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Everyone in a while, Kerol would come over and pick us up for brunch over the weekends. Being from Penang, this not-terribly-young lady is a truly picky when it comes to choosing her food. So whenever she brings me to a new eatery, it is most often one worth the stomach.

new restaurant ipoh chicken rice
New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing

A couple weeks ago she brought myself and housemate Rachel to the New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing.

I am quite a fan of chicken rice, from Malay stalls, Ayamas, air-conditioned restaurant, to the famous Fatty Loh Chicken Rice in Penang, I’ve really tried them all. However, none of the above mentioned outlets is as big as this place.

meat balls, bean sprout, roasted pork, chicken
pork meat balls, bean sprouts, roasted pork, steamed chicken

Since arriving at PJ from Ipoh in 1977, New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice has expanded to four shop lots with tables on both levels. There were at least 30 workers including servers, hosts, cleaners, cooks, and kitchen helpers in the very efficiently and rather clean restaurant. Order is done with an assistant of a PDA connected wirelessly to the kitchen too.

For the three of us, we ordered roasted and steamed spring chicken, roasted pork (siu yok), six pork meatballs, and a portion of bean sprouts.

rachel, kerol, KY at ipoh chicken rice, jalan gasing
Rachel, Kerol, and KY enjoying some chicken rice

One very important thing at any chicken rice places is the quality of it’s chili sauce, and in this regard, New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice did not disappoint. The chili does pack a kick, and minced ginger is available too.

The chicken was really delightful, even the breast meat was rather smooth and rather tasty, but of course, I still prefer dark meat anytime. Bean sprouts were fat and juicy, providing a nice contrasting texture to the meat. The meat balls were, although famous and tasted pretty decent, isn’t at the same league Wan Hou Steamboat‘s version. The roasted pork too, was alright but isn’t something I would recommend strongly, I had wish we ordered more chicken instead.

map to ipoh chicken rice (since 1977)
New Restuarant Ipoh Chicken Rice is pretty close to Federal Highway

With everything we ordered, lunch came to about RM 10 or so per person. Not exactly the cheapest meal but a pretty satisfying one. The place opens from 7:30 in the morning till some 11pm at night daily. Interestingly, there’s another chicken rice shop right next to it that is more old school, and as Mell said, her grand dad’s favorite. I shall check out that particular Satellite Chicken Rice shop soon.

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
107, Jalan Gasing 10/1
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.107456, 101.65334
Tel: 03-7956 0958

Discuss : New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice at PJ

  1. yuetmui

    i just had the same chicken rice yesterday! they have branches in mid valley and sri petaling.

    Try their Hakkan Kau Yok (you know, the pork with yam thingy) next time, pretty yummy!

  2. The best chicken rice, yau kai (oily chicken type, not roasted) has got to be at the pj old town food court, next to the old market place.

    tasty and succulent.

  3. ya omg i love kai fan /launua everytime i come back from US the first thing i have to eat is chicken rice!!

  4. yuetmui,
    Ahahah what a coincident, I went there last night too.

    Ooo I had that one too, very different set up from here tho. 🙂

    Hardcore, now you can have it daily! (except when you have to follow tim to bkt)

  5. beetrice

    hehe…I usually prefer Satelite to the Ipoh Chicken Rice store – Satelite’s chicken rice has supposedly been dubbed the “2nd best chicken rice in KL” (don’t ask me where’s the first..I don’t know either!) LOL…

  6. Mellissa


    Coconut House chicken rice @ Melbourne for the win, hee hee.

  7. Nom nom, there’s a branch around my office area too I think been meaning to try it out but am stuck on the chicken rice balls.

  8. beetrice,
    2nd best? Emmm interesting!

    Okay bring me there!!!! <3

    Hahaha chicken rice balls is in Melacca ok, not exactly that near. :S

  9. Myhorng

    yeah. not bad actually. kind hardworking waitress they have.

  10. Normally I only eat the bean sprout and meatballs when I go to Ipoh eat bean sprout chicken. hehe..

    This meatballs looks great.. can’t get in PG.. PG one small small d.. sien.

  11. it’s kinda expensive…

  12. Their Roasted pork is ordinary but their BBQ pork is awesome…also, you must try their steam “lala” too, it’s a must order every time i visit there.;)

  13. Myhorng,
    You want that waitress don’t you? heehee

    Oh well sometimes Ipoh is just a bit too far. 😀

    It is a bit pricier than your normal outlets. 🙂

    oooo I didn’t realize they have Lala as well!

  14. the chicken rice looks nice. just wonder whether is it soft and tender? 🙂

  15. KY there’s a shop just down the same row of shops, right at the corner. Go try that one, i prefer that shop 🙂

    And i think if it comes to bean sprouts, Ipoh ones really are crunchier and plumper, they are fat in the middle. Lol, i only found that out when i went to Lou Wong Chicken Rice in Ipoh recently

  16. Mel…coconut house chicken rice nice meh? their nasi lemak better

  17. the bean sprouts and the meat ball looks really good…

  18. Precious Pea

    I tried their suckling pig before, not too bad. And yes, slightly pricey too.

  19. Mellissa

    DS: Yesss, the BBQ chicken rice is damn good, it’s like home! I don’t like their nasi lemak though 🙁

  20. thenomadGourmand

    hhmmm.. wanna go for the Chic rice winner 2008 – Loke yuen at Ampang? or u hv tried it?

