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This weekend has been a particularly entertaining one. Mell had landed on Thursday, and the gang decided to head to MOS for Chivas Global Underground Party.

The sound system at MOS must be the best of any clubs I’ve been, you can literally feel the bass on the floor. The place was also properly air conditioned, and with indoor smoking disallowed, it was very pleasant even when the crowd came in.

Chivas Global Underground at MOS
Kim said the bass is very sleep inducing?

Mell, Horng, Gareth, Kim, Suan, Selina, and I had an awesome time, with Mell maybe having a bit of a too awesome night (can’t walk and all), and Kim also took the liberty to have a nice one hour nap in the club. It was a while since we had such a fun time.

Saturday we went to Digital Mall to grab a Wii console complete with 2 guitars, Wii Fit board, a couple controllers with nunchuk, and over a dozen games. I had also bought over Gareth’s PS2 since Mell transported her set of mics & SingStar discs.

Guitar Hero Party
Guitar Hero and SingStar Party (notice Horng’s Air Guitar Hero?)

Guitar Hero is the bestest shit since sliced Gardenia Butterscotch bread, the game made a fake musician out of anyone with some decent hand-eye coordination (just maybe not Suan, she refused to play it). I like how the game says “REAL GUITAR HERO PLAYS REAL GUITAR” too.

Well, I guess we’re not playing air guitar hero like how Horng’s doing in the picture above.

When our fingers were all tired from too much guitar playing, it was time for some vocal challenge with SingStar. It is basically like karaoke with a scoreline attached to it. I have to say that now it is confirmed scientifically (at least by PS2), that Horng’s vocal sucked the most, followed by myself, and Gareth. Suan was very good, as with Rachel, Mell, and Kim.

The game also has player vs player and team vs team modes, super fun! Then Gareth had to point out that Meat Loaf’s “I Will Do Anything For Love” always reminded him of anal sex… teruk.

Oh, and lastly, the OSIM uSqueez is not for everyone, especially if you’re super ticklish.

Tuesday Suan, Horng, and I are going heading to Krabi to watch the UEFA Champions League final on the beach. We had won this trip playing flash games at a Heineken event last year, woohoo!

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  1. i wanna hear horny sing!

  2. what’s with everybody and the wii thingy?!!! Ish.. and so jeles you guys going to Krabi for free! Lol..

  3. An AWSOME weekend indeed! Fun… Kura-kura needs to practice my guitar hero more!

  4. was awesome weekened! in fact it has been pretty much an awesome month 😀

  5. Myhorng

    Robb, u don’t want to i seriously tell u.

    great weekend and relaxing week ahead.

  6. Myhorng

    oh ya. singstar is definitely not for me shit.

  7. Mellissa

    Yay, more Singstar + Guitar Hero parties please! 😀

  8. foodcrazee

    damn . . .to krabi to watch the final . . . .wow! u really enjoy ur life lately BRO . . . congrats

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  10. now you make me wanna buy wii… i’m searching it up now and will present it to my boy for his birthday present…

    its been a long time since i’d went to a club… envious of your life now

  11. Robb,
    You don’t want to. lol

    Cos it’s awesome! 😀

    Practice air guitar 😛

    Yahh, and you had just gone to Bali! Jealous

    Hahahah true.

    Yess! <3

    Hahah was lucky. 😀

    cindy khor,
    Make it happen! 😀

  12. Weekend of AWESOME!

  13. awww so fun! have fun in krabi!

  14. Good fun when there’s a group of friends who are free to hang up together to play wii or singstar. Wish my friends are less busy nowadays.

  15. ShaolinTiger,
    Yahh, super!

    Will do! 😀

    Make them create time! 😛

  16. Jade Zheng

    Y mell couldn’t walk?

  17. haha now you make me wanna get a guitar hero set as well. then can have an uber guitar hero double marathon on both sides :p

    so that explains those strange sounds coming from your side at all hours lol

  18. Jade Zheng,
    One glass too many 😛

    Hahah yah buy! Make it happen, it’s the best game ever!

  19. You guys are sure having fun. I wish I can join you guys lar…. For karaoke, I prefer going an actual Karaoke rather than Singstar :p Singstar is just not my cup of tea… :p

  20. Kit Kat,
    Haha singstar is better than actual karaoke ok! 😀

  21. Is it? Gonna try it next time :p

  22. Kclee2002

    awesome ky, you got yourself guitar hero as well. I have them too, cept’ more bling 😀

  23. Kit Kat,
    Not only it is good, it is awesome! 😛

    Wahh yours are hardcore!

  24. No people around me playing Singstar… got to buy it myself only can try 🙁

  25. Kit Kat,
    Do it, make it happen 😀

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