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In the middle of last year, I embarked on a little project to the KY eats section by spending quite a bit of time geo-tagging (almost) all the food entries for the GPS savvy readers.

Since then, google map has evolved to be a pretty useful mapping tool for Malaysia, complete with updated road names and navigational ability (right click on the maps and choose Directions from here, or Directions to here). You can also tag locations and create your very own custom maps so long as you have a google account. It is all pretty neat.

This got me an idea to make the food review locations a little bit more visual, so if you know where you want to eat, you can browse all the reviews I’ve done that are closest to the area.

In the past few days, I spent quite a bit of time creating custom google maps just for this purpose. So ladies and gentlemen, here goes!

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The links to the maps are found on the top banner as well as the right sidebar under PAGES of this blog.

I now have maps for KL, PJ & Selangor, as well as Penang. More shall come soon, and these maps are constantly updated whenever an entry is added to this blog. I think I will also differentiate the type of food with different icons in the future to (default icons are limited).

You can drag, zoom (click the +/- sign on top left or double click on map), and clicking on individual icon shows a picture and a direct link of the food entries I blogged here. Try it out!

Here is the map of KL:

View Larger Map

What do you think? 😀

When I was going to college, my only mean of transportation was my old trusted Honda EX5, and I would ride to everywhere (even from KL to Penang, but that’s another story). Most journeys are boring and monotonous, but the one stretch of road I always remember is from KL to Subang via Federal Highway, next to the GAB factory. It was the sweet smell coming out of the factory, yums!

So when I received an invitation to a blogger’s meet by Heineken at GAB’s a few weeks ago, it was almost like a “yes I’ve been wanting to do this for along time” moment.

The Tavern at GAB, why was Desmond checking out Mell’s food ?

It was actually the last event Mell I attended before she left for Melbourne, and Huai Bin was nice enough to give us a lift since my car was still in the workshop getting a much needed paint job. Thanks pal!

The three of us were greeted by the good people from GAB, and immediately we were served a glass of chilled Heineken to start the evening. This is as fresh as you can get when it comes to beer.

a well stocked buffet line

We started to attack the buffet line as the other guys starting come arrive. The number of dishes prepared was well adequate and a few dishes were actually quite tasty. The lamb was succulent, and Mell particularly loved the grilled sweet potato that went so well with the cold beer.

KY & Mell, Simon, ST, Audrey, Tim, Kenny, HB, Cindy, Tock

The other usual suspects slowly arrived at the scene. Timothy and Audrey, Gareth, Robb, Carol, Kenny, Cindy, Tock, Cynthia, Simon, and a couple other Nuffies too.

We were just chilling, have a beer each and did a lot of catch ups. I mean, we usually meet over events and parties where it is mostly too loud to talk, so a change of scenery to the quiet and exclusive bar set up at the Tavern was actually very nice.

Cindy, Audrey, and Robb in beer pouring competition, Robb failed

The gang were then challenged to play bartender for a round and see if we can pour a perfect pint. I got to say, this thing looks simple enough but I ended up with about 65% beer and 35% foam, fail.

Cindy, who hailed from the kampung in Johor did the best among us (I wonder why!) and got an almost perfect pint. Audrey, despite being slightly vertically challenged, did a whole lot better than the over confident Robb. Lesson learned, never judge a beer lady by their looks.

Win a trip to Krabi! (shhh, that’s the tropical beach)

Jasmine and Evonne then introduced us to Heineken Star Final 2009.

The Star Final 2009 is a 3 day trip to Krabi, all expenses paid, to watch the UEFA Champions League final on giant screen by the beach while gulping down Heineken with people from all over the world. I am very please to say that Suan, Horng, and I have already won our tickets at previous Heineken event.

how do you like my raft?

But of course, you have a chance to join us too by playing the game on the Star Final site, and you can do it from now until 30th April.

Basically the idea is like this: create a raft (customizable to pwetty colors!) and sail to from South Africa to Thailand. The virtual trip takes 5 days, and by the end of it the one with most points gets to win 2 tickets to Star Final 2009. You can play as many times every 5 days until the end of next month. So first if you don’t succeed, try again!

the fleet I’m in has 2 rafts so far

There are certain things in the game you can do to pick up more points. Like joining a bigger fleet, answering football related questions correctly as fast as you can (only 3 questions each time though!), or by inviting more friends and subscribing to Heineken newsletter.

I must say that the game is very well designed, the graphics are top notch and it is actually pretty fun and interactive. You can see people from other part of the world, message each other (appears as a bottle floating next to your raft), view fleet, and of course, your own raft. Everything is also customizable, very neat.

