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Yes, for once, the rumors are true, Maxis is bringing in iPhone 3G. We might be little later than some of our neighbours perhaps, but it’s finally arriving on our shore in a legit manner and fully supported by the most popular telco in the country.

is up and running, this is the real deal.

Maxis iPhone 3g

I actually know quite a few people who uses the original iPhone (on EDGE network) as well as at least one who holds an iPhone 3G. One of my friends loved it so much that when he had to send his iPhone back to US for warranty (he somehow damaged the SIM card slot), he bought another one just to use it while waiting for the original to travel around the globe.

Which brings us to the whole problem of using a non supported phone (be it iPhone or otherwise) and the hassles they bring when something is not working right. I too have learned my lesson and stopped buying any “AP” sets or imported phones without original warranties.

The good news is, on March 20, we will be able to get our the original iPhone 3G fully supported by Maxis right here in Malaysia!

Maxis iPhone 3g

The most important question on everyone’s mind would be: “Well how much does it cost?”

Frankly speaking, it isn’t any different with most other countries, and certainly a lot more attractive than getting one of those “imported sets” from your friendly hand phone sellers. For once, you will be able to send it back within for warranty period if anything goes wrong, and you can also upgrade the phone whenever new patches or software releases are available instead of resorting to dodgy ways of making the phone work.

There are plans for 12/24/6 months to choose from, and I think the iValue2 RM 155 for 24 months plan probably suits me the most. Pay less than RM 1.3k for the 8GB model, more than 11 hours of talk time included, and the 1GB/month data usage should be well sufficient for me (I’ve used less than 200 MB on my Nokia 5800 thus far), even though the superior web browser on iPhone might make me a heavier data user, 1GB/month would still be enough. Go to rateplan site for more choices.

Maxis iPhone 3g games

Personally I love the glorious screen of iPhone (480-by-320-pixel) and it’s excellent browser with multi-touch support. The zooming function is especially handy when it comes to viewing websites, something that I am still waiting for other mobile phone manufacturers to catch up. There’s also support for corporate emails and MS Exchange sync functions that I rely on managing my calendar, and of course, a tonne of other applications from iTune store.

Then I asked my buddy shiang who is in love with his iPhone 2G on what are some of the best games on the platform. I think the response speaks for itself.

Maxis iPhone 3g games

Fieldrunners is a game good enough to get into top 10 of’s best game list. Described as a fast and furious tower defense game, this application actually looks pretty awesome.

Maxis iPhone 3g games

Another recommendation is the very familiar childhood game of everyone: Monopoly! This should be pretty awesome with it’s multiplayer capability that so many handheld gaming device tried to push but just never got there. Shiang’s description ofΒ  “roll dice.. you shake the phone..Β  how much u shake the phone affects the roll one” cetainly sounds interesting.

Of course, other than games there’s also GPS, video capabitities, camera, and many other goodiesΒ  you find in a high end phone. The only probable downside (you decide!) is the capacitive touch screen which does not work well with long finger nails, so your girl friend might not be able to check your SMS.

The official launch is 20th March 2009. It is going to be interesting!

Discuss : ze iPhone 3G is in Malaysia, by Maxis!

  1. Yeah great news that its finally here, but unfortunately, the rate plans do not cater for Postpaid Maxis users like me in the 50-100 range.

    I’m currently signed up under the Maxis Value plus 50 plan, which I use up very wisely every month, and if I do go for the ivalue RM 100 for a 24 month or 12 month contract, I would pay way higher than an Iphone 3G as opposed to a handphone dealer, as i would be roughly be paying an access of about RM50 for a good 24 months, which comes up to about RM 1200 of wastage, and i have to pay RM1510 for the phone PLUS sign a 24 month no back out contract.

    I’ll rather just get a phone off the dealers, yes no official warranty but I think its the best bang for my buck. Haha

  2. Mellissa

    HELLO how about Sally’s Salon, the BEST iPhone game in the whole wide world, which your girlfriend whom you love, cherish, sayang, etc. extremely dearly is supremely addicted to for a whole week now?!

  3. tysern,
    For a low volume user I think that might be a bit less attractive to get the RM 155 plan. Then again without warranty can be a bit dangerous though. πŸ™‚

    Ohhh I forgot about Sally’s Salon, but I still love you max ok! Mwahs!

