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In confirmation to popular belief, I, KY, really does not play any musical instrument. I am the master of winamp, the car audio player, and my 5800 XpressMusic when it comes to listening to music. As to creating and performing it music, I leave it to the professionals. Professionals such as this ridiculously talented Lee Hom. And he really is a bit ridiculous when it comes to music, quoting from wikipedia Wang Lee-Hom page:

Wang plays over 10 musical instruments. In his albums and live concerts, Wang can be heard playing piano, drums, guitar, bass, violin, vibraphone, erhu, xun, and more.

and that is on top of being able to sing rather well, something I cannot do, evident from friends making excuses to go to toilet or have some “fresh air” when it is my turn to sing at karaoke, mehhh. lee hom music-man Lee Hom Music-Man Thus it goes without saying that Lee Hom is the one with a huge fan base and not yours truly. And to those fans out there, the Lee Hom music-man himself is coming to KL this on May 2nd to have a concert at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. To make the matter sweeter, there’s a chance for U.O.X. members to win tickets! All you have to do is the following (remember you must be a U.O.X. member)

  1. Type REGFREETIX Send to 28881
  2. Upon receiving confirmation via SMS, just reload RM 20 before 26 April 2009 for a chance to win (click here for more info)

While the U.O.X. mechanic allows members to to get free tickets, the MeTV contest gives participants a chance to win a pair of tickets worth RM 198 to Lee Hom Music-Man Live in KL 2009. KYspeaks music-man hohohoho Of course, there is a bit more to do on this since you might not be a U.O.X member. In the MeTV contest, you have to send in your best “Music-Man/Woman” video or picture in. Be creative and send a video or picture via MMS to 26388 with the title MUSIC MAN To view, rate, or download videos or pictures on MeTV

  1. Log on to from your mobile
  2. Go to Fun Stuff and select Lee Hom Music Man
  3. Look under Contest category and click on the View, rate or download contest entries link
  4. Select Lee Hom Music Man category to view videos or pictures
  5. To rate videos or pictures click on the Rate It link. To download videos or pictures, click on the Download Now button.

Ok ok, my example might not be the best, but you know what you have to do if you want to see this music genius! The contest runs from 1-25 April, 2009.

Discuss : Lee Hom the music-man is coming to KL!

  1. OMFG FIRST!!!666

  2. Cheesie,
    Woohoo! 😛

  3. i wan ticket without doing anything can? LOL

  4. Mellissa

    Ahhh, I actually like Lee Hom! More than Jay Chou!

  5. Yay Lee Hom! No.1 Leng Chai in da world!!!

  6. Myhorng,
    You slowly wait. lol

    OooO I didn’t know that. 😀

    But what about me? :X

  7. KY please dont mug meeee

  8. Kuzco,
    Oi I’m not rempit. :X

  9. shaoweii

    KY! The food man. Hahaha ;p

  10. Lee Hom, my childhood sweetheart *bleh* I actually shook his hand before when I was in secondary school! Lol… Since he’s ridiculously talented, only a gu-zheng player can match him right?!! you giving me the ticket?!!

  11. shaoweii,
    Hahhahaha 😛

    Whaa but you also not bad. Unfortunately I don’t get to decide who to give tickets to. :S

  12. Wow bro … your jacket looks like Lee Hom …. bout the look …. errr, no comment … hehehe

  13. vialentino,
    hahaha teruk! 😛

  14. OMG.

    Thats for the last picture.

  15. Val,
    Terrible! 😛

  16. funny and stupid la…

  17. ruiten,
    Hahaha than you! 😛

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