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Despite staying so close to SS2 and having my dinner there at least once a week, Buonasera Italian Restuarant somehow escaped my radar for the past year or so that they have been in operation. But as luck was on my side, a couple of weeks ago I went  there on a food review session thanks to the invitation from the friendly owner Ms Zee Cheng.

Buonasera Italian Restaurant at PJ ss2

Prociutto Melon, yum yum

The restaurant is located along a the row of shops at SS2 that is closest to LDP, which also means that parking is slightly easier compared to other spots around the area. Though “slightly” is a very relative word.

The interior is simple and clean though decoration could be slightly better as I personally find the faux vines around the edges ceiling a rather ill adviced concept. However, overall it is still an environment that is comfortable and conducive for a lunch/dinner date that is not too flashy.

Buonasera Italian Restaurant at PJ ss2

Spaghetti Seafood

 Unlike most other Italian restaurants, Buonasera joins the likes of Bermuda & Onions and Bruno’s as the few that are not halal. Which means that you get real bacon, and even some pork dishes. That realisation pretty much made my day already.

I usually let the host decides the selection of dishes on invited reviews, but this time Eiling and I made a little special request and asked for at least a dish involving pork. *smirk*

The first dish that was the Prosciutto Melon (RM 28.90), Italian speciality ham that is cured and served with rock melon, not unlike my first experience of it at Bermuda & Onion. The deliciously salty ham and the sweetness of melon works well in this classic combination, though the melon used were just a tad too ripe.

Buonasera Italian Restaurant at PJ ss2

Caesar Salad with bacon, Australian Chilled Angus Sirloin

Next up was the Seafood Spaghetti (RM 38.90) with quite a generous portion of very fresh prawns, mussles, and squid. While I’m normally not a big fan of cream sauce, I must say that I really enjoyed this dish. It wasn’t overly rich nor over powering. Just very sumptuous and flavorful.

The Caesar salad (RM 19.90) isn’t the typical salad for skinny girls who wants to get skinnier. The dish comes with plenty of pork bacon, cheese, hard boiled egg, crutons, and of course, fresh vegetable. On top of that, you get four slices of garlic bread too. The bacon was really yummy!

The final main dish was the Angus Sirloin (RM 49.90) that comes with a bowl of deep fried rosemary potato chunks that Eiling just can’t stop eating. I find that the steak itself was pretty commendable considering the price point.

Buonasera Italian Restaurant at PJ ss2
Tiramisu, Chocolate Pot, and Enzo’s Famous Mixed Berry Zabaglione

The nicely decorated and pretty good tasting Tiramisu (RM 14.90) was supposed to be our only dessert, but due to the interesting chemistry that Chef Enzo brewed up with Eiling, we ended up with a bit more than we could handle.

The good chef, who started working in the kitchen since 16 (exactly how many years ago is a mystery), prepared another two desserts as our stomachs were already filled up to the brim. We had Enzo’s Chocolate Pot (RM 14.90), with vanilla ice cream and chocolate that isn’t too sweet; and finally his signature dessert, Mixed Berry Zabaglione (RM 16.90) which is a home made mixed berry sorbet with Italian egg custard. The sourness of the sorbet and the rich custard (egg yolk, sugar, Marsala wine) was an awesome combination, I finished it and losen my belt in the process.

 Buonasera Italian Restaurant at PJ ss2

Chef Enzo and I, Eiling who really likes her dessert

To be honest, I’m rather impressed by the quality and the selection of food at Buonasera, not to mention it’s midrange pricing. This would be a place I yearn to return for more.

map to Buonasera Italian Restaurant at PJ ss2


42, Jalan SS 2/66

47300 Petaling Jaya


GPS: 3.120033,101.620907

Tel: 03-7877 8586

Discuss : KY eats – Buonasera Italian Restaurant at PJ SS2

  1. Hahaha… so near and we didnt know about it! We have another alternative in ss2! Mayb i can also persuade my dad to have dinner with me again!

