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It is often my mission to taste food that are not available locally whenever I travel to another country, and that usually means eating by the streets and at some of the more dodgy areas the locals frequent.

However, unique perhaps only to Malaysia in this part of the world, there are several big restaurant chains that altered their menu to be Muslim friendly (Tony Romas, Subway), or skip the country entirely. One of such example would be Mos Burger.

Mos Burger at Siam Paragon
Mos Burger – Japanese Fine Burger & Coffee

Mos Burger is the 2nd largest fast food restaurant chain in Japan after the ubiquitous McDonald’s. In addition to the native country, they also operate in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The major difference between Mos Burger and the usual McD/BK/Wendy’s is the availability of their rather unique rice burger, and of course, the liberal addition of pork in their menu. (which was exactly why I went there in both my Bangkok trips)

KY and Mell waiting for Mos Burger
KY & Mell waiting for our Mos burgers!

On our 3rd day at Bangkok, we found ourself at the biggest Mall in town, CentralWorld , Mell and I decided to have a go at Mos Burger for lunch.

The menu at Mos is rather big for a fast-food restaurant. There are hotdog, prawn, fish, chicken teriyaki, beef patties, beef teriyaki, unagi, and of course, pork burger (not available in Mos Singapore, sigh)

Naturally, we went for two different pork burgers. I chose the ginger pork rice burger, while Mell ordered the pork cutlet burger set. We paid and then sat down patiently and waited for the burgers to be served.

Mos Burger at Siam Paragon
ginger pork rice burger & pork cutlet burger

The rice burger “buns” and the ginger pork was rather awesome. The feeling was rather like having a ginger pork bento with Japanese rice, but in a convenient burger format. I can eat this kinda things 3 times a week. Mell’s pork cutlet burger was equally impressive as well. Soft buns, generous amount of shredded cabbage, and the delicious pork cutlet with the savory sauce. The lady was well satisfied.

Our sets came with soft drink and a small serving of fries. The fries are slightly thicker than your standard McDonald’s, and less salty too. They’re probably healthier, but I wasn’t too impressed with them. Then again I was never a fan of fries since I the stint with McD over 10 years ago.

Mos Burger at Siam Paragon
some other burgers and dishes from my previous trip

The set meals we ordered were 109 and 129 bath, or roughtly RM 11 and RM 13. A little bit more than BK and McD’s but the quality of burgers more than made up for the prize difference.

If you find yourself at the center of Bangkok, head to CenterWorld and give this a try. There is also a branch at Siam Paragon’s food court level.

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  1. Of all the photos of me right, this has to be the one posted for the world to see! 🙁

  2. I love the MOS rice burgers too. It’s excellant stuff eh? 🙂

  3. lapar!! shit!

  4. Weird, the logo is green instead of red.
    I love Mos Burger~!!

  5. AtelierGal: the one in Japan is also Green. When i told them it’s red in Sg and Taipei, they gave me weird stares like i was crazy.

  6. Mellissa,
    You so cuteee in that pic!

    Huai Bin,
    Yeah especially the pork ones!

    Same! 🙁

    Yaa, new school logo. 😀

    ooo interesting.

  7. I love MOS burger but too bad the nearest is either in thailand or Singapore…

  8. too bad…msia takda mos burger…

  9. must try the rice burger

  10. blindpuppy

    ohh you should try the seafood kakiage rice burger. it’s probably the best rice burger in MOS.

  11. will it be better if Moist bugger? LOL

  12. I love the unagi rice burger! Super yummy!!! I heard MOS was in Msia sometime ago but sudah gulung tikar??

  13. kennhyn,
    Yah, too far!

    Tragedy, I know!

    Make it happen. 😀

    Ooo interesting, I shall do that next time.


    Ooo unagi’s always one of my favorites too, but I can’t say no to pork! :X

  14. Malaysia used to have MOS burger but tutup kedai as no business. However, Malaysia’s MOS burger, no pork. 🙁

  15. We used to have MOS in KLCC, been there a few times (probably more than a decade ago)… their business was quite decent, not sure why they chose to pull out in the end.

  16. omg burger T_T me want..

  17. Woww..Bangkok also have MosBurger!
    I love MosBurger^.^

  18. Firdy takes 5

    i want!

    the ginger pork rice burger looks damn nice

    oh my, i want!

