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This post is the continuation of the First day of Heineken Star Final at Krabi that was published in this blog about a week ago.

After getting back from Aonang beach the night before and having decided that there isn’t exactly anywhere to have authentic Thai food at the area, Mell and I decided to seek local food elsewhere.

thai beef noodles at Krabi
Thai beef noodle, with beef balls and meat

Instead of having lunch provided by Heineken at Sheraton, we walked out of the hotel and chanced up upon this little beef noodle place just a block away to the south. With some finger pointing and my super limited Thai language, we managed to order a bowl of beef ball noodle for Mell, and another bowl of mixed beef and beef ball noodle for me.

The portion was quite small, reminding me of hawker food in Penang, but they do however, tastes rather good. The beef was tender and the beef ball had a good texture going on too. I particularly like the abundance of bean sprouts and vegetables served here. It was pretty good for brunch, and it was only 30 baht each.

KY and Mellissa at Krabi
happiness is when you have good breakfast to start the day

While horng and suanie were still on the island hopping trip arranged by Heineken (their accounts here, and here), Mell and I thought about heading to Krabi town. That idea was scrapped as soon as we saw that the hotel shuttle charges 400 baht per person for a round trip ride, which just doesn’t make economic sense.

And I had thought that hotel shuttles are free. Thanks Sheraton, for building your resort so far away from civilization and charge significant dollars for your shuttle services, hmph!

tomyam at Krabi, Mellissa
another nameless Tomyam place near Sheraton at Krabi, Thailand

After brunch, we spent some time walking around the hotel and chilling. We also discovered that there were computers with internet access at the business center for hotel guests, free of charge! That was when I took the opportunity to check my mails and go on twitter for a bit.

Since brunch was relatively light, we got hungry again by early evening. For the early dinner, we again went exploring at the small strips of shops outside the hotel and came to this little nameless restaurant with an old lady as the head chef.

tomyam and fried egg at Krabi, Thailand
two bowls of tomyam (prawn and chicken), and omelet

Again with my limited Thai language, I tried to order a tomyam prawn (tomyam kung) and a basil chicken dish to go with rice. After spending at least 5 minutes pointing and talking, I thought I had nailed it down.

When food came, it was two bowls of tomyam instead – tomyam prawn and tomyam chicken. Mission 50% passed. I then went to the kitchen and ordered an omelet dish so that we have some variety.

The tomyam soups were not as strong tasting as those we had at Pradiphat street in Bangkok, but they were pretty good in their own rights. We finished everything and only had to pay some 200 baht for a couple well fed and satisfied stomachs.

Heineken Star Final at Krabi, Thailand
BBQ dinner with Heineken

At night, we gathered at the hotel for a Thai BBQ dinner that was actually pretty delicious. Highlights of Champions League games were played and we met quite a few hardcore fans in the ballroom. It was hilarious how some of the fans from Cameroon reacted when Eto’o failed to score as if it was a live game. VJ Utt from MTV Asia hosted the event with another pretty lady, but I didn’t pay much attention.

Mell and I decided to take some rest before the game and we ended up sleeping in the hotel room while Horng & Suanie danced away at the canopy with giant screen. It turned out to be a decent choice, Suan was too tired to watch the game by the time we got there, and Horng was so spent after the game he ended up not able to go to work the day after. Hahaha

Champions League final, MU vs Barcalona
Champions League Final – MU vs Barcalona

Heineken did put up a great show before and during half time of the game with their over energetic cheer leading squad flipping and jumping to the music. However, the game itself was a bit anticlimactic, MU basically went to sleep after 15 minutes. Two goals later, Mell, being an MU fan, couldn’t take it anymore and so we headed back to the room to watch it on TV instead.

We had an early breakfast at the hotel and headed to the hotel by 10 something in the morning to fly back to KL. It was a pretty enjoyable holiday in spite of the rain that fell quite heavily 60% of the time we were there.

That was 3 weeks ago, I wouldn’t mind another holiday now!

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  1. great short trip.

  2. i was not tired. i was actually sick, noob

  3. Myhorng,

    It’s very confusing!!!! 😀

  4. Yeah, I would say great trip. Krabi beaches nice???

  5. food food food all the way, when it comes to touring, no doubt food will always be the 1st priority

  6. Mellissa

    Look at my stressed out face in the last photo, hahaha. I changed my mind, dear, don’t be an MU supporter please, you cost us the title -_-”

    Jommm let’s go on holiday again, need a break!

  7. JD,
    The beach at Sheraton was just very ordinary, but those at the islands are nice. 😀

    cindy khor,
    Yess! Very true! 😀

    Hahaha, I didn’t play for MU. :X

  8. Jade Zheng

    the 1st picture, looked like U stole Mell’s fringe! bad, bad KY~ hahaha…

  9. Your finger pointing really does help you order food! So smart!

  10. aeroplane1234

    save the cheerleader … save the earth…. its hard to pick which to save and bring home….

  11. wah…since u with melissa….can see u put on weight a bit….rite? hehehe

  12. I am strangely tempted by the nameless tom yam place. Hmm…kinda rhymes.

  13. yum yum nice =)

  14. oh btw.. did you go to Ipoh to makan makan?
    coz i looked at your categories section, dont have “Ipoh” wan.. lol =P

  15. Jade Zheng,
    Where got! 😛

    Well, it didn’t work so well with the tomyam. lol

    You’re terrible. lol

    Hahah I don’t think I gained any weight at all. 😛

    Huai Bin,
    Hahaha, it was delicious

    Yaaa, and no I haven’t eaten at Ipoh much.

  16. Heyy really great info about Krabi!

  17. Sandy,
    thank you thank you

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