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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you might know that I keep koi fish and have a koi pond at home. And if you have been loitering in this space for more than 3-4 years, you would also know that the pond was built by these bare hands with a lot of help from Horng and other friends in 2005.

building the koi pond
the koi pond building project in various stages

It was a lot of hard work over a period of some 3 months for the over ambitious building project that first started out as an idea to have a little blue pre-fabricated fiber glass pond in the ground.

Work started on early June 2005 when we kicked off by digging the garden. Then we built a roof, poured concrete foundation, erected the brick wall, plastering it, completed the top, and waterproofed the pond. Plants were then added and the filtration system installed after we put up a waterfall for the pond.

koi pond
the koi pond and garden, completed and matured in 2007

Upon completion of the koi pond, I had built up quite a bit of strength and probably lost a couple KG off the midsection too, it was well worth it.

Having a pond had been a dream of me for a long time, the idea came when we were building one for my high school’s Aquarium Society (which I eventually became the president), it was a lurve affair came true. It was an awesome! Little did I know that the pond would eventually land me in a newspaper article too.

koi pond and twisties lurve
Lurve served up by Mr. Chef

Today, other than the little time spent each month on maintaining the pond and the garden, I had all the luxury in admiring the fish and the garden sitting on the bench while munching some snacks. Since this whole koi pond thing is a rather healthy hobby, a good snack to go with today’s topic would be the healthy snack – Lurve, multigrain chips with no artificial coloring or preservatives.

KY eating Twisties Lurve
Lurve – nom nom nom

That’s my lurve affair with my koi pond, do you have something (or someone) you are passionate about? You can participate in the Lurve’s “What’s Your LURVE Affair?” Contest.

The shortlisted top 3 bloggers get a 3-4 minute spot on 8TV Quickie (imagine pimping your blog there!) and Grand Prize winner walk away with MacBook Pro 2.66Ghz 13″ (GIVE ME PLEASE!). The contest runs from 23nd June 2009 till 12th July 2009, and all you have to do is:

  • Write a blog post titled “My LURVE Affair with XXX” in your blog.
  • Upon completing your blog post, kindly send an email to with details of yourself such as your full name, IC number and the permalink of your written blog post.

For more information and T&C, visit the Lurve Affair site.

Discuss : My Lurve Affair With My Koi Pond!

  1. Myhorng

    lurve quite nice actually.

  2. it is nice. 🙂

    eh dude, when u building another 1? ask me help, i wanna cut some weight off my midsection

  3. Myhorng,
    Yah, I like it too.

    Hahah wait! If and when I move I shall call you up. 😀

  4. Nice chronology! I’ll love to start on a project like this too, but if I start digging at my place, I’ll probably fall down into the floor below. 😉

  5. Mellissa

    Huai Bin: Yah OMG please don’t try you will probably end up digging a hole to China or something! 😛

    Peanut, Butter, Jelly, and Time!

  6. Huai Bin,
    That will make it a lot more exciting isn’t it?

    Hahaha I’m impressed you remember the fish’s names 😛

  7. Mellissa: Hehe! Not China, just to the poor people living below me at my place. 😉

  8. Yah I actually buy and eat Lurve even before this campaign, it’s the good!

  9. Huai Bin,
    Aren’t they from China? 😛

    Yah, healthier choice too!

  10. realise they’re selling them Lurve rather pricey now. though it’s supposedly a healthier choice, so okay …. 😉

  11. Yes I hv read about ur koi pond at “Standout” post.
    This post also interesting…hope u win the prize – all the best!
    Do drop by when u r online, tks!

  12. btw, I had just clicked the new Digi ads on ur blog.. 😀

  13. All the best..
    you guys are great… very diy.
    Do visit my blog and tks for the support!

  14. Iriene,
    ooo thanks for reading. 😀

    Thanks thanks. 😉

  15. You can relate anything under the sun with your koi pond la! Now you lurve mell more or the koi?!!!

  16. Nice pond….and I cant believe that you can dig your own pond!

  17. Are books counted, KY?…

  18. time? you have a fish called time? should i steal it? wtf.

  19. Suertes

    Yes, it’s true that hard labour is good for the abs. Ever noticed how slim Indonesian labourers generally are??

    Wonder if the fishies would like Lurve chips too??

  20. eiling,
    Hehehe thank you very much. The 2nd question deserves no answer. 😛

    Thank you thank you, with help, not just myself. 😀

    Alice Teh,
    Unfortunately that’s a different category altogether.

    Hahaha I’m sure you have a few pets by the name of LATE.

    That, or they don’t have enough food. 😛

  21. Wow, that is amazing. You can share your posts at: too. Have a nice day.

  22. Haven’t tried Lurve before, you buy me a pack ok? Your koi pond is awesome!

  23. Lee,
    Thanks thanks. 🙂

    Hahhaa beli sendiri 😛

  24. I am impressed with yr labor in building the pond. I did try this a few years before but the pond leaked. Abandoned the project already. 🙂

  25. Bengbeng,
    Ah, keep trying! 😛

  26. so fast mell capture into ur prison…kekeke…nice pics! wish to have a trip visit like dat….enjoy ur weekend…

  27. vialentino,
    Hahah why did you assume that I’m not the one in prison instead? 😛

  28. howeyelaine

    amazing the fish pond….**thumb up**

  29. howeyelaine,
    Thanks thanks 😀

  30. Ravichanran

    hi! there. I seen ur koi pond. simple n nice. I’ve done one at home but have some problem. would u lend ur expertise?

  31. Ravichanran,

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