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After writing about the New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, I got a comment from Mellissa saying that I was conned and that the real deal is at Restaurant Satellite Chicken Rice right next door to the former. Which only means that I gotta give this place a try since this is the lady’s grandpa’s favorite place.

So Mell and I went to the restaurant last Thursday for an early chicken rice dinner after we came back from Krabi.

Restaurant Satellite ipoh chicken rice
Restaurant Satellite Ipoh Chicken Rice

The one thing I like about the place is the ample parking space, and since New Restaurant and Satellite basically reside next to each other, the same applies to both. So many good eating places in KL comes with nightmare parking situation (like Ngau Kei beef noodle), and I’m just glad that this one doesn’t.

We took our seats and ordered roasted & steamed chicken for two, a plate of the signature bean sprouts, and a dish of mixed chicken innards that include intestine, liver, and chicken gizzard to go with a couple plates of chicken rice. I don’t think they serve any pork (roasted or bbq) here, just good old fashion chicken rice.

Restaurant Satellite chicken rice with Mellissa and KY
roasted & steamed chicken, innards, bean sprouts, Mell & KY

As it was pretty early and the restaurant still pretty empty, our food came rather fast.

The chicken were smooth and rather tasty (I prefer the steamed), and while the chicken liver might have been slightly too cooked, the gizzard and intestine were nice and chewy in a good way. I do like the seasoning on the bean sprouts and the chili paste more than their neighbour.

The soup though, was nothing to shout about. I wish more places would serve good soup like Yat Yeh Heng chicken rice at Kelana Jaya.

Map to Satellite Chicken Rice Restaurant
Satellite Restaurant is located on Jalan Gasing, near Fed Hwy

Overall dinner was pretty satisfying, but at RM 27 (including drinks and another packet of chicken rice to go), it certainly isn’t the cheapest chicken rice around town. It’s hard to pick a “winner” between Satellite and New Restaurant, but I gotta say that this place oozes out the feel or traditional chicken rice a bit more than the ultra modern approach of New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice. You can’t go wrong with either one though.

Restaurant Satellite Ipoh Chicken Rice
103 Jalan Gasing 10/1,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.107456, 101.65334
Tel: 03-7956 6830

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  1. KY – seriously, i think this place is overrated as well. It has been there for ages, but IMHO, the food gets worse year after year…it is all about profits!

  2. I totally LOVED their wantan mee. And pork balls. :q

  3. with both proudly proclaiming their Ipoh origins, one cant help but wonder,

    are they serving Ipoh style chicken rice? or they’ve branches over here? cz for sure I’ve not tasted any Satellite version of the famed chicken rice.

  4. Ee Vonn

    Walao Eh! I miss Ipoh Chicken Rice. Sob Sob. -.-

  5. Parking tip: Might be difficult finding a spot on Sunday early afternoons because of church services at the other end of the road.

  6. stupe,
    Hahah but then again restaurant business is a business after all. 🙂

    Ooo didn’t know they too have pork balls. 🙂

    Well there are many Klang bkt outside Klang, Penang hokkien mee in KL, and Muar otak-otak. It’s essentially becoming the name of the dishes and not necessarily a branch from the original location I believe.

    Ee Vonn,
    Have some 😀

    Chubby Zebra,
    Ahh, you have a point. thanks. 🙂

  7. Serge Norguard

    i go there often … good food!

  8. Myhorng

    ok the packet was for me and i couldn’t finish it. too freaking huge. too blur to taste it properly.

  9. Different thing between eating in Malaysia and eating in UK is that, in Malaysia, you want good food, you have to find it. In UK, you want good food, you have to cook it.

    I miss chicken rice… Best thing is to learn a few skills, so you can have chicken rice wherever you go. 😀

  10. I think the Yat Yeh Hing chicken rice is still 1 of the better 1s around…. and thatl ooks like a HUGE plate of chicken for 2 pax…..

  11. Serge Norguard,

    Hahah ayah you were too stoned.