  19. It’s the most tragic thing that Malaysia doesn’t have MOS Burger. Nothing beats MOS Burger in Japan though… it’s a totally different league above MOS burger in BKK or SG, and those are already pretty damn excellent!

  20. ooh blog more bout bangkok ok! i’m going there in july..even though it’s a long way more. hahaha i need to read on places to eat there! 🙂

  21. David Chew

    It is more expensive but worth a try.

  22. I’m going through a vegetarian phase, and this reminds me how in India the major burger chains have beanburgers. Actually not bad – basically spicy kidney beans with I dunno what.

  23. aeroplane1234

    im going next week. let me drop by . got discount coupon mou?

  24. Jade Zheng

    i think only Asian burgers ada Ginger! lol

  25. Food Promotions

    Two Thumbs up for MOS burger. Especially for the rice pork burger. Absolutely delicious.

  26. Ooh I’m so going there!

  27. HUNGRY!!!
    I think I should make a trip to Bangkok real soon…

  28. yup, MOS Burger used to be in KLCC, where Nando’s is now. They were doing well but dunno why they decided to close down. Now have to get my MOS fix whenever I’m in Singapore.

    here’s hoping that they make a comeback!

  29. I still remember maybe about 9 or 10 years ago i had tried this at KLCC… Just that I was still slim and sexy that time… not really like the rice burger… (i only can manage to finish half burger… fucked!) haha..
    Maybe I would try it again next time if I travel to Japan or Bangcock.. 😛

  30. and…
    Malaysia don’t have PORK burger… bahh 🙁

  31. when i tried this in singapore, i made the mistake of picking a rice burger with a rather wet and saucy filling, so the burger ended up soggy and weird, i think the drier fillings are better, but i really love the fact that there’s so much variety there.

  32. Mellissa

    Why do I miss you so much? Hmph. And weirdly enough now I’m craving rice burgers also, sigh! Melbourne is so cold, ARGH.

  33. power8003,
    Cos no pork! :X

    Someone should bring MOS back!

    Me 2!

    Tapao for me! 😛

    If you go you remember to buy for me ok!

    550ml jar of faith,
    Too bad I didn’t try any when I was in Tokyo a few years back. haih

    Will do, watch out this space! 🙂

    David Chew,
    But only about Nando’s price.

    Vegetarian? Oh why!! 😛

    Hahaha too bad no discounts 😛

    Jade Zheng,
    Oooo I think so too.

    Food Promotions,
    Agreed 😀

    Make it happen, and tapao for me 😛

    Do it!

    Someone has to bring it back!

    Hahaha, Singapore also got. You can ask Bon Jovi to cook pork burger for u. 😛

    Paul Tan,
    Yah, so many choices.

    I miss you too sayang.

  34. Yo, I knew KY speaks. *grins*

    I’m referring to the post titled “Fools?” That’s why I put a disclaimer there. 😀

  35. wow!!
    the burgers look soooooooooo delicious!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Singapore also got.

    but mos burger not very great. so ex, so tiny, so salty.

  37. Juice,
    Hahhaha, disclaimer doesn’t mean it’s not shit/wrong. 😛

    VERY! 😀

    Sg. Mos burger doesn’t have pork, that’s why!

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  39. Indonesia also got Mos Burger, but no Pork. 🙁
    And we also got Tony Roma’s which used to served pork ( YAY! ),but for the last few months the supply of the baby back pork were stopped ( got custom problem i heard ).
    Tony Roma’s lost a big deal of costumers because of this.

  40. djes,
    Ahh that’s so tragic!

  41. G-burger

    Sandakan, Sabah got Pork burger!!

  42. G-burger,
    But that’s so farrr :X

  43. G-burger

    G-burger at Sandakan can sel out 260pcs 12pm to 6pm!!

    Look like alot of people like to eat pork burger. Of course, I have to admit that the pork burger totally difference than beef or chicken in the Malaysia market….

  44. G-burger

    Op.. forgot to tell that pork burger in Sandakan is called G-burger.

  45. G-burger,
    Thanks. 😀

  46. G-burger

    Hi KY,

    Can you give me some frozen unagi supplier infor in west Malaysia?

    Maybe anyone at here know that where to order these unagi frozen food? Please command….

  47. G-burger,
    I know Isetan sells them. 🙂

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  49. I am not aware MOS Burger exited Malaysia for the reason you stated here.. I remember going to Mos Burger at KLCC some 10 years ago…

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