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Hello ladies and gentlemen, today’s lesson is how to be a a standout in life.

According to my very handy WordWeb dictionary, Standout means

  1. Be highly noticeable
  2. Distinguish oneself
  3. Steer away from shore, of ships
  4. Be stubborn in resolution or resistance

In today’s lesson, we’re going to concentrate on the first two definitions of the word.

woohoo off the boat!
flipping myself into the water of Krabi

Well, one way to be highly noticeable is to do something crazy or daring, like doing a highly untrained somersault dive from a rather high speed boat deck. It was a sure way to capture anyone’s attention, especially if you manage to land (bad pun) on your back creating a very loud SPLASH, and end up with very red and painful back.

KY, Robb, and Ginny as Rock Stars!
wanna be rock stars Ginny, KY, and Robb

Another way to be a standout is to be performers, or more specifically, rock stars!

Even though I basically can’t sing nor play the guitar (except for guitar hero on Wii) , I did not give up the dream to be a rock star for well, 10 minutes. I lip synced my way with Ginny and Robb at the Nuffnang Music Bash and had a small group of people wondering what we were doing, but it was a moment to standout, no?

Pinky and KY at Kakiis dancing
Pinky was my partner in crime on this competition

To be a standout is to not back down from any challenges. Late last year, there was a call for volunteer at the Kakiis’ event at MOS. I went up the stage, and discovered that it was actually a dancing competition. No matter, Pinky was made victim of the day but at the end of the day, I won a 16GB thumb drive.

Being a standout sometimes gets you prizes, yey!

Can you do this cycling thing?

Last but not least, it helps to be able to do some tricks that no one (or almost no one can). One of my most awesome tricks in my bag would be tis finger cycling thing. Check out the video above. Can you do it?

Mellissa was impressed (don’t let her response in the video fooled you ok?!), and I am sure if you have an ability like that, you’d be able to impress lotsa people and be a stand out too!

Tiger Stand Out Party
Stand Out with Tiger & Nuffnang

So, this bring us to the message of the day that is the Stand Out party with Tiger & Nuffnang. This is an exclusive event for outstanding bloggers only.

To get an exclusive invite, follow these instructions (detailed instructions on the minisite)

  • Write a blog post about how you are a standout in life (ability to lick your own elbow perhaps?)
  • Once posted, send permanent link to
  • Embed the picture above (optional) to stand a chance to win a Nintendo DS Lite
  • First 100 bloggers win an exclusive invite (priority to Glitterati members), invites will be sent out via email from 1st to 3rd of June, 2009.

There are prices to be won too! Head to the minisite to find out how you can win a HP Notebook, DS Lite, Coach Bag, Xbox 360, and more!

See you there. 😀

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  1. Mellissa

    HAHAHAHA haiyo I was really trying to pay attention okay but How I Met Your Mother was just very captivating, plus I was doing my nails then too :X

  2. wth. imma ghost .___.

  3. Mellissa,
    Heheh I am sure! 😛

    Cool right? 😛

  4. Whoa! That first picture is amazing!

  5. i think you do other things with those 2 fingers.. hehe

    btw it’s impossible!

  6. Mellissa

    Ok have to comment again cause I forgot to subscribe to comments, sorry ignore me.

  7. Huai Bin,
    Awesomest right? 😛

    Hahaha you’re nuts. 😛

    So random. 😀

  8. the cycling was so hard… tried it a few times but fail…what flexible fingers you have… love the back flip jump photo, i bet you have a super fast shutter camera… oh yeah, i forgot, your camera is super pro…

  9. hahahaha ur gf super layan u ok!

  10. wearing socks?!?!?!?!

  11. cindy khor,
    Hahha i think it wasn’t my camera, when it’s really bright the shutter speed is always fast 😀

    Hahah I know right? 😛

    That “shoe” thing is called bootie 😀

  12. omg!! i’m impressed!! lol

    btw, i look freaking good in the band pic. lol

  13. ahaha cycling with ur 2 fingers! xD

  14. Robb,
    Hahaha yeh we all looked awesome :X

    Heehee my special talent ok 😛

  15. OMG~im impressed too! very talent!

  16. haha, KY, i am so impressed you can somersault into the water like that man!!! respect!!!

  17. IsteriCun

    wow now everybody shares their standout.. erm.. maybe I should to…

  18. yeah your finger cycling thing still amazes me!

  19. haahahah why you wear socks and shoes to dive WTF

  20. oh man i remember i was being victimize that time.. sigh..

  21. Myhorng

    do the flipping again next week

  22. jiaeik,
    Hahah thanks

    Hahahaha thank you very much 😛

    Do it! 😀

    Hahaha cool right! 😛


    Make it happen!

  23. Cecilia

    Hello KY 🙂

    We met at the car park at HP Tower today. It’s really a pleasure to finally meet you in person. Keep up the food ‘job’ of food blogging. I look forward to more reviews and exciting places to makan!

    You sure lead an interesting life, and oh yes, you are a standout in life 🙂

  24. Cecilia

    Whoops – Good ‘job’ of food blogging, I mean 🙂

  25. wah I can’t do the finger cycling too! Hebat!

  26. Cecilia,
    Hahaha thank you for the compliment *blush*, nice to have met you too, who would have thought? 😉

    Hahha practice! 😀

  27. wah nice blog post ahahah.. i believe that it’s part of nuffnang’s upcoming event ha? good job!

  28. Impressive the cycling with 2 fingers. Hmm… how to stand out? Maybe later after I go to sleep will dream of something. 🙂

    This ‘Stand out’ party… in KL, how to go ler? Me in Penang. How about stand out by bringing my prince and princess?

  29. yapthomas

    i also can do what….the cycling finger thingy.
    but abit the cacated only lah.. 😛

  30. Cars,
    Hahaha thanks, yes it’s an event! 😀

    Penang and KL not that far maa. 😀

    See! Cacated! 😛

  31. Jolyn Goh

    The back flip thingy is so cool lar… Perfectly captured at the right time otherwise u’ll have to flip again..LOL

  32. Bloggers are generally lifeless retards outside the realm of reality but you really take the cake. Reading your blog is like watching an accident happening in front of your eyes. It sickens you but you can’t peel your eyes off it. If there is to be censorship on the web I pray that it would be against immature blogs such as yours.
    You hangout with your brethrens, blog about the same events, the same competition and generally the same shit all for popularity and freebies.. What a bunch of sad cliqish fucks.

  33. Jolyn Goh,
    Hahah thanks.

    fake KY,
    It’ll be a bit better if you actually show who you are. This is an advertorial and yah, we do get paid. I don’t see a lot of people complaining about advertisements while still having to pay for Astro. Maturity is a very subjective term in some cases.

  34. hey ky…y r u always stay in funny mood?….

  35. huiwen,
    Isn’t that a good thing? 😛

  36. madeleine

    haha! nice pic!! credits to the photographer..
    finger cycling- only with my right hand..

  37. madeleine,
    Thank you thank you. 😀

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