pork belly and innards, you should try this place in ttdi …’s called teo chew yuen and opened only for dinner…located in rest min zhong, which is just behind 7-11 in ttdi (same row as apollo medical centre)…can even satisfy a fussy penangite like me…hehehe

  23. I would like to try this as well..thanks for the review

  24. Taiwanese sausage is one of the more under-rated snack, i feel.

    they should open one specialty shop, or stall in shopping centres, selling ONLY sausages. yumz …

  25. ya..i remembered that i take only 1 bite and my tears keep flowing..then didnt mange to finish the ther friend finish it then ask us..HOt meh..sial!

  26. Dilasari,
    You’re welcome. Come again! 😀

    Hahaha yah

    Thank you. 🙂

    Thanks for the tips! 😀

    You should bring in the business. 😛

    Wah your friend is hardcore. lol

  27. Good, I can try new stuff two weeks later on my night shift supper.

  28. Wow, it’s that hot then I think I shall give it a try. Wondered if the level of spiciness is like those Level 1-30 that boss stewie tried in S’pore?

  29. Simon Seow,
    yes make it happen!

    It’s right up there! 😀

  30. wow…ming tien also got nice food there….last time is my hang out place to makan….but since moved to puchong…never been there liow…

  31. vialentino,
    I’m not sure if the taiwanese sausage was nice, it was just very spicy! lol

  32. […] had a bowl of tomyam, while I had some porridge from the soy duck stall. By the time we are done feeding ourselves, it was already almost 3 in the morning. We […]

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