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Other than nasi lemak and bak kut teh, one of my favorite local food of all time must be banana leaf rice. My usual fix for this Southern Indian dish is at Kanna Curry House, since it is rather good and pretty close to where I stay. Mell, however, insist that the best banana leaf rice is this particular Restaurant Nirwana Maju at Bangsar.

Nirwana Maju Banana Leaf Rice
Restaurant Nirwana Maju Banan Leaf Rice

Nirwana, as the restaurant is commonly referred to, is located at the heart of the most happening area at Bangsar, just right across Bangsar Village on Jalan Telawi 3. Street parking can be a bit challenging most of the time, but parking at Bangsar Village shouldn’t cost more than a couple ringgit for a meal.

banana leaf rice with curry and chicken
fried brinjal, potato, cucumber, with 2 curries and dal

For those who are not familiar with banana leaf rice:

  • a clean and preferably fresh sheet of banana leaf
  • rice with usually 3 types of vegetables
  • choices of curry and/or dal
  • condiments such as deep fried salted chili
  • usually also serve with papadum

As you can guessed, the standard banana leaf rice is basically a vegetarian dish. However, you can always add fish, mutton, chicken, fried fish roe and squid, and a host of other side dishes for a meal worthy of any glutton.

Mellissa and KY at Sri Nirwana Maju
Mell and KY, deep fried brinjal & papadem at Nirwana

The rice and curry at Nirwana is as good as any that I’ve had, but the really special item here is one of their standard vegetable served that I haven’t come across anywhere else – deep fried eggplant (the green and white type). The crispy yet savory batter and the sweetness of eggplant is a combination that proved to be very addictive, I love it!

Map to Sri Nirwana Maju at Bangsar
Sri Nirwana Maju banana leaf rice is located next to Bangsar Village

Two sets of banana leaf rice with an order of fish or fried chicken and drinks usually come to some RM 15 for two person. Still pretty reasonably priced despite being located at Bangsar. If you love banana leaf rice, give this one a try!

Sri Nirwana Maju 43 Jalan Telawi Tiga,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.131014,101.670892
03-2287 8445

Discuss : KY eats – Nirwana Maju Banana Leaf Rice at Bangsar

  1. icehart85


    i did it for the lulz. Nice review btw. You always make me salivating like a hungry dog.

  2. CloudyRainbows

    The fried squid is awesome! Sometimes in place of fried eggplant, they serve fried okra or bittergourd!

  3. Justin Koh

    Mell has good taste! Nirwana is the best banana leaf makan place in KL!

    You HAVE TO TRY the fried squid!!!

    • I have been to Nirwana and I must say that it is a RIPOFF of a place. There are far better BLR places that Nirwana but that is my view. Did Nirwana pay for publicity????

  4. ashleighhhh

    I dont like that they’re now charging for extra vege. have to pay if wanna add deep fried bittergourd 🙁

    quite over rated imho. can get better banana leaf elsewhere and its not so expensive too. Curry House in Sitiawan kicks nirwana’s arse at half the price lol.

  5. My favourite place for banana leaf rice for supper when I am working night shift.

  6. Banana leaf rice, one of my favourite food because it’s spicy! I think will drop by there soon.

  7. icehart85,
    Heheh thanks thanks.

    yah I love fried bitter gourd too!

    Justin Koh,
    Cholesterol! Just kidding 😛

    Hahaha you want to compare food in KL with Sitiawan? 😛

    Simon Seow,
    Yah they do open till quite late.

    Make it happen! 😀

  8. Mellissa

    Ashleigh: I’ve never had to pay to add anything before, and the last time I added on more stuff for free was just 2 weeks ago. Are you sure they still charge to add stuff? o_O

    I’m totally craving Nirwana now! 🙁

  9. is it papadom or papadem? and nirwana sounds like the graveyard to me! haha,..

  10. Mellissa,
    Yah don’t think we ever need to pay extra for vege.

    Hahah here we call it Indian keropok!

  11. so, which one is nicer?!

  12. paranoidandroid

    The Banana leaf rice there is great. Too bad I had to eat under the hot sun the other day because the place is absolutely crazily packed. At the end of the meal, by tongue was burning, my head steaming and I look like a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest with bulges at the wrong places.

    Any idea what time they close?

  13. Tey Cindy,
    I think Nirwana is my current favorite!

    I think they close at 11:30pm or something like that. 🙂

  14. they’ve fried bitter gourd as well?
    rmbr passing by this shop when going for Alexis.
    so crowded during lunch hour!
    wondered what’s the fuss …

  15. So it it better than Kanna?

  16. j2Kfm,
    the fuss is that it’s tasty! 😀

    I’m liking this place more for now. 😉

  17. heee, very long didnt visit that place already. forgotten also..keke.
    might visit back~

  18. Hi KY, can you review your blackberry? How’s it compared to Iphone 3GS and Nokia N97. Been thinking of these few models, but i still heart my SE C905 for its fantastic photos and xenon flash.

  19. Banana leaf rice…with real banana leaves! I like. A lot of places now just put a sheet on a place (e.g. Kayu) or even worse, give you one of them plates that looks like a banana leaf (green, with grooves, but made of plastic).