    Kevin Yong,
    Hahhaa I’m sure there are some good restaurants in UK

    Hahah yah over ordered a bit. 😛

  12. When it comes to chicken rice, Yat Yeh Hing is still no.1

  13. it’s always good to hv food being served faster than fast food.. but don’t be surprise if you were told to wait a little longer, because. …because the Chicken is busy!

    it happens in china.

  14. I’ve eaten here before after being told this was one of the best place to eat in PJ, i still think the one Hainan Chicken rice shop in old klang road is better and even the local one i get near home.

    props though that its open at night and i love the feel of the place, though the uncles play english musical songs at night ;p

  15. i have tried it too but was put off when all the food are done and served by a group of foreigners.

  16. ky, you shall try their pork balls. it’s yummy. i don’t fancy rice, usually i will order the flat noodle soup to go with steamed chicken, bean sprouts and pork balls. It’s heavenly good…

  17. genojk,
    I guess we all have our preferences. 🙂

    Hahaha that is so tragic

    ooo which place is old Klang road?

    Well, so long as the chicken is cooked properly and cut up properly I’m fine with whoever’s serving.

    oOo interesting, thanks. 🙂

  18. wah…this restaurant brings me good memory…when i pak toh…brought my gf (wife now) makan at here….

  19. Jade Zheng

    KY u cut yr hair ka? Y look so different wun..?

  20. don’t get mistaken…what they actually meant was kitchen.

  21. Ah, I know the Yat Yeh Heng place…very near where I work. A lot of coworkers swear by it. I prefer the one at the same row with Kelana Jaya LRT station though. Saturdays only, when there’s work. It’s too far to drive on a workday.

  22. KY,

    I took a photo of yours and made it into a link button. Hope you don’t mind. Your link button can be found from my site. Cheers!


  23. such a high tech name for an old place! Haha…

  24. vialentino,
    Oooo, grew up nearby heh?

    Jade Zheng,
    Yes, just SLIGHTLY different maa

    Hahahah I see!

    Huai Bin,
    Too far for workday? It’s still nearby bah! 😀

    Hahaha awesome!

    I know right! lol

  25. I like this place too. If you go at night the atmophere is great. You can dine al-fresco under twinkling fairy lights and the mist fan will be on, so its not too hot. The music blaring will be from the 60’s and 70’s. Its great!

  26. If I had to chose between those two, Satellite is better but I think Yat Yeh Heng is the best!! Hmmm actually, have you tried the chicken rice at the food court/hawker stalls opposite Atria in DJ? That rocks too!

  27. further down the road just before the lasalle primary school, there is a row of single storey shops…there is a chicken rice stall at the corner coffee shop…it’s much much cheaper and the rice is fragrant and taste like it’s cooked with oil fm the chicken while the sesame oil n soya sauce dressing is tasty

  28. in,
    Ooo, music some more, didn’t know that, haha.

    I know which one you’re talking about but I haven’t tried that one yet. 😀

    Interesting, thanks! 😀

  29. i’m not sure if the shop survived the expanding of the old klang road but it was on the main road and was called hainan chicken rice shop and only open during the day – if ur coming from midvalley it should be on your right.

  30. visithra,
    Thanks for the tips! 😀

  31. This restaurant satellite really cut throat wan.

    Yesterday I went to eat chicken rice, they charge me RM6.50 !!!

    One plain piece of white chicken only ! And it wasn’t even nice.

    Some more, there was a drunkerd who keep on harassing me there. The waiter service was also slow. My advice, Don’t go there. Wasting water shooting all the mist. Go to Ipoh Chicken Rice, at least they don’t discriminate when pricing. Honesty is always important.

    Restaurant Satellite SUCKS !

  32. passerby

    Single person serve is now RM6.5. Only 2 years ago it was RM5.5 and the year befor RM4.5
    Certainly this place cannot be considered among the best. Rice does not have any fragrance – even KFC rice taste better. Slow service – ordering and paying. All foreigners except the boss. Cannot recommend this place unless you just want an ordinary meal and don’t mind the disproportionate price.

    • passerby: I haven’t been there in a while, guess the “inflation” hit there hardest? IF it’s like what you said then it’s probably not a place worth visiting anymore.

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