I’m still playing for fun even though I’ve already won the tickets. 😀

LapSap (Blink and XU), DJ Goldfish, Bumblebeez,

Other than the that, Heineken will also be having a string of events led by the main showdown – “A Night in Rome” at Hap Seng Star Mercedes-Benz Auto Haus on Jalan Sultan Ismail on the 25th of April with LapSap and The Bumblebeez spinning.

There will be giant projectors, mock Roman architecture and Champions League paraphernalia, fashion shows, performances and all that jazz too. It should be pretty awesome! See you there!

It’s been some three months since I had the string of Guinness food posts in accordance to the Guinness-infused Christmas main course promotion last year, those were some food with more than decent deals.

Most of us have heard about St. Patrick’s Day, it is a big celebration in Ireland (a national holiday on the 17th of March). With Dublin the home of Guinness, it is natural that the most popular international black beer celebrates this occasion across the world, with many promotions during the whole month of March.

Here in Malaysia, the celebration is in the form of Guinness Shamrockin’s St. Patricks with events, celebrations, St. Patrick’s collectibles, and of course, Guinness Infused menu (with those mouth watering Guinness Infused sauce used in the recipe!) in participating restaurants. In fact, the Shamrockin’s event was launched just a last Friday at 1U, which unfortunately I had to miss due to some personal reasons.

Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara
Gimmi a black one!

One of the restaurants that participate in the Guinness Shamrockin’ St. Patrick’s promotion is Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara. The deal is very similar to the previous one, order a main course from the Guinness St. Patrick celebration menu and enjoy a half pint Guinness Draught for free (you are required to fill up a redemption voucher).

Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara
Boston Grill at Solaris, Mont Kiara

I’ve heard quite a bit about Solaris at Mont Kiara with the various new restaurants that sprung up there in recent months, but this was actually my first visit to the area. Parking is a pretty simple affair as there are underground car parks just directly underneath the restaurant.

The restaurant has a pretty big indoor dining area as well as several tables outdoor if you prefer to dine alfresco style. Interior decoration is very classy if somewhat unconventional (reminds me of hotel lobbies). There’s a very well stocked bar, LCD TVs for sports, sofas, and the more conventional dining tables.

Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara
Buffalo wings, the very awesome garlic bread, and mushroom soup

For dinner, Amanda and I ordered two main courses from the Shamrockin’ St. Patrick’s menu, the blacksmith’s bronze plate (grilled lamb chops) and giant prawn, bbq style. We also ordered some buffalo wings as appetizer.

The mains came with a bowl of pretty thick mushroom soup with mushroom bits that was pretty decent, and three slices of garlic breads I can’t help myself from eating. Soft and fully flavored with butter, garlic, and the aroma of spices (coriander I presume), very delicious.

The buffalo wings too did not disappoint (though they somehow arrived in between our mains). The wings were soaked with the sweet tangy sauce and topped with some sesame seeds. We didn’t even need to dip it in the chili sauce provided.

Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara
Black Smith’s BBQ Giant Prawn and Lamb Chop

The Black Smith’s Giant Prawn, BBQ was absolutely fantastic. The tiger prawns were as big as my palm, grilled to perfection with the Guinness infused sauce and served with fries, steamed broccoli, and very interestingly, cherry tomato with bits of sour plum (Amanda pointed out) in it. The black beer adds character to the sauce and gives it a slight sweet bitter taste that contrasts well with the prawns.

The prawns went very well with Guinness Draught, grilled seafood with black beer does make a good combination.

Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara
A half pint of Guinness comes free with the main course

Black Smith’s Bronze Plates is basically a grilled lamb chop served with the same sides and Guinness Infused sauce as the previous dish with an addition of half a corn. The lamb was rather juicy and flavorful, most importantly it was not overly done either.

Scrumptious would be the right choice of word to describe the meat, I think it was even better than the lamb chop at one of the bars at Bangsar where I reviewed the previous Guinness promotion. The corn though, were nothing to shout about, slightly too soggy to be honest.

map of Solaris, Mont Kiara
Solaris is located at the far end of Mont Kiara

Total bill came up to RM 162 with 10% service charge and 5% government tax. The giant prawns at RM 88.95, lamb chops RM 33.95, and wings at RM 17.95. But hey, those prawns were really huge, and the two glasses of Guinness were free. The overall dining experience was certainly worth the price paid.

More pictures are available on my flickr set

Boston Grill
J-01-13, Soho KL,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
No.2, Jalan Solaris, KL

GPS: 3.174689, 101.659595
Tel: +603 6203 0830

One of my favorite restaurants at the Curve is Waroeng Penyet that serves the pretty unique ayam penyet (flattened fried chicken) that was completely new to me only slightly over a year ago. I have been there quite a few times since but always loath the idea of having to brace the traffic and having to pay parking to get my favorite Indonesian food.

