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I found myself at Central Market in KL a couple weeks ago in search of a particular little gift, and as it was quite a while since I last did any street shoots, I bought my trusted little Canon DSLR with.

central market

The last time I went to there must have been over ten years ago. In my memory, I always associated the place with the likes of Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City, or a very scaled down version of Chatuchak in Bangkok, full of traders offering all sorts of touristy and artsy merchandise in a crammed, hot, and very sweaty environment.

picking an altar

As it turned out, to my surprise, Central Market is fully air conditioned! While there are still many stores selling anything from religious statues, post cards, photo frames, art works, jewelries, cloths, 101 types of souvenirs, you can also find Old Town and a couple restaurants and food court within the main building.

guardian buddha

Note the giraffe statue right next to the wooden Buddha on the picture above. Cheesie bought them all the way from Bali while we have them right here in the heart of KL. I have a feeling these things are probably made in China anyway.

windless wind chimes

In addition to plastic and rotan sepak takraw balls (which hurts like a bitch if you try to do a header), wind chimes seem to be a popular item around here though there isn’t any wind at all inside the building.

snoozing artist

The annex at the back of the main building houses quite a few local artists, some with very impressive looking masterpieces. For a small fee, you can commission a painting of yourself in pencil, water color, or even oil. Business wasn’t exactly brisk on that Sunday morning though.

catching a breather

The street to the right of Central Market is cordoned off for pedestrian access only. Hawkers and street artists have taken up this space to offer anything from cold drinks to barely bearable music.

grabbing a bite

I took a breather at the side of the building with a can of chilled Coke, looking at the hawker arranging her keropok lekur, and wonder how this place will look like in another 10 years.

Celebrate Like A Champion

This portion is to help me hopefully win some MU tickets and a jersey woohoo! (from TGB’s entry)

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    Bill Foulkes, Bobby Charlton, Eric Cantona, George Best
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KY MU Smirnoff
Ahhh, after a hard day’s work on the field, ze Champion gets a bit of a rest!

Discuss : Central Market in B&W

  1. RealGunners

    hey i recognise that aunty in the grabbing a bite photo!

    me dad used to run a bag shop in central market, business got so bad and the newly changed management charge us crazy rates (probably trying to force us out), so closed shop ~2yrs ago..

  2. hey ky, nice street shots in B&W.
    Hopefully I can upgrade my G9 soon….kekeke.

  3. RealGunners,
    Oooo 2 years since and the same lady’s still there. 😀

    Thank you, make it happen! 😀

  4. WAH! Beautiful work by the Sifu again. Good capture of the Central Market scene.

  5. Mike Yip,
    You’re the sifu, I wanna shoot like you when I grow up! 😀

  6. Myhorng

    hard to find place selling sepak takraw around KL area

  7. Haven’t been there in years! Looks like it hasn’t changed one bit. Hasn’t it always been airconditioned?

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Return courtesy visit here…

  8. aiyoh I also haven’t been going there for years! I agree with you that most of the souvenirs that we bought overseas can be found right here!

  9. yeerrr… i like yr black & white pictures.. it’s been a while since i used that camera feature.

  10. Myhorng,
    I think Taman Paramount got!

    Last I went it wasn’t air conditioned tho.

    Yah, globalization of souvenirs :S

    Tey Cindy,
    Just use photoshop or lightroom only 😛

  11. JolynGoh

    nice piccas in black n white…
    tribute to MJ eh?! XD

  12. …for a second there I thought you were wearing a G string and then I realized it’s the elastic band of your pants. 🙂

  13. JolynGoh,
    OMG too much MJ stuff, overloaded already. nooo

    Huai Bin,
    G String would have been a bit too hardcore for me. lol.

  14. Which canon DSLR camera you use?

  15. Boon,
    Canon 400d 🙂

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