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Last night I had one of the most impressive home dinner over at Singz’s, one of Mell’s friends. When Mell told me that Singz’s mom cooks the most amazing prawn mee, I sorta took it with a pinch of salt since you know, I’m from Penang and all that. But after the dinner, I have to give it to Mama Wong, it was most awesome indeed!

Mama Wong’s kitchen has a automated shopping mall style glass sliding door separating the cooking are and the dining room, so very cool! The only disadvantage I can think of is when you have a power outage. They better have an emergency generator at home.

penang prawn mee and laksa
Mama Wong’s Penang prawn mee and laksa

Anyway, there were altogether about 10 of us at the dinner, and each of us chose between Penang prawn mee or asam laksa. The host obviously had everything very well planned, all the cutlery and condiments were in place, for the prawn mee we have

  • extra prawns
  • sambal
  • fried shallots
  • hard boiled eggs

And for Asam Laksa we have

  • har kou (prawn paste)
  • mint leaves
  • pineapple strips
  • cucumber strips
  • red chili
  • diced ginger flower (bunga kantan)
  • sliced onion

And those are just the condiments, the prawn mee was easily the best I had since Lian Gaik at Butterworth, Penang. The perfect soup with prawn, kangkung, mee hun + mee, and most importantly, PORK RIBS! I’m getting so hungry just writing this omg.

Asam laksa was pretty good too, plenty of fish chunks and all that garnishing, it was a shame that my stomach just couldn’t let me take more. I had requested half a bowl after the huge prawn mee serving but it seems that Mama Wong didn’t believe half a bowl. Oh well.

tropical fruits & grapes, mua chee, and barley tong sui
tropical fruits & grapes, mua chee, and barley tong sui

Mua chee, together with a plate of mangosteen, nangka, grapes, and pink guava were served next. The mua chee was as good as any I’ve had too. And as our collective stomachs were getting full to the brim, bowls of hot barley tong sui appeared.. *slurps…burp*

Singz; Jun Wei; Ian, Ching, Mrina
Singz; Jun Wei; Ian, Ching, Mrina

It was a very enjoyable dinner experience, aided by a lot of bimbo talks that us 3.5 guys had to endure. Oh, by the way, Mama Wong’s daughter, Singz (on the top left picture who looks a bit psycho, she doesn’t normally look like this (or so they say)) is single and available, please leave a comment with links to your facebook or something for a chance of eternal awesome prawn mee supply.

Oh, she likes bad boys with piercings and tattoos.

p/s: I’ll make a huge announcement should Mama Wong decide to open a restaurant.

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  1. it looks so yummy~~~ i want =)

  2. Is this like a home based restaurant? The food looks yummy although I can’t eat Mee Yoke ler.

  3. thenomadGourmand

    sighh..i so so craving for Pg food now..

  4. 萍果,
    Very yummy indeed!

    Not restaurant, someone’s home! 😀

    Hehehe that’s the idea. 😛

  5. the home cooked foods looks delicious… nice meeting u again at the event the other day… take care…

  6. the best prawn mee i have tasted is in penang on jalan presgrave at night… so yummy along with nice abc

  7. superwilson,
    The feeling is mutual. 😀

    ooo that looks great too!

  8. Mellissa

    The pork ribs … OMG, the pork ribs … yummmmmmm. I think you need to learn to cook like that please!

  9. Wow, awesome spread!

    Tell Singz I wanna eat toooo. 😉

  10. i see a lots of effort been utilized to present such a great meal!

  11. Mellissa,
    Was incredible!

    Huai Bin,
    Ok will let Singz know! 😀

    Yah, monumental effort!

  12. so now not only u’re pimping food but also friends! Wah…

  13. eiling,
    the whole pimping friend thingy was before even food. LOL

  14. aeroplane1234

    honestly.. i was searching for the usual map u draw for each of these food posts. ….. they dont entertain walk in?

  15. oh boy…after me became daddy, seems like this few months cant go for food hunting…instead have to visit here and crave by looking at ur food pics…sighhh

  16. I like Penang Laksa very much… yam yam!!!

  17. aeroplane1234,
    Hahah too bad, no.

    Sounds so tragic. 😛

    Yesss, slurps 😀

  18. Wow, the prawn mee and laksa makes me craving for this long lost authentic food, Those available in KL just sux big time. I was actually hoping to see a restaurant for this slurpy mouth watering all time favorite. Too bad I need to convince Singz to get a tadte of her prawn mee.Haha Yes ., when they do open up their kitchen to the public, please please inform us.

  19. yeah…settling down…shud be ok after this week….cant bring baby out at the moment too…

  20. that’s very nice of you for thinking the disadvantage of having an automated glass sliding door wtf..

    3.5 guys..nice info wtf..

  21. Elvisko,
    Hahahha will sure to let everyone know!

    It’s all worth it! 😀

    Hahhaa, shh. 😛

  22. […] and Greame, two of Mellissa’s friends at Melbourne. Singz, of course, is the daughter of Mama Wong who cooked excellent prawn mee and laksa for us in KL just a month plus […]

  23. I wanted to start a business> Can we work out something with your recipe?

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