  21. at least the bean sprouts looked juicy and fat!

  22. DS,
    Ooo I’ve never had it. emm

    cindy khor,
    Yess bean sprouts were good.

    Precious Pea,
    Ooo suckling pig YUMS

    “like home”, it’ll be real home soon. 😀

    Well I don’t know where it is! 😀

    Yess very juicy, ipoh girl. 😀

  23. Hungry already….

  24. When we were in KL the other day, we wanted to go MPH warehouse, instead took the wrong turn end up at Jalan Gasing. My hubby said he use to come here for the Ipoh Chicken Rice when he was schooling (I think there’s a school nearby here?). Said very good, but never seen him take me here, aiyoh! Next time when we in KL, must come!

  25. Talking about chicken rice , its my favourite
    of all food in malaysia .

    u can try Lou Wong in Ipoh , they have a branch here in Sunway Mas (never try b4) .

    another one would be at Kota Damansara in a shop call Wai Sek Kai . Heard that they won a competition in chicken rice and their char siew is nice .

    SS2 foodcourt also have another nice chicken rice , it sell out quite fast in the weekends , if not mistaken i think its number 6

    try it ^^

  26. blinkky

    The chicken rice look very yummy to me =)

  27. kellster

    i been eating there since i was bout 5 yrs old.

    love that place.
    til this day!

  28. I always go to Satellite next door instead. It may not have air-con, but the atmosphere is not so frenetic and noisy, the service is better, and the chicken is way better.

  29. JD,
    Me too! :S

    Hahhaa force him la! 😛

    Ah Hon,
    Oh I think I’ve tried that one in Ipoh before. OOoo interesting, thanks for the tips. 🙂

    Yess nice!

  30. Jacob Yap

    Hmm, I still prefer the 1 in Ipoh haha..

  31. I also think the one at Sattelite is nicer and cheaper. Maybe because I dont like the crowd there. Hmmm..

    Sattelite is just next to the Ipoh Chicken Rice Shop. Its the corner shop.

  32. Always preferred neighbour satellite – plus just discovered that they play golden oldies at your request… damn nice to wake up late on Sunday and have a relaxing lunch/tea there…

  33. Jacob Yap,
    I can imagine why. lol

    Yah I should try this satellite place 😀

    Will do! Thanks 😉

  34. you gotta be kidding me. This place is not worth mentioning at all unless if you want to tell us how below par the kind of thing they serve. To call it “chicken rice” is a disgrace to the other passionate sellers who make and serve chicken rice .

    I’ve been studying at the school just behind this row of shops , no students would enter this place for the 2nd time unless if there’s disaster, or if that student is particularly numb to any kind of taste in food.

    I deeply remember when i first took a look at what was served , it looked so boring it made me fall asleep. It tastes like a bag of MSG somehow transformed into chicken , rice , and chili etc .

    Coupled that with shop floor which is like an ice skating rink , and the equally lack of character and manners in the waiters/boss … please do yourself a favour by skipping this place and not to recall the memory of this every again.

  35. Kelvin,
    Appreciate your input, but I do find that the food are actually pretty good, tho yah, you’re right, the price is a bit higher than others. 🙂

  36. best chicken & charsiew rice in kl! did u try their glass chicken feet dish? lol i duno wuts it called in english. gagaga i went this place to eat like many times d. ohhh hey fyi theres another one which served really juicy honey charsiew farn near paramount. maybe u can try someday!

  37. Jane,
    Oo I haven’t tried the chicken feet. Hopefully will do one of these days. 😉

  38. Superman

    I think this is one of the worst chicken rice I ever been to. Totally agree with Kelvin. I bet this one of the shop in Klang Valley, where Klang Valley ppl won’t go the 2nd time.
    Ah Hon is right, Wai Sek Kai is far more than this shop.
    Satellite is slight better, which is classified as bad as this shop.
    I like your other blog…but this one…is a total miss cue.
    You can try one at Dataran Prima, PJ or one near the Kelana Jaya lrt or a few shop in PJ Old Town or Sea Park or etc…I can name more than 10 shops in PJ itself which is far more better than this shop or Satellite.

  39. William

    I’ve been living in ipoh for more than 30 years and this shop does not even come close. Come to ipoh and i’ll show u a couple authentic ipoh chicken rice shops that will make u come back for more.i don’t really get it what’s so special about this place.

  40. Superman,
    I’d love to know more of those places though! I had the one near KJ LRT and PJ old town, they’re of slightly different style and yah, in some ways better but this one’s pretty nice too in my opinion. Just a bit too pricey I suppose. 🙂

    It’s very difficult to compare to original Ipoh’s version. I agree. 🙂

  41. […] writing about the New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, I got a comment from Mellissa saying that I was conned and that the real deal is at Restaurant […]

  42. Heard this Chicken rice store also sell other food stuff, like curry mee? Anyway, if hv time will check it out.

  43. Pet,
    I’m not sure about the curry mee @.@

  44. Food good but attitude sucks, some of their item in the menu are without prices. When I ask the waitress, she said dint stick the sticker lo, mean don’t have. How can a menu without price info, can we report them ?

    • Leslie: doubt there’s anywhere to “report” those rouge waiters, this is something that is common in Malaysia, unfortunately.

  45. mr.KY,the ipoh chicken rice is not too good in the new one in PJ….will be extremely delicious..if u try the original taste in ipoh….

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