  4. Cool announcement KY! Finally, we can have our own telco fully supporting the iPhone 3G with faster browsing… at least I can get more local people to browse my iPhone enabled food site too πŸ˜›

  5. still pretty expensive plan though.

  6. prices a bit ridiculous right

  7. amr hegazi

    KY, this is a great phone, I live here in the US, and have been using it from first day it came out. I would like to add few comments though.
    one, I love the phone.
    two, I find my self not using the browsing as much as I thought. itune store now carry so many apps, the one I used most is the free wordpress app that allow you to blog directly from your phone to your wordpress account.
    three, US plans do not have unlimited texting plan.
    four, in order to use the phone to it’s full potential, you have to be have a “mobile me” account or similar plan, in my mind this is the most important feature of the iphone, syncing seamlessly with all your calender, address book, and email, if you are not planing to have a mobile me account or similar service, you will have to think twice before buying this phone.

  8. Criz Lai,
    Ooo, good for you! πŸ˜€

    iPhone’s never exactly cheap. hehe

    Not much different from neighboring countries though.

    amr hegazi,
    Ooo, interesting input, thanks! πŸ˜€

  9. hahaha sally saloon’s too easy la…

    mell go try out cake mania 3 πŸ™‚ hahahaha 3weeks d still canot finish the last part…

    Hell’s kitchen also same kinda game concept but abit hard cuz gotta flip between screens.

    amr πŸ™‚ depends alot on what u want ya phone to be buddy. to some it’s more like a game console than an organizer.

  10. i didn’t know got all these complex games! are u getting a phone ky!

  11. will u be at the launch at KLCCCC? i will be there to support the event…working purposes.

  12. shiang,
    Oooo very interesting, I didn’t know you play a hair dresser on your phone, that’s mildly disturbing!

    Please get one for me! πŸ˜€

    Wooo, cool! I work at KLCC, maybe I’ll see you there! πŸ˜€

  13. yea yea!! let’s go get one!

  14. me again

    hey is me again just wan to tell you that your blog is starting to get boring. i think ah mok’s blog is even more interesting then your blog la.i am your fan but if u dont change the way you blog i will not support you anymore. Sorry if i said anything wrong. Just want to expect more from you.

  15. IPHONE is so overated, most of their applications that is on the market are pretty stupid IMHO. Drinking beer app…wtf that cost USD99cents.
    I agreed Iphone does has the look cool as most Apple products do anyway.

  16. hey ky…no wonder sometimes i saw u but not sure is u….u got go to wisma sentral to makan? btw, i dream of u today morning…fark…how come i din dream of bikini girls but U! hahaha … not a bad dream lah.

  17. i also want one!!

  18. Robb,
    Yess buy for me! πŸ˜€

    me again,
    Well, that’s just the way the blog changes with time. Why would I not welcome a way to monetize the blog just a little? πŸ™‚

    Hahahha, those are some of the headline grabbing games that aren’t exactly the best out there.

    Hahaha yes, I do eat at Wisma Sentral sometimes, next time just give me a yell ok! πŸ˜€

    Make it happen! πŸ˜€

  19. Berapa Maxis bayar untuk karangan Telepon-Apel ni? kekeke…

  20. Yeah, a lot of people at my office has the iPhone. πŸ™‚

  21. Serge Norguard

    i will say this, it is expensive and Singapore has it cheaper even after conversion. Can save RM900+ if got it from SG

  22. Lorna,
    The package’s all in their site. πŸ˜€

    Huai Bin,
    Ooo hardcore!

    Serge Norguard,
    oOOo, but the support will be a bit troublesome though.

  23. Serge Norguard

    maybe, though i rather buy one out right and then modify it.
    Modding the iphone is free and easy.

  24. drewnity

    yeay!! Super cool!! I just heard from it from my friend like few days ago and now you’re posting about it already!!


  25. swt it’s just damn blardy expensive. i was really anticipating it’s arrival and i think i am better off waiting for g-phone.

    maxis should just review it’s plan, imho πŸ™‚

  26. Serge Norguard,
    I guess the process is much easier now. πŸ™‚

    Wohoo πŸ˜€

    I think there’s currently only 1 announcement of G phone, we shall see we shall see.

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