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Remember at the post on Guinness Gastronomy Workshop with Chef in Black Emmanual Stroobant, I suggested that Western food places should look into adopting some Guinness inspired dishes? Well, about a month back I had some Guinness dishes, but instead of Western, it was something of an opposite: Japanese food at SOMO Mont Kiara.

Update 1/5/2014 : Somo has since closed

Somo Mont Kiara
SOMO mont kiara, dinner for two

I went to SOMO with the infamous Cindy, who happened to stay around the area.

The restaurant is basically fully alfresco with a smallish set up, a dozen or so tables under a retractable canvas. The ambiance is pretty comfortable and actually a bit unique as far as Japanese outlets go: outdoor, a bar, LCD tv player sports, and music.

Somo Mont Kiara
two Guinness inspired dishes

The Guinness inspired dishes were not actually on the menu, so I spoke with the friendly manager and requested for them. The grilled beef set and seafood set was suggested, and I also ordered sashimi for two, shisamo (grilled pregnant fish), and a pint of Guinness as good measures.

SOMO was not among the restaurants that ran the Guinness-infused Christmas main course promotion like these below. However, like many restaurants, you can sometimes get the chef to cook up something different, if only you ask nicely.

Somo Mont Kiara
the girl, the sashimi, the seafood, and the soup & chawanmushi

The chef did probably take slightly longer than usual to prepare the dishes. While it was tough to find the hint of Guinness from the grilled seafood Cindy ordered, the beef I had was excellent. The slight bitterness contributed by the black beer was clearly present in the meat and actually adds character to the otherwise sweetish dish. It was really good, I think SOMO should consider making this dish a permanent fixture on their menu.

Somo Mont Kiara
Cindy, Shisamo, and yours truly

The sashimi for two consists of squid, sweet shrimps, octopