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During the 2nd day of my visit to Melbourne, Mel and I met up with Pinky who left Nuffnang Malaysia to continue her study at Melbourne. Pinky has always been one of my favorite persons who is very hardworking, efficient, and humble; which is probably why she is now Nuffnang Australia’s very first expat, in part time basis anyway.

Cafe Notturno at Lygon, Melbourne
Mell, Pinky, Kah Kit, KY

We met Pinky and her boyfriend Kah Kit’s at their apartment a couple blocks away and together we walked to Cafe Notturno in Lygon Street, also known as the Little Italy of Melbourne. Total walking distance was about 1km, very managable under the comfortable autumn temperature.

Cafe Notturno at Lygon Street
Cafe Notturno, meat lovers pizza

Cafe Notturno is quite a popular place among the students as the food here is pretty cheap in Melbourne standard. Almost everything in the menu is priced under $20.

I ordered a steak with pepper sauce, Mell got the seafood combo, Pinky and Kah Kit a fettucine bosciola, and we also shared a medium meat lover’s pizza.

Cafe Notturno at Little Italy, Melbourne
steak, fettucine bosciola, seafood combo

The steak ($19.80) was prepared medium rare and actually tasted quite nice. The portion was rather large and perhaps not a very good idea for brunch but I finished it nonetheless. I liked the salad with balsamic vinegar too.

Seafood combo ($14.30) was very worth it, prawns, scallops, fish fillets, and squid rings deep fried in batter and served with tartar sauce, fresh lemon, and the same salad.

The fettucine bosciola ($12.70) was very sumptuous too; but I find the meat lover’s pizza ($10 – medium) a little too salty and not very crunchy. Pinky insisted that they had an off day and the pizza usually tasted better.

notturno lygon map
Mell actually drew this map! AMAZING isn’t it?

Cafe Notturno certainly offers some very decent food with very affordable pricing, perfect especially for those who doesn’t want to break the bank for an authentic Italian meal in the city. Of course, the brunch session was awesome with the great companies.

179 Lygon St, Carlton,
VIC 3053, Australia

GPS: -37.801511,144.966702
Tel: +613 9347 8286

Discuss : KY eats – Cafe Notturno at Lygon St. with Pinky

  1. Mellissa


    And my map is so awesome, like omg totally yo.

  2. lol. mell rocks 😛

  3. A woman’s touch completes a man’s house…

    .. or blog?

  4. takemoto

    There’s a huge selection of Italian food at that street rite? I think I went to another the previous visit and the food was amazing!!

    Tell me you did visit Il Dolce Freddos, if you haven’t you should!! It’s on Lygon Street as well!!

  5. aeroplane1234

    yes… say i am blind.. actually i was really trying to figure out is that damansara or PJ….. until i saw the address…..

  6. Mellissa,
    Thanks to the expert guidance? 😛

    Hahah she does!


    Oh of course I went to Freddos! 😀

    Hahaha too bad it isn’t. 😛

  7. Yah all that processed meat gonna be real salty, oh well good steak is better than good pizza 😀

  8. Tan Yee Hou

    Wahh Mell draw one arr?

    So crewer!! *pinches cheeks*

  9. janelgrace

    make sure you don’t come back gained few extra pounds with a spare tyre after all delicious food in oz. hehe~ plus, people say, a person who is in love usually has big appetite! 😀

  10. Wow, KY, the food looks deliciously yummy!

  11. ShaolinTiger,
    True true 😀

    Tan Yee Hou,
    Don’t praypray! 😀

    Hahhaah we managed it well, worry not. 😛

    nom nom nom nom nom

  12. ah notturno, just right behind my apartment when I was there. Surprisingly enough, I’ve never had anything from notturno, except coffee…

  13. Jade Zheng

    PINKYYY!!!!! Tell her I miss her!!! *jeles 99!

  14. DiN,
    Hahah weird isn’t it?

    Jade Zheng,
    Everyone misses pinky!!

  15. hmmm….salty pizza….that will not be a nice pizza to eat…but i like the huge amount of ingredients on top of the pizza …

    enjoy ur makan makan trip at melb…

  16. wow, great place and food.. more in melbourne..hehe..
    going there for holidays as well year end!

  17. foodcrazee

    damn . . .the meat looks wonderful and I do believed it is delish ……please dont kill the taste with pepper sauce bro . . . .hehehehe

  18. vialentino,
    Yaaa, it was a bit salty but actually not that bad. 🙂

    Will do!

    Hahahaha, not a fan of hot sauce I take it? 😛

  19. Ooh the pizza looks good! So much meat! Best…

  20. Likea honeymoon sial. So sweet! 😀

  21. Pinky! I haven’t seen her in ages! 🙂

  22. ky… the shirt gotta go dood……

  23. eiling,
    Too much meat!


    Huai Bin,
    Yahh everyone misses pinky!

    See, this is why you’re older! 😛

  24. the beef looks nice.

  25. I love you too Mell!!! hahhaa what a place to declare our affection.. eventhough I’m a lil slow.. haha.. and honestly I feel Mell map is easier to see… sorry KY 😛 hehe

  26. Myhorng,
    It was quite nice. 😀

    Traitor! 😛

  27. foodcrazee

    sauce is fine . . .it is supposed to compliment the meat. . .but personally think PEPPER its too strong for meat. . .

  28. one thing that you should try at Cafe Notruno is their cheesecakes! they are authentic and rich! maybe on your next trip? 🙂

  29. foodcrazee,
    Ah but the pepper isn’t very strong tho. 🙂

    Ohh, perhaps perhaps! 😀

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  32. 😛 i went to cafe notturno after a 6am flight from hobart and it was so nice! i had strawberry pancakes without icecream and a soy hot chocolate

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