  20. Ya! I think its banana leaf is the best among all! I MISS BANGSAR. 🙂

  21. crappy booze

    Both Kanna & Nirwana dishes out good stuff. Personally, i recommend the fried fish roe at Raju Banana Leaf (KY posted this as well).

  22. taufulou,
    Hahah make it happen.

    Ohh, i might have a review then in that case. I never had an iPhone before but I imagine the multimedia feature is quite a lot better, the N97 is a good phone by itself, bigger screen and keyboard, but the blackberry messaging integration is the best I’ve seen yet.

    Huai Bin,
    Hahahah i hate those fake banana leaf plates!

    Ee Vonn,
    Yaaa slurpsss!!!

    crappy booze,
    Yah except fish roe – cholesterol lol

  23. hey…. wow! according to my travel journal…ive been there! and its good! hehe

  24. I find the fried chicken overdone, but the fried brinjal/bittergourd rocks! =D Their dry mutton curry is also not bad…but slightly exp.

    It closes later than 11.30pm…as I come here to sober up after my ladies night out. I’m guessing they open till 1am? 😉

  25. beccs,
    Good job you! 😀

    oOO overdone fried chicken isn’t exactly a good thing, and maybe you’re right, I think they probably open till a bit later than 11:30 esp. on weekends. 🙂

  26. i like fried bitter gourd d most~ haha

  27. Yes, I do agree their banana leaf rice is fantastic! The only thing I hate about the place is finding a parking space!

  28. Lorna,
    especially when it’s crunchy!

    That’s why you park at Bangsar Village. 😀

  29. ashleighhhh

    matter of fact, i think i should. next time i go back i’m gonna start compiling a post on all the good places to eat in sitiawan. bwahahaha.

  30. I think the green-white brinjal/eggplant you mentioned is actually petola ular. They usually have it at Indian/banana leave restaurants

  31. leaf*

  32. ashleighhhh,
    hahaha make it happen!

    Ooo thanks for the info.

  33. philters

    parking is awful in this area la, sometimes seriously not worth the food.

    best banana leaf i know is in seremban. nak pegi tak?

  34. philters,
    that’s why you park at bangsar village. 😀

  35. it’s not fried brinjal… it’s fried bittergourd… =) but gotta love Nirvana!

  36. Kev,
    It’s fried brinjal they’re serving, I asked. 😀

  37. Mell is right, Nirwana is wayyy better than Kanna!! Looking at your pics makes me wanna fly across the oceans right NOW to eat some of that. About the bittergourd vs. brinjal thing, I think Kev might be partially right. I think they serve bittergound most of the time but they do sometimes serve okra and brinjal too, in place of the bittergourd.

  38. Charlene,
    They’re slightly different, I love the outdoor seating at Kanna and their deep fried sotong tho. 😀

  39. I used to go Nirwana for banana leaf but recently I find Devi’s Corners Banana Leaf taste better. They have 2 types of fish curry (Malaysian & Indian). The Indian Fish Curry is much more spicy.

    Note : Banana Leaf Rice is served upstairs

    Don’t think they are open for dinner though.

  40. Seow,
    oOo interesting. Thanks!

  41. Looks yummy indeed.

  42. Boon,
    Oh yess definitely

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  44. Looks delicious,

    just like you too KY.HAHAHA

  45. Hi Guys,
    This is by far the Banana Leaf haven for me and my colleagues. It’s a place called Sam’s Kitchen at Taman Maluri. I go there at least once a week to get my dosage of Kire Curry (Spinach), Mutton Varuval etc… The staffs; I would say well-trained, friendly, Food; Excellent, Cleanliness; The owners has done a great job at keeping the place spick and span. Check it out! 234, Jalan Mahkota, Taman Maluri, Cheras

  46. Hi Guys,
    Anyone has been to Sam’s Kitchen Banana Leaf Restaurant in Taman Maluri? Give me some feedbacks

  47. Nirwana Maju is the wost place I have ever went, Iwas there yesterday with my office people and the lady owner if the place basically was so rude to us while taking the order, We have banned the place now

    • Sree: that’s horrible, probably the lady owner had a bad day? but that’s still no excuse

      • I have been frequenting their outlet in Subang before and I found her sister there is the same. Stuck up and arrogant and they don’t realize that is a facebook group Indian restaurant Cuthroats which mentions Nirwana over and over again as a ripoff! KY maybe they knew who you were and of course you got the royal treatment. Did you tell them what you were doing? Anyway since 2011 did they win the award again???

  48. I stumbled across Sri Nirwana Maju last night and really enjoyed it, especially the fried eggplant. The veg banana leaf rice will set you back 6.10 RM. Fairly reasonable for a quality meal.

  49. […] this is my suggestion : Indian : Nirwana Maju Banana Leaf. Location : Bangsar. References :…ce-at-bangsar/ Malay : You can try Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa. Location : Kampung Baru. References : […]

  50. I think the fored stuff you refer to is bittergourd. not eggplant.

  51. Please check these places out and you will know that Nirwana is a ripoff. They now have a sign limited serving of rice and each plate of fried gourd will be charged extra.

    Appu Uncle’s Curry House

    Crab curry and Mutton Dhal

    Sri Ghanapathy Mess

    Must try crab rasam and the local mutton

    Acha Curry House–gasing/4ef0237477c8053fbc992423

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