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Chinese New Year ang pow came early this year for me. It arrived in a form of a lamp post that my car so cheerily embraced with most passion and enthusiasm late last night. The post ended up leaning at 70 degree imitating the more famous tower somewhere in Italy. I’m not sure if TTDI will become a tourist destination anytime soon though.

Toyota MR2 Accident
the night I couldn’t decide to go left nor right

So I was heading from Damansara Utama to pick up Mellissa at TTDI plaza around 2 am last night, happily driving in a leisure speed (everyone’s leisure speed differs). There was a yellow and black kelisa in front of me at the last traffic light before the fateful junction. We stopped for red, and when it was green, I didn’t pass the little CLK, I wasn’t fast.

And suddenly I saw Brunsfield, the indication of the left turn. I tried to turn but the intersection came up too soon, left, no no, right, ahhh brake! brake! brake! crap… BAM!

Tried turning this into a dream so I can just wake up and wipe off the cold sweat. Failed.

I was alert and alright, called Mellissa and then walked out of the car. There were quite a few people who gathered around the side of the road already. Most of them were amazed that I walked away from the scene unscathed. My habit of wearing the 4 point harness at all time saved me.

About 5 minutes after the incident, I suddenly felt like passing out. I had to hold on to the road signs, and actually sat down for a while, only to regain my composure about 10 minutes later.

Toyota MR2 Accident
one for the blog!

Police came pretty soon though, and did the usual checking my driver’s license and IC procedures. Mellissa called Nicholas who arrived shortly. Before they towed the car, I just decided to take some pictures, and one of the policemen actually suggested I should have a picture with the car and he volunteered to be the camera man too, but the picture above was taken by Nicholas as the police decided perhaps Nicholas is a better cameraman.

We took some stuff from the car just before they towed it. Nicholas then fetched us to the police station where I filed a report. The car was towed to the station and photos were taken by this policeman who was supremely proud of the Sony digital camera he was in charged of. We then headed to mamak before Nicholas sent us home.

It was over 5am when I reached home, sore shoulders but otherwise unharmed. Thank you Nicholas for helping out when I needed most. I owe you one.

I am a very lucky man, for more reasons than just being able to walk away from this wreck unharmed.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Discuss : CNY angpow came early, I wrapped a lamp post with my car

  1. Let’s not do this again anytime soon okay! Hahahaha.

  2. Jade Zheng

    verrrryyy impressive, sweetie. one for the blog, of course! lol~ well, it’s the end of the year~~~

  3. Glad to hear you are ok, ky. Very sorry abt the car though. Gong Xi Fa Cai; hope this year brings you loads of moo-lah to pay for the car!

  4. Mellissa,
    I agree whole heartedly <3 hehehe

    Jade zheng,
    Better luck next year! 😀

    Insurance! 😀

  5. Tan Yee Hou

    Aiyo dude poor car : (

    At least insurance can buy a new coat of paint lah; and also the engine’s not at the front so not that bad lah.

    Take care mate. 😀

  6. Hey let’s get the “ong” back for you alright? It’s unfair this had to happen to you although you’ve been a great guy to all of us, so I propose every yee sang from now on I’ll remember to think of you and ask all the gods of the world to bless you with abundance of prosperousness!

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  8. Dude, sorry to hear about your car. Better luck this year, buddy.

    We share a common affinity for lamp posts, but I didn’t crash that badly. 🙂

    Happy Chinese New Year, bro.

  9. Good thing you came out of it without a scratch! Can still pose in front of the wreck some more… hopefully that’s all of the mishap over and done with and you can look forward to a happier, safer new year!

  10. I was at TTDI yesterday night too but left around midnight… haha if not I’d have been there to scold u… hehe

  11. Whats your car plate number dude? If I were you , I would pau the bugger big big and sure enough , you will be reimburse by TOTO , Magnum or Kuda.

  12. Get a new car KY.

    The car is older than you already.

    Old and rusty.

    Happy CNY.

  13. Gosh….YOu still can blog happily. Aishe..luckily ur 4 point harness protected you.BUt what is that??

    At least you are safe la…time for a New car perhaps?? Ong Ong Bak lol

  14. Sorry to hear about your car, but at least you could walk away from it.

    Hopefully the new year will bring you better luck.

  15. Better go to the doctors if you feel sore or anything (from the impact perhaps). What a way to end the year… with a BANG!

    Happy CNY!

