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Despite staying only some 1 km away from B & Best restaurant, I only got to know of this place recently when I read it on Huai Bin’s blog a week ago. Since I’m quite a big fan of fish and seafood noodle, I paid a visit there with Rachel and Horng last weekend.

seafood noodle at B & Best restaurant
choices – prawns, red snapper, grouper, fish ball, dry, soup, spicy version

As there are only a couple restaurants in the two rows of shop lots at Taman Rasa Sayang, SS4, parking is not at all a problem. The restaurant is basically a rather big kopitiam with the seafood noodle being the lone operator for breakfast and lunch session.

There are quite a lot of choices here. Any one or the combination of prawn (2 types), fish (choose from pomphret, red snapper, grouper, and more), lala, oyster, fish ball, and fish cake. They serve noodle, meehun, kueh teow, lou she fun, mee shua, and porridge. And of course, you can have it the kon lou (dry), soup, or spicy style.

seafood noodle soup and dry version, fried fish cake
top 2 pics: dry seafood loshe fun version, bottom: soup version and fish cake

I ordered the standard seafood noodle with 2 added prawns, horng got a bowl of fish soup (red snapper) with dry lou she fun, while Rachel went for seafood noodle with a bit of customization (no shellfish). We also ordered a fish cake to share (RM7)

The seafood, and especially the fish meat, was really fresh and succulent. There were also plenty of lala in the mix. Though not lacking in taste, I did expect the prawns to be bigger. Over all it was a very good bowl of seafood noodle, with fresh ingredients and not overly strong tasting. Perfect for breakfast/brunch.

fish noodle with sambal, KY, Rachel, and Horng
i really love the sambal

The one thing I really love though, is their sambal belacan. It is actually quite difficult to find this particular type of no nonsense sambal belacan where the ingredients are just red chili, belacan, and a squeeze of lime. It reminds me of those I had at Mum’s place, Damansara Perdana.

Total price, with drinks, came to slightly less than RM20 for each of us. The fish cake was just very ordinary, I prefer those from Damansara Jaya and 60s teow chew fish noodle place.

B & Best seafood noodle at SS4 map
B & Best Seafood noodle place is located at SS4

Though on the pricier side, I would definitely go back to this place again. I just love a bowl of good seafood noodle, and the sambal will be calling me soon enough.

B & Best Restaurant,
No.12, Jalan SS4C/5,
Taman Rasa Sayang,
47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.110649, 101.603058
Tel: 012-295 8948

By now most of you should be rather familiar with the stray dog incident at Pulau Ketam that happened a little over a month ago. The residents at Pulau Ketam basically rounded up some 300 hundred stray dogs on the island and sent them to fend for themselves in a small mangrove island called Pulau Selat Kering. This was their way to solve the ‘stray dog problem’.

The news spread from twitter to blog to facebook and mainstream media, and it all started off from one particular person – TV Smith.

pulau ketam dogs

Through his website at (which is a wonderful resource of everything Malaysia), pictures and videos of the abandoned dogs struck many of us in a very personal and direct way that a side column in newspaper can’t. From there hundreds of blogs and news sites picked up where he started and ultimately the rescue mission went underway, and is still on going.

To donate or sponsor (time, material, or money) for the cause, please check out donation information on furryfriendfarm.

TV Smith
picture from

TV’s contribution in bringing this awareness to the public and tireless effort in the rescue mission is something I truly admire and applaud.

So when I came across Honda Challenging Spirit website, TV’s name came up immediately as someone who fits right in to the word Dedication. My nomination goes to TV Smith.

Do help towards the cause.

This post is the continuation of the First day of Heineken Star Final at Krabi that was published in this blog about a week ago.

After getting back from Aonang beach the night before and having decided that there isn’t exactly anywhere to have authentic Thai food at the area, Mell and I decided to seek local food elsewhere.

thai beef noodles at Krabi
Thai beef noodle, with beef balls and meat

Instead of having lunch provided by Heineken at Sheraton, we walked out of the hotel and chanced up upon this little beef noodle place just a block away to the south. With some finger pointing and my super limited Thai language, we managed to order a bowl of beef ball noodle for Mell, and another bowl of mixed beef and beef ball noodle for me.