  2. I celebrated Valentines, birthdays and Mother’s Day there. One of my fav places to go for a celebration for quality food minus the trouble and traffic to drive all the way to KL. Love their Tiramisu best!

  3. “interesting chemistry that Chef Enzo brewed up with Eiling” sounds like we are having a gastronomic food review there! Lol… You’re right about the Ceasar Salad. It’s not a DIET food!

  4. wow abit late hor this post.

  5. Rachying,
    Yah, make it happen! 😀

    Wah, looks like you’re a hardcore fan!

    Hahaha, chemistry, yes, yes! 😛

    Never too late, you haven’t done your last part of CNY post yet, so shut up. Hahahah

  6. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Errr, interesting location. Very reasonably priced though. Must try soon!

  7. I agree with you that this place is worth a return trip. I like the prociutto melon dish. Very good. The chef’s a big sized friendly guy.

  8. Precious Pea

    Hmm..i wasn’t impressed with the food the last time i went. Portion very small (we had the seafood spaghetti too)..hmm..but looking at the tasty-looking salad and the desserts…maybe i should give them another chance.

  9. Lyrical Lemongrass,
    Make it happen 😀

    Hahha yah, Enzo is not small :X

    Precious Pea,
    Eiling noticed some improvement from the last time she went, and it was more than 1/2 a year back I think.

  10. Bestnya…non halal!! I must go try the prosciutto and seafood pasta de… =D

  11. OMGGGG !!
    the food looks soooo good I’m actually feeling hungry right now. lol
    too bad kuching don’t have these kinda restaurants..

  12. The spaghetti seafood looks great! 🙂

    I love cream sauce.

  13. My family and I went to this restaurant about 2 months ago and we have decided NEVER to go back. This place is a complete rip off, the dishes are so expensive, but the portions so small. RM30++ for pasta that is not even enough for my four year old boy. We (a family of 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 4) spent about RM200 and we were neither satisfied nor full. I would rather have spent my money buying good quality ingredients and cooking the pasta myself (believe me, it is easy). The mat salleh did not even cook the pasta himself. The pasta at Sure Pizza in Plaza Damas is good, ‘cos Paolo, the owner, cooks them himself and cooks each portion individually.

  14. Hmm looks like a good option, not sure about the prices though. Will maybe try it out.

  15. lalala…the seafood in cream sauce..looks so good~ hungry d yet now lunch time.

    lookiing forward to hunt on the tiramisu also~

  16. Bangsar-bAbE,
    yess non halal. 😀

    Oh well, move to KL soon :X

    Huai Bin,
    Yah they’re the yums

    Ahh, that’s quite a tragic experience. I hope the owner reads your comment and fix that. Thank you for sharing.


    Eat eat eat! 😀

  17. i will definitely hunt down this restaurant…wah ky, u evil ler….ur seafood pasta tempted me kao kao….grrrr.

  18. yapthomas

    OMG! the Spaghetti Seafood is so nice!!

  19. vialentino,
    Hehehe thank you.

    Eat! 😛

  20. foodcrazee

    angus sirloin commendable only? whats wrong? the mushroom sauce too diluted? I find it disgusting that the sirloin swims in the sauce. . . .the prosciuto. . .is always delish . .with the lard melts in ur mouth. . .better than ur spidey instant noodle

  21. REAL pork bacons on a bed of salad …
    completely defeats the purpose right? 🙂

    hahaha … prices rather reasonable for that spread, and the ingredients given.

    now if only Ipoh has an Italian restaurant that serves prosciutto melon …

  22. foodcrazee,
    Commendable cos I think I’ve had Wagyu one too many times lately. :X

    Oh well ipoh is a bit tragic, yah the salad with bacon was awesome!