  16. Hihi, first time i see people “enjoy” car accident. Unbelievable, Ky u are really ah Q with ur pose and wide smile.

  17. Interesting start to the new year, but yah at least your engine didnt take the impact.

    If that was a front engine car it could have been real ugly.

    Glad you’re ok!

  18. WHOA!

    But, you should have dismantle the TTDI Plaza sign and take it back home lah.. 😛

  19. ohh no good! Wish you better luck for CNY.

  20. good thing it’s an mr2…which means no damage to the engine at all. Well, glad you are safe, that matters most.

  21. brand new look MR2 will soon be in place then.

  22. KY,
    Glad to know you are OK… and still did not lose your good sense of humor 🙂

    The Godness of luck was defintely on your side.

    Cheers my friend and have a Happy CNY!

    Just like the old Chiense saying: Wish you 事事顺利, 出入平安。

  23. Tan Yee Hou,
    Thanks. 🙂

    I had 5 yee sang already and it didn’t exactly help. hahaha

    Huai Bin,
    Thanks, and happy CNY!

    550ml jar of faith,
    hopefully so hopefully so. 🙂

    Don’t scold me laaa 😛

    Hahaha that’s a common thing to do, no? I didn’t buy any though.

    I’m older :X

    The 4 point harness is a better protection that standard seatbelt. 🙂

    Thanks! 😀

    Just sore shoulders, I should be fine. Thanks. 🙂

    I didn’t exactly “enjoy” it. 😡

    Yah, definitely, the engine’s intact. 🙂

    How about a no? hahahah

    Thanks! 🙂

    True, true, thanks. 🙂

    Hopefully in less than a month, but I think i’m being too optimistic.

    Daruma 老叔,
    Yah, I was very very lucky. Thanks and happy CNY to you too. 🙂

  24. OMG…that was you? Adoi…good thing you’re okay!

  25. Feel sorry on your case .
    It will be very inconvenient if your machine not available during CNY period . You can’t go for house and makan easily .

  26. hey , sorry to hear that , im also been in accident not long ago…. alot of ppl around me get them self bamm tis year…including me…aw still remember ur car look on ciniplex during underworld screening…. but now…! u are rite…. as long as u are ok , GONG XI FA cAI pal

  27. oh my.. ky..your car! poor thing… 🙁

  28. Wow!! A “big bang” to end the Yr of The Rat!! Glad that you were ok after that.

    Start the yr of the Ox with a new car then!!


  29. woah. someone up there is taking good care of you. but glad to see you walking away unhurt. may the new year ahead be a better one 🙂 Gong Xi Fa Cai.

  30. erm…still cant really get what you said^^
    Happy CNY!!

    hopefully ur car is poh choy dong zhoi you will be good^^

  31. glad u came out of there with bruises only,
    or else we’ll have a layoff blog for a long time.

    oh well,
    wishing u a happy chinese new year =)
    may you ‘ong’ a car back.

  32. OMG! All the best,

    and Gong Xi Fa Chai, old one never go, new one never come.

    Perhaps it’s the sign of.. buying new car!

  33. Another good reason for me to not drive on Malaysian roads! 🙂

    Glad you are Okay and can joke about it now.
    Personally, I would blame the kangaroo that leaped out of no where!!! 🙂

  34. OMG! What a great way to end the year of the rat and welcome the Ox! Your car looks very badly damaged! You are very very lucky to come out of this alive! It must be your lucky day! I also don’t think TTDI will be a tourist destination anytime soon : )

  35. Hi:

    Great that you’re unharmed….

    Your car plate number for 4D pls….

  36. debra fong

    ehhhh WHAT IS THIS MAN.
    car crash go camwhore with the car.
    WHAT IS THIS MAN -_____________-”

    but damnnn, you car’s a total wreckkk!
    it’s okay, you’re not married yet, go collect your angpaos to repair!: P

  37. Precious Pea

    Glad that you are okay. Never mind, take it as a way to end all the bad luck. Am sure the year of ox will bring you lots of luck!

  38. Gasp! Glad to hear you’re OK!!! But but but…you actually SMILED in the photo. You’re supposed to look utterly forlorn. (Probably get more sympathy from the chicks) 😛

  39. wow… u sure a good jolly fella…
    u impressed me with your optimistism… I would have blog a hell entry for things like this.

    and yea, now i know why the light look like that this morning when i cross the road for a cuppa.

  40. beetrice,
    Yaaa, lady luck guarding me. 😀

    Luckily I can use my housemate’s car. 😉

    Thanks! Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too.