The portion was quite small, reminding me of hawker food in Penang, but they do however, tastes rather good. The beef was tender and the beef ball had a good texture going on too. I particularly like the abundance of bean sprouts and vegetables served here. It was pretty good for brunch, and it was only 30 baht each.

KY and Mellissa at Krabi
happiness is when you have good breakfast to start the day

While horng and suanie were still on the island hopping trip arranged by Heineken (their accounts here, and here), Mell and I thought about heading to Krabi town. That idea was scrapped as soon as we saw that the hotel shuttle charges 400 baht per person for a round trip ride, which just doesn’t make economic sense.

And I had thought that hotel shuttles are free. Thanks Sheraton, for building your resort so far away from civilization and charge significant dollars for your shuttle services, hmph!

tomyam at Krabi, Mellissa
another nameless Tomyam place near Sheraton at Krabi, Thailand

After brunch, we spent some time walking around the hotel and chilling. We also discovered that there were computers with internet access at the business center for hotel guests, free of charge! That was when I took the opportunity to check my mails and go on twitter for a bit.

Since brunch was relatively light, we got hungry again by early evening. For the early dinner, we again went exploring at the small strips of shops outside the hotel and came to this little nameless restaurant with an old lady as the head chef.

tomyam and fried egg at Krabi, Thailand
two bowls of tomyam (prawn and chicken), and omelet

Again with my limited Thai language, I tried to order a tomyam prawn (tomyam kung) and a basil chicken dish to go with rice. After spending at least 5 minutes pointing and talking, I thought I had nailed it down.

When food came, it was two bowls of tomyam instead – tomyam prawn and tomyam chicken. Mission 50% passed. I then went to the kitchen and ordered an omelet dish so that we have some variety.

The tomyam soups were not as strong tasting as those we had at Pradiphat street in Bangkok, but they were pretty good in their own rights. We finished everything and only had to pay some 200 baht for a couple well fed and satisfied stomachs.

Heineken Star Final at Krabi, Thailand
BBQ dinner with Heineken

At night, we gathered at the hotel for a Thai BBQ dinner that was actually pretty delicious. Highlights of Champions League games were played and we met quite a few hardcore fans in the ballroom. It was hilarious how some of the fans from Cameroon reacted when Eto’o failed to score as if it was a live game. VJ Utt from MTV Asia hosted the event with another pretty lady, but I didn’t pay much attention.

Mell and I decided to take some rest before the game and we ended up sleeping in the hotel room while Horng & Suanie danced away at the canopy with giant screen. It turned out to be a decent choice, Suan was too tired to watch the game by the time we got there, and Horng was so spent after the game he ended up not able to go to work the day after. Hahaha

Champions League final, MU vs Barcalona
Champions League Final – MU vs Barcalona

Heineken did put up a great show before and during half time of the game with their over energetic cheer leading squad flipping and jumping to the music. However, the game itself was a bit anticlimactic, MU basically went to sleep after 15 minutes. Two goals later, Mell, being an MU fan, couldn’t take it anymore and so we headed back to the room to watch it on TV instead.

We had an early breakfast at the hotel and headed to the hotel by 10 something in the morning to fly back to KL. It was a pretty enjoyable holiday in spite of the rain that fell quite heavily 60% of the time we were there.

That was 3 weeks ago, I wouldn’t mind another holiday now!

Sid’s pub is one of the very few places in town that is not only dog and kid friendly, but also serves up pretty good English/Irish food. The place is slowly becoming one of the places we frequent with Gareth and Kim when Charlie the dog is around. A few weeks ago Horng, Suan, and I went there to test out their kid friendly environment.

Sid's Pub at TTDI
Sid’s burger (pork, beef, lamb, or chicken)

Sid’s is set up like a typical pub, with solid wooden furniture that aren’t placed too close to each other and a big bar at the center. Parking is also typically not a stressful exercise as there are plenty of space around the single row of shop houses opposite the condominium.

