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When I first went to Melbourne a few months ago, I noticed that the local coffee scene is very different than Malaysia, and very vibrant.

Every other corner is a cafe, mostly locally owned and operated with some international chains like Max Brenners. Restaurants and breakfast places like too usually serves excellent coffee (MART 130 is an absolute must visit). It is a land where Starbucks aren’t doing well at all with their, as some agrees, watered down coffee.

Note: this place has moved

Le Passione Cafe at Plaza Damas
breakfast set (blergh), flat white (awesome)

After getting spoiled with good coffee from down under, Mellissa then decided that we should hunt for the best coffee in KL, and her housemate Jun Wei happened to know just the place we need to go. Le Passione Cafe at Hartamas Shopping Center.

Other than 2 cups of flat whites (they are similar to latte, but served in ceramic cups), we also ordered a breakfast set and a baked potato during that particular late afternoon snacking session.

Flat White at Cafe Le Passione
coffee with proper coffee art. KY & Mellissa

The coffees were excellent, smooth, creamy, and very flavorful. They’re worth every sen of the RM 7.95 Le Passione Cafe charges (with 10% service). A piece of biscotti and a shot of cold water accompany the coffee too.

The food however, were rather disappointing. The eggs were nice, but turkey ham and those canned mushroom were pretty miserable, baked potato wasn’t anything to shout about either.

For really good coffee around town, go to Le Passione Cafe, but eat at your own risk.

Le Passione Cafe
K9, Plaza Ground FLoor,
Hartamas Shopping Centre,
Sri Hartamas, KL

3.163548, 101.656076
Tel: 012-882 0717

Discuss : Best Coffee in town, Le Passione Cafe at Hartamas Shopping Center [Closed]

  1. Mellissa

    Terrible food but very yummy and affordable coffee!

  2. KY, you should check out Typica Cafe, it’s right at the back of Shaw Parade. It’s all about Coffee…. small place though.

  3. Mellissa,
    Yahhh I need one now! Let me go to the pantry

    Ken Teo,
    Oo thanks for the tips πŸ™‚

  4. You need to try the one near Digital Mall too called Coffee Ritual –

  5. I really enjoy the latte art from your photo shown.

  6. ShaolinTiger
    oOo interesting!

    Ken Wah,
    Thanks. πŸ˜€

  7. walao bro.. said till ” eat at our own risk” meh? muahahaha

  8. oh so this is the place you were telling me about! Ok I’ll go and try and see whether it’s better than Illy’s.

  9. ooo so near my hse… but i nvr noticed it. i go try & c nice onot! πŸ˜‰

  10. for really good, ommmpph coffee, you must also check out Bar Italia at Jalan Berangan, off Changkat Bkt Bintang! They also have homemade gelati. Service is tad slow but the coffee is great and food is not bad either.

  11. And I thought that there are only those Starbucks, Coffee Beans, San Francisco, Gloria Jeans in KL… hahaha!!!
    Will heed your tips… only go for coffee and not the food!! Fill my stomach before having coffee here πŸ™‚

  12. It’s nice to have this kinda cool coffee places, especially those like Central Perk in FRIENDS.

  13. i can cross this 1 out from my drop by list since i don’t drink coffee. hehe

  14. foodcrazee

    think its not too bad if they can some latte art. . .

  15. dragoncity

    hehe.. I saw you today in your MR2 at LDP. = )

  16. clement,
    Hahhaha that’s my opinion lo. πŸ˜›

    Make it happen, I think it’s nicer than Illy, which is better than some of the bigger chains.

    Tey Cindy,
    Now is as good a time as ever!

    oOo interesting, thanks for the tips

    Hahaha, yah, do it!

    oOo IC, thanks. πŸ™‚

    Coffees are good for you!

    Oh well, their latte art as is, is already better than Starbucks. lol


  17. foodcrazee

    that is so TRUE bro . . . lolz

  18. yes, that is why i started Project Real Coffee

  19. and, I am Adrian’s frd. ur ex colik

  20. aeroplane1234

    look at the ham…. like 5 years old alraedy…. urh…

  21. This is the 1st time i read, you actually giving bad review abt food and give a warning abt your bad experiance, you usually sounds way too polite on most of your review.i think you should do this more so ppl who read you blog have a clue wether this restaurant is worth the visit. unless is you were invited by the owner or get paid to write. BTW i went to FRONTERA it suck big time. i didnt blame you though, i still love you blog, keep up the good work

  22. foodcrazee,
    Hehehe yah.

    Ooo interesting. πŸ˜€

    hahahaha yah.

    Thanks, and to be honest, I don’t get paid to write food review. For those that I don’t find good enough, usually I simply refuse to write. As for Frontera, I really liked their stuff, and that might have something to do with the fact that I’ve spent more than 4 years in the States getting accustomed to Mexican food. πŸ™‚

  23. oiks..i jus receive an email from my colleague and its promoting best food in PJ
    seems like your posting is circulating around~

  24. i need a coffee now. so sleepy.

  25. taufulou,
    ooo I know about that email! πŸ˜€

    I am drinking. Hehee

  26. May Zhee

    This is so true you know. About Melbourne having loads of cafes at every corner. But probably because like Melbourne is really cold during the winter and people need coffee/hot chocolate to keep warm. Malaysia is damn bloody hot on its own already hahaha no need hot chocolate

  27. May Zhee,
    Oh well but the cafes in Melbourne operates during summer too πŸ˜›

  28. U better be right about this, ive been craving and searching for the REAL COFFEE since i landed my foot in kl. So please dont dissapoint me! =P

  29. it’s me again! im an bit skeptical about the froth though, it looks overbeaten in da pic. Normally good coffee froth is important (well to me it is anyway), the froth should be really smooth and not bubbly even though it has been left cold. STILL me gonna try soon cuz me love coffeeeee! πŸ™‚

  30. Jess,
    Don’t talk so much just give it a try first then only tell us πŸ˜›

  31. Lim Tiong Hean

    If you really love coffee, you must try coffee ritual. Their cappuccino is great as well as their single origin coffee, the freshest in town. Read their blog at very informative, only two post todate.

  32. Lim Tiong Hean,
    Thanks for the tips!

  33. Hi, was just reading through your archive when I land on this. Yes, I totally agree that the coffee here is exceptionally good! It’s one of my favourite coffee joints.

  34. […] milk. The milk was good and I too was very happy with the latte that rivals what was served atΒ Cafe Le Passione (Hartamas Shopping Centre.) Haze also bought some cookies & mush mellows back home, and they […]

  35. they are moved!!!

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