    Ah well, car can be repaired. 🙂

    Angie Tan,
    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too! 😀

    Yes, may the new year bring more luck to you too. 🙂

    Hahaha, yah, I guess you are right. 🙂

    Thanks thanks. 😀

    But I like this car too much 😛

    Yah it was the kaola bear! 😛

    Yah veyr lucky indeed. 😉

    1066, go buy! LOL

    debra fong,
    The camwhore was police’s idea! I’m serious. Hehee

    Precious Pea,
    Thanks thanks, I shall take it that way. 😉

    Optimism is the way of life! 😀

    Thanks thanks! I’m sorry if the place is a bit dimmer at night. :X

  41. so sorry to hear bout ur accident.

    happpy chinese new year! : )

    MAY U GET MORE ANGPOWS to buy new car!

  42. Sorry about what happened to you. New year New Car? =P

  43. STOP PLAYING FIREWORKS! *shakes fist angrily*

    Hahaha no la no la you can play. That is such a KY thing to do.

    Aiyo one way you can tell that a person is a blogger is when he poses in front of his smashed car after an accident WITH A SMILE.


  44. omigawd! wad happened?!
    i saw ur comment on my latest post and i pop by

    i tot u were joking hell no its real!
    hope everyting goes bek to normal soon
    take care


  45. Firdauz takes 5

    why like that one ky.

    careful next time ok


  46. First of all, sorry about the accident. But like everyone would say…at least you walked away from it and the car can easily be replaced.

    I stumbled across your blog by accident (no pun intended). I think i was trying to search for some malaysian food photos one time (sometime i miss the authentic Malaysian food especially here in Canada) and i came across your blog. Great blog/site by the way. I appreciate all the nice photos (especially the ones from the hawkers) as it brings back memories of when i go there to visit.

    Keep up the good work and Happy CNY to you too!


  47. Ouch man … that’s one painful shot to the pocket.

    May the bull brings you a better ride this year and a fatter ang pao collection to get that new ride.

  48. Kinda late… but here’s Happy Niu Year to you KY! 🙂

  49. ky! thank goodness you’re alright. pats head.

  50. with this happening so close to cny, i bet you’ll win lots of money in cny gambling. go win them! lol

  51. aiyoyo!!! owh well, the old has gone, the new year has come!!! take care bro!! most importantly is you are safe!! can smile and pose someore!! no problemo la… wishing you a blessed chinese new year bro!! take care and God bless!! see you soon!!

  52. wow… seat belts save lives!!!

    … well atleast you got that dose of bad luck outta the way for the rest of the year hey? hehe am real glad you lived to tell… slow down every now and again hehe

  53. time to upgrade to MR-S

  54. heya kaya, hope it doesnt make your wallet too sore. At least u r ok. Consider all de bad luck washed away in that fateful night ok>?> happy cny =P

  55. wahlau. luckily my mum wasn’t in your car! She got high blood pressure leh.

    Cautionary tale not to buy sports car for mum when I’m rich.

    Glad you got away in on piece dude.
    Gong xi fa chai!

  56. kellster,
    Thanks and happy CNY!

    Hahah I’m afraid no new car. 😀

    May Zhee,
    Shhh 😛

    stephanie k,
    Thanks. 🙂

    Will do will do. 🙂

    Thanks vic and happy CNY to you.

    Michael Yip,
    hahaha yah! Thanks 😀

    Happy CNY to you too!

    Thanks yey.

    Hahaha thank you.

    See you! Happy CNY!

    Yessss, seat belt is very important! 😀

    Ken Lam,
    Hahha, expensive!

    Thank you jess, happy cny 🙂

    Hahaha your mom wouldn’t take it well! 😛

  57. I think you are plain stupid.

  58. Yea,seatbelts are very important!the 1 time i didn’t wear it,i got into an accident,my face slammed onto the steering wheel.which resulted in me looking like as if i got bashed up 🙁

  59. Wow! Ur one lucky guy! The last time my car wrap around lamp post, I end up with swollen nose and fat lips!
    Glad that Ur safe dude! Well, look at it this way, insurance is gonna pay for a brand new coat of paint!! 🙂 Still goin for red?

  60. I think you must have been in some kind of shock – that’s why you were exceptionally lucid right after getting out of the wreck. Then you got hit with whatever concussion or injury what not and collapsed afterwards. Man, very lucky to get out unscathed! As for the car, well, I imagine someone can perform magic tricks with it – it is after all a fully made-in-Japan vehicle, and like every guy on this thread has noted, the engine’s intact…

  61. masterbed,
    Thank you for expressing your slightly more unique view. heehee

    Panda aka racoon,
    WOoo, must always wear, very important.