The pub is usually rather packed at night especially during important sporting events. However, seats are aplenty during lunch sessions especially on weekends.

Sid's Irish Pub at TTDI
breakfast set, scrum of bangers

I’ve tried quite a few of their dishes, pork vindaloo (RM 26) which is a type of pork curry with rice and chips, the bbq pork ribs (RM16) and fried sausage, onions & chillies (RM 16) that makes very good beer snacks, the scrum of bangers (RM 28) that comes with pork, chicken, or lamb & cranberry sausages with mash potato and baked beans.

All of them tasted pretty good, very hearty and very wholesome, but my favorite has got to be Sid’s burger. I’ve always asked for pork (chicken, lamb, and beef available) patty with bacon and cheese. The burger goes for RM 16 with RM 2 for each extra topping. The whole serving would be RM 22 if you decided to add the fried egg in addition to bacon and cheese, or for RM 28, you can have it with double patties, insane.

KY, Horng, Suanie, and Ryan at Sid's Pub
KY, horng, suanie, and Ryan

The burger also come with generous portion of fries and some really good mustard that goes so well with the pork. With the fats from bacon and the thick slice of cheese on top of everything, it’s just very succulent and super delicious. I love it.

map to Sid's Pub
Sid’s pub is located a stone’s throw away from Maybank at TTDI

Other than good food, Sid’s also serve one of the best Guinness drought in town, along with other types of alcohol. Give it a try, you don’t have to go there only if you need to find a dog friendly place.

Sid’s Pub
34 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.155621, 101.622934
Tel: 03-7727 7437

The following research on ASIMO is engaged by Honda Advanced Technology

Honda is generally associated as a company that produces cars and motorcycles. In a departure to traditional wheeled vehicles, Honda also pursuit in researching more radical mobility technology. The result is ASIMO, Honda’s Advanced Mobility Technology.

The concept behind Honda’s robot R&D was to create a viable mobility technology that allows robot to live with and help human kind. With two-legged walking capability, the robot would be free from purpose built roads and be able to maneuver with human. This includes circumventing objects, going up and down stairs, and walking on uneven roads. The ultimate objective is, of course, to allow the robot to live in a human home and not confined to purpose built environments.

Contrary to popular misconception, ASIMO is not a reference to popular science fiction writer and the inventor of the Three Laws of Robotics, Issac Asimov, but an acronym for “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility”

Asimo's History
the whole lineup, from experimental models to the new ASIMO

The first version of ASIMO was unveiled in 2000 following a slew of experimental models developed by Honda started from the 1986. The first seven models (E0 to E6) were basically just walking legs, three other humanoid robots with upper limbs were developed from 1993 to 1997 before ASIMO was launched. Almost a quarter century of dedicated development.

The current version of ASIMO, first unveiled in 2005, has seen numerous improvement over the previous version. The robot can walk at a leisure speed of 2.7 km/hour, and for the first time, run at 6 km/hour. ASIMO can also do what most other things human is capable of, this includes recognizing people’s face and interact with them via its head-mounted camera, maneuver around obstructions, as well as dance in tune with music.

By being programmed and operated wirelessly, ASIMO can perform a number of tasks including fetching coffee, walking hand-in-hand with a human, and even conducting a symphony ochestra.

ASIMO runs on Lithium Ion battery with a continuous operating time of 40 minutes to 1 hour. The robot will automatically identify and walk to the closest charging station when its remaining battery level falls below a certain level. This ensures that there isn’t any human intervention needed to recharge the robot.

Honda’s commitment to continue development of ASIMO and its advanced mobility technology will only mean that the robot will one day take an active role in fulfilling serious functions in society. It may serve as another set of eyes, ears, hands, and legs for all kinds of people in need.

Hopefully soon enough, we will all have an ASIMO or equivalent serving as the helper at home instead of having to hire foreign maids like we do now.

For more information, you can visit Honda Advanced Technology