So when I spotted this place on the way home after a round of hitting golf balls everywhere at the Sunway driving range, I immediately suggest to Horng that we should just have our dinner there.

Ayam Penyet AP at Sunway Mentari
clean and air conditioned interior

The set up of Ayam Penyet AP is just a notch above your normal kopitiam. There are a few tables alfresco style for those who might want to have puff after meal, and also plenty of tables for those who prefer air conditioning. The restaurant is clean and comfortable tho there isn’t any effort being put in interior decoration.

The menu here is a bit more extensive compared to Waroeng Penyet, other than the standard Ayam penyet, they have beef, cat fish, prawn, bakso (beef ball), mixed vegetable, and a few types soups too.

Ayam Penyet AP at Sunway Mentari
ayam penyet, ikan penyet (keli), and terung penyet

We ordered ayam penyet, lele penyet (keli, cat fish), and terong penyet (eggplant) to go with two rice for dinner.

The ayam penyet (I had the drumstick) was just as tasty as their counterpart at the Curve. Crispy, flavorful, and with that very addictive hot sambal. I also like the fact that they give more crispy bits.

The deep fried cat fish too was not bad in its own, very aromatic and soft in texture. And as a person who loves eggplant, I absolutely adore the terung penyet. The crispy bits and sambal works very well with the contrasting soft texture of fried eggplant. Very delicious.

Ayam Penyet AP at Sunway Mentari
satisfying dinner

Ayam penyet was priced at RM 7 (already the most expensive item in their menu!), the fish was RM 6.50, and eggplant only RM 2.50. Two plates of rice at RM 1.20 each and you have a very satisfying dinner for way less than RM 20.00!

I am sure this is one of the places I would visit repeatedly.

map to Sunway Mentari
you can see Ayam Penyet AP from LDP just before heading up to the suspension bridge.

Other than Mentari, they have another outlet at Subang Jaya (No. 74, GF, Jln SS15/4, Subang), and Bangi (No. 9, GF, Jln 15/1D, Section 15, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi) as well.

Ayam Penyet AP
No 17, GF, Jln PJS 8/17,
Dataran Mentari,
46150 PJ, Selangor

GPS: 3.076950, 101.613282
Tel: 019-577 5399

I had noticed this little Vietnamese Beef Noodle call Pho Hoa place at the Curve before this particular trip, and told Mell that we had to try this place before she left for Melbourne. So on Valentine’s day itself, a day where most couples were standing in line for hours at posher restaurants, we chose to take the opportunity to this place.

No queue there, only a few families and another an old couple who are probably married too many years to be worried about celebrating the overrated Valentine’s (I like the fact that Mell shares the same view with me on this).

Pho Hao vietnamese restaurant at the curve
a small setup tucked at the corner away from the main street at the Curve

I have been in Ho Chi Minh city many times in my previous job, and the one thing I miss the most about Vietnam is the beef noodle, or Pho.

Ever since I stopped going there, I had been visiting Vietnamese restaurants like O’Viet at Sunway Pyramid for try out their pho but most of the time the standards have been not good enough to worth a blog post.

On top of all, I can never find any place that serves pho with beef tendon (my favorite ingredient) until this one. I was so happy!

Pho Hao vietnamese restaurant at the curve
check out that glorious beef tendon!!

Like most restaurants at the Curve, Pho Hoa has an indoor as well as alfresco dining area. Interior decoration is pretty simple and uninspiring, but we were here purely for the food anyway, so it was all good.

The menu at Pho Hoa consist of the usual Vietnamese spring rolls, rice bowls, vermicelli bowls, and of course, the pho. The good thing here is the availability to create your own pho according to your choice of ingredients: brisket, a few types of flanks, steak, tendon, and tripe.

I ordered mine with steak, tripe, and a lot of tendon while Mell went for the basic.

Pho Hao vietnamese restaurant at the curve
KY & Mell and a cup of Vietnamese coffee

The tendon was very soft and tender, just the way it should be. The soup too was rather tasty. Being a true pho lover, I even asked for more basil and mint leaves from the Vietnamese waiter (always a good sign). It was one of the more satisfying bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle I’ve had for a while.

I also had their very strong Vietnamese drip coffee (cafe da), something you should order unless you plan to sleep in the next 6 hours.

The bill came up to less than RM 40 with the two bowls of noodle at RM 15.99 and RM 11.99, definitely within a very good value for the food I had. I’m thinking of having this tomorrow for lunch this weekend!

Pho Hoa
G34, the Curve,
Mutiara Damansara
PJ, 40870 Selangor

GPS: 3.157699, 101.611540
Tel: 03-7725 9880