    Fat lips? hahaha, and what do u mean by going for red? :s

    Yah, the body is a wonderful machine, let me deal with all the important stuff before letting the shock hit me. 🙂

  62. thenomadGourmand

    wow… ok..i’m wayyyy late..but stil wanna say my 2-cents worth! Glad tat ur safe n sound and still having that humour intact! Gong hei Fatt Choy and i’m sure aft this incident, u can b sure of better things to come!

  63. fie the elf

    thank goodness youre alright!! *HUGS*

  64. blogwalking. nice blog. please feel free to visit my blog. thanks.

  65. For Sale – One sub-compact.

  66. heh awesome that you are okay

  67. thenomadGourmand,
    Thanks thanks. 🙂

    fie the elf,
    Thanks. *hugs*



    Yaa. 🙂

  68. when i asked you isit something kinky in your blog. you said yes. and yeah, THAT IS REALLY KINKY.

    luckily you came out safe and sound with just sore shoulders!! better take care ya!! the next time, if you can’t decide, just FREAKING decide FAST!!

    and the picture with the car, you smiling so happily, its just ironic… really HAPPY smile… makes me feel eerie when i see that picture. *yikes*

  69. Reminds me of my brother who smashed a Datsun 120Y head on when he hit a temporary highway concrete divider… but came out unscathed too 🙂

    Glad you’re in one piece 🙂

  70. I am so glad you came out unscathed from this accident.

  71. Agnes,
    Of course I have to smile happy, I was very very lucky. 😀

    Thanks thanks. 🙂

    Thank you. 🙂

  72. fuhhh steady sial..

    happy chinese new year to you..see you around..and drive safely next time! haha..

  73. hey bro…luckily u r ok and alright….take care man….hope u will ‘huat’ to claim ur damages….btw, wat’s ur car number plate? hahahaha….just kidding…

  74. Glad to know you’re okay dude!

    Mellissa, why do you cause accidents to people?

  75. Now, how u going to do your famous food review minus your 2nd wife? BTW u r indeed lucky to escaped unhurt KY!

  76. Yatz,
    Hahah will try! 😀

    Hahaha yess, ‘huat’ will be good!

    Boss Stewie,
    oOoo you’ll have to ask her in person!

    Er.. taxi? lol

  77. Bro, drive safely yah!

  78. gosh sorry to hear ermm see this. lucky you were all right.

  79. whoa.. that WAS close!!
    at least you weren’t harmed.. 😛

    Happy CNY!!

  80. when KY will give out ang pao??

  81. hi bro,

    Just read your blog coz been busy due to CNY. Hope you are fine. I really salute you. You still can smile. if i were you, i would be shaking like hell.

    Glad to hear that you are ok. Take care and Happy CNY! Good bless you !

  82. Big Boys Oven,
    Thanks. 😀

    Thanks, yah luckily I’m alright. 🙂

    Yahh, happy CNY to you too!

    Hahaha wait! 😛

    Hahaha I was shaken up pretty good at first, the picture was taken perhaps half an hour later. 😀 Happy CNY to you too!

  83. time for new car… hehee…

    anyway, happy NIU year… better year k ?

  84. OMG!
    I just got back from Penang and reading all the blogs now… Glad that you are ok!
    Anyway, issit time for you to change the color of your MR2 since so many years already?!?!

    hahaha!!! 😛

  85. btw, I pitty the lamp post and the road sign!
    blek 😛

  86. atrica,
    Haha thank you thank you.

    Hahah wait la after you change ur bestari first ok 😛

  87. mimid3vils

    Wow~~~~~~ Good to hear that u r OK….

  88. aeroplane1234

    wah, u get more attention when u are in deep shit. i can imagine the traffic if you announce you are pregnant. 😮

  89. Glad that you’re ok 🙂

  90. midmid3vils,
    Thanks. 🙂

    Hahaha I am not looking forward to that.

    Thank you. 🙂

  91. poor car… poor ky…
    one of these days must go temple ‘pai-pai’.

  92. Time to change to Evolution X?

  93. Lorna,
    Except I don’t really believe in temples. :X

    Simon Seow,
    OK I buy lottery first! 😀

  94. 你长得真猥琐、拍照能正常些吗?

  95. kill,
    Everyone has a different definition of “normal”, I’d love to see yours. 🙂

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  97. sei fei zai

    KY.. you r lucky enough…. now i know who bang on my lamp post.~~

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