  23. thenomadGourmand

    hmm..there was quite a bit of mixed comments up there.. but try only will know horrr? 😉

  24. hengjovi

    yo KY! remember me? i saw you yesterday at the music bash! you’re the man! hahahaha 😉

  25. Jade Zheng

    Chocolate pot?! i’m a hungry pot!! hahaha~

  26. thenomadGourmand,
    Yess, never try, never know. 😉

    Yes, I do. Great party wasn’t it? 😉

    Jade Zheng,
    Hahaha, eat dinner next time ok Cindy Tey! 😛

  27. hengjovi

    hell yeah, its awesome, lol nice meeting you! hahaha

  28. Buck Rogers

    I had been aware of Buonasera for awhile & like some had not considered trying it out until I read a new review recently & this blog.

    I really enjoy authentic & rustic Italian food and based on the feedback in this blog, this is a situation of “one man’s meat, another man’s poison” for me.

    I had high expectation for this place with Enzo being the Italian Chef doing the cooking. So we went there last Saturday. The five of us ordered The pizza, pasta, salad & meat.

    Unfortunately my overall feedback is that the portions served there to be small, prices per portion is quite expensive and food in general to be ordinary.

    Why expensive!? If the food was great to incredible and serving portions were slightly larger, the prices charged there would have been acceptable to reasonable.

    My favourite pizza is the simple Pizza Margherita – it is a simple pizza with well flavoured & prepared tomato sauce & basil on top of good pizza dough – however I was sorely disappointed with the pizza Margherita I had ordered.

    I definitely had better and tasted like something out from a supermarket freezer topped with fresh tomatoes, and at the price I was paying for it….it was extremely poor.

    So if a simple pizza Margherita was that badly done (my opinion) then I do not really need to comment on the pasta sauce (critical element of any good pasta dish), nor the salad or meat.

    I will however admit that I did enjoy the chocolate pot which was quite good.

    Sorry Enzo! Not quite my cup of tea.

  29. hengjovi,
    Hahah yah. 😉

    Buck Rogers,
    Ahh.. sorry to hear about your bad experience. I guess it was an off day or maybe they just treated us better.. emm..

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  32. Ate there twice before. Yes, it may just be a little overpriced but I cook authentic italian and know how much the ingredients cost. For instance, if i want to cook pizza magherita, the imported italian mozzarella cost around 20 bucks and even that may not be enough. Of course they buy bulk there is margin to make. Once i spent over RM100 to create a small portion of lasagne..and i wonder how these authentic restaurants make money?? Of course there is Neroteca restaurant that is slightly lower in price..I would go back for authentic food but sparingly cause we are not rich…

  33. Penguin,
    You have an excellent point!

  34. Corinne

    The quality of the pasta is good, I’d even say outstanding but the portion is incredibly small. I’ve been to places where portions are less than average but the pasta that landed on my table wouldn’t even have been enough for a 5 yr old kid. I finished my pasta in 2 minutes, I was shocked by how small the portion was. I know the ingredients may be expensive but unless there was gold leaf in the pasta, it certainly didn’t justify the RM25.90 for such a minute portion. There was no meat or seafood in the aglio oglio and couldn’t they just have served up more spaghetti? I have to say arriverderci forever to Buonasera!

  35. Corrinne,
    perhaps you can ask them to serve more? personally I do like small servings though.

  36. andrew tan

    Average italian fare only….but severely overpriced.
    Dinner for 2 will set you back RM300 for a starter + 1 glass of cheap wine + basic main + dessert.
    Way over priced for that cheap plastic chair and zero ambience restaurant.
    Not recommended unless you are desperate.

  37. Bro…that place sucks blood lah… big time. Food is ok lah…but price so stupid. I much prefer euro deli at d’sara kim. Portions are much bigger and price about same and taste much better. Buenosera think ss2 is Europe ah??
    Enzo price also like ferrari!

    • Radajit: haven’t been there over a 1.5 years, u guys could be right. my info might be outdated, thanks. 🙂

  38. Worse prosciutto melon I have ever had! The parma ham (which is supposed to be pink in color) came out almost a deep red. It was sliced thicker than it should be & there was too much fats on the cut. I suspect the ham was stale too. It tasted like leftovers. I am extremely disappointed.

    • Pieism: oh no, looks like the quality could have dropped since, I haven’t been there in two years tho..

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