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The most common complains among the new arrivals working at the twin towers and the surrounding area seems to be the price of food. From fast foods such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King, to the food courts and restaurants within KLCC and Avenue K malls, you often need to spend at least around RM10 to get a decent meal.

ikan bakar at Warong Kak Fauziah
Warong Kak Fauziah is located behind Lembaga Getah Malaysia

However, if you are willing to walk just a bit, there are hidden gems littered all around the KLCC vicinity. Warong Kak Fauziah with its excellent ikan bakar (grilled fish) is one of them.

Hidden behind Lembaga Getah Malaysia (opposite main entrance of the twin towers), the little zinc roofed shack is tricky to get to. The safest bet is to walk from the back road of Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, and just follow what your nose tells you. There is usually a healthy crowd during lunch time on weekdays.

grilled fish near KLCC
freshly grilled fish with rice comes to less than RM 6

There are three types of ikan bakar available here, ikan kembung (hardtail), ikan keli (catfish), and ikan pari (stingray). My favorite is always the ikan pari due to mainly the fact that there is no bone to deal with. For lunch, in addition to the fish, I also grabbed an omelet and some ulam (raw vegetable) to go with rice.

As with many ikan bakar places, you can find at least 3-4 different types of condiments to go with the fish, sambal belacan, chili with soya sauce and lime, cencaluk, and so forth. I usually like to mix them up.

KY and Chew at Warong Kak Fauziah
KY and Chew (who wants a gf)

The ikan pari here was simply delicious. Rich, oily, and generous portion of very tasty stingray meat mixed with the spicy sambal with that bits of burnt fish skin, there isn’t many thing that is so down to earth, no nonsense, halal and unhealthy. I love it. Best of all, the plate of fish, egg, vegetable, and rice was less than RM 6 in total.

Warong Kak Fauziah is located behind Lembaga Getah Malaysia

Good food, great price, there isn’t nothing not to like about this place. Well, except maybe the lack of air conditioning, but that is pushing it, no?

Warong Kak Fauziah,
behind Lembaga Getah Malaysia
Jalan Ampang, KL

GPS: 3.160088,101.711941

Discuss : Ikan Bakar at Warong Kak Fauziah, near KLCC

  1. that’s quite a decent price for ikan at a warong… and i do agree that klcc’s food shouldnt be consume on a daily basis..

  2. Serge Norguard

    eh eh …. bring me go makan!

  3. wah a bit far from menara weld, KY, there’s also another ikan bakar stall near here which is quite nice….

  4. Doesn’t look too impressive in picture though. But, your reputation in food speaks it all

  5. foodcrazee

    hmmm…. thats an excellent price for the rice. . . . .u sure do know ur food around . . .

  6. nice!!

  7. Precious Pea

    Great find! Am sure many people working in Twin Towers and surrounding areas will be flocking this place soon.

  8. Nicholas Leong

    Looks like any other nasi campur with ikan bakar. Guess must go there and taste it first 🙂

  9. Is this how you introduce your friend/colleague? You make him look desperate! Lol..

  10. Actually working ppl ard that area called it as MAYANG STALL… besides ikan bakar, u should try the AYAM GORENG… very very crispy…

  11. Sugar & Spice

    The KLCC area is home to many good ikan bakar places. I used to savour the famous stall behind Celcom as well as the one just outside the BSN building right across KLCC. Good and cheap !

  12. chew wants a lover?

  13. Well, another cheap option would be the food court at Ambank (ex-MBF building). The chicken rice is not bad.

  14. you should post up Chew’s Resume here so that the girls can make a thorough assessment first 🙂

  15. thenomadGourmand

    oh? didnt know abt this place! Must go try soon..

  16. Mellissa

    I think you need to further pimp this Chew guy! 😛 MORE PHOTOS!

  17. cindy khor,
    nicely put. 🙂

    Serge Norguard,
    your lunch time so early!

    Yah that’ll be a bit far. lol

    Oh well that was only from a camera phone. 😉

    Yah, very good value. 😉

    Best 😀

    Precious Pea,
    Hopefully not too many lol

    Nicholas Leong,
    Yah must give it a try first.

    hahaha he wants maa 😛

    Ooo interesting, thanks. 🙂

    Sugar & Spice,
    BSN used to have nice ikan bakar but sadly they’ve now moved.

    Hahaha message me!

    That’s a bit far to walk… but will give it a try one of these days. 😉

    Hahaha that’s hardcore.

    Ya make it happen.

    I shall ask him. lol

  18. This is way too far for me. I like the ikan bakar at SS 6 (Ikan Bakar Fend). 🙂

  19. Jade Zheng

    behind lembaga GETAH? then ma very busuk?? lol… ;p

  20. That’s cheap man. Should try it some time.

  21. Huai Bin,
    Hahah yah indeed very far!

    Jade Zheng,
    Hahaha no smell ok!

    Kevin Yong,
    Make it happen. 😀

  22. ya friend, Chew, should start a blog as well.

  23. Peishan,
    Hahah I hope he reads this.

  24. is this place open at night?

  25. Hi KY, they open during weekends?

    • MC: I’m sorry but I’m not sure, but since it serves mainly office crowd, I fear they may not open.

  26. aimi haron

    can i get the number hp ? i wnat to order ar … tq

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