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Anyone who hasn’t been living in a cave (cos you probably don’t use any currency in the cave) for the past year or so knows that we are in a massive economy slow down. The scary part is, most analysts agree that things will get worse before it gets better.

At times like this, it is usually advised that over spending isn’t such a good idea. So, take the bus/LRT to work, hold yourself off buying that sparkly new toys, not getting a new car, and of course, don’t spend too much for lunch.

But this does not necessarily means that you are confined to roti canai or mixed rice at Wisma Sentral if you work at KLCC, there’s the McValue Lunch! I’m sure most of you already know by now that McDonald’s is the first fast food restaurant to push out the RM 5.95 McValue lunch meals a couple months back.


The news is, there is now two other McValue Lunch line ups that had been in my wish list eve since I found out about this whole McValue promotion – Spicy Chicken McDeluxe (from RM10.55 to RM 7.95), and Big Mac (from RM 10.20 to RM 7.95).

I’ve been a fan of Spicy Chicken McDeluxe for quite a while now, the juicy spicy chicken is really one of the bests and actually quite unique to McDonald’s in our country, catering perfectly to our preference in hot food. It’s good to see this burger joining the McValue promotion.

Here’s the line up from 27th April onwards:

    McChicken med meal – RM5.95
    Filet-O-Fish med meal – RM5.95
    Big Mac med meal – RM7.95
    Spicy Chicken McDeluxe med meal – RM7.95

McValue poster

The McValue Lunch runs from 12pm to 3pm EVERYDAY and is valid for Dine-in, Drive Through, and even Delivery. I think a lot of people wrongly assumed that this promotion this promotion only runs on weekdays.

So I went to McDonald’s at KLCC’s 2nd floor food court with a buddy of mine the other day to try this for myself. We got ourselves 2 Spicy Chicken McDeluxe sets. (I do notice that the queue at McD in KLCC food court became quite a bit longer these days, not surprising since they offer the cheapest full lunch these days)

McValue Lunch Spicy McChicken
2x Spicy Chicken McDeluxe sets – RM 16.70 including tax

The best thing about the McValue Meal is that you still get the normal medium size drinks and fries to go with the burger. It was the same set, nothing reduced other than the price, a very very good value. Of course, it is still the great taste (I seriously think the spicy chicken is one of the best burgers out there) that I crave for every so often.

In conjunction with the McValue lunch, there’s also a contest that gives out an Apple iPhone for blogger!

The contest tagline is “Have you McValue LUNCH-ed this week?”, you can use the logo on your blog during the contest period (April 27 to May 31, 2009), and create a video or photos to express your experiences with McValue LUNCH in a creative way. Winner gets the iPhone 3G!

Have you McValue LUNCHed this week? 😀

p/s : Check out their facebook fan page

Discuss : Have you McValue lunched this week?

  1. cannot eat mcdonalds every day, can muak. i’m already pacing myself… had my first mcdonalds meal the other day after a couple of months 😛 😛 😛 😛

  2. Spicy McDeluxe is in my wishlist too! yea… I will go for it this week ! 🙂

  3. Myhorng

    just had yesterday. mcdeluxe with large with changes to orange juice RM11.95

  4. Thou shalt not consume McDs more then once a month.

  5. suanie,
    Hahah I cannot eat anything too many times either.

    Make it happen! 😀

    oOO OJ is nice!

    I have it more than once a month though. 😀

  6. Yeah, I almost eat it every day from the McDonald’s near my office. It IS the cheapest lunch deal around, considering most mamaks rip you off on nasi kandar.

  7. Suertes

    I didn’t even realise there’s a Maccas now at Suria! Wish they’d roll back the price to the original 4.99 from way back when McValue first came to Malaysia haha..

  8. Huai Bin,
    That’s hardcore, and yah nasi kandar can sometimes be too much!

    Oh they opened here at KLCC for a few years already. 4.99? keep dreaming. 😛

  9. jolene

    i think i used to mcd almost every day during my college years…

  10. baru saja makan..

  11. you makan the ‘e’ in McValue lunch at the end of your video! Hor Hor Hor!

  12. Mellissa

    I love Maccas more than I really should 🙁

  13. jolene,
    Hahahah I had a lot too during college years.


    Hahahha shh 😛

    Nothing wrong with that. 😛

  14. Jade Zheng

    Mc D!!! Now cheaper than ever and better than KFC. haha~

  15. i eat mcd and kfc until sked aredi…. :S

  16. Jade Zheng,
    Ooo I like both! 😀

    panda aka racoon,
    Wait for 2 weeks, do it all over again. HAhahah

  17. Tan Yee Hou

    Mellissa’s classic ‘hello’ ahahhaa

  18. sotong

    me no money… how ar??? 🙁
    double cheese burger FTW!!!

  19. Tan Yee Hou,
    Hahahaha yes!

    Hahhaa no money eat cheap! 😀

  20. Hahaha… Micky D is my best companion when i have truck loads of assignments… 2-3 weeks more than 10 meals of it! I love Spicy McDeluxe too! <3

  21. Rachying,
    Hahaha, yah cos you’re too lazy to move your butt too!


  22. Haha ur eyebrow moving great when u r @ McD! ;p

  23. TianChad,
    Hahaha thanks. 😛

  24. McD is great and I love the Spicy McDeluxe compare to the other burgers. Next, nuggets and fries – they are the best too at McD!

  25. mnhl,
    Agreed 😀

  26. haha
    like your video
    perhaps can do sumthg like that
    gud luk

  27. woots! haha..
    nice.. all the best! =D

  28. joegrimjow,
    Hahah thank you. 😀

    You too! 😀

  29. so many malaysian blogger chasing for 1 iphone… wakakakak, can win meh?

  30. Calvyn,
    Never try, never know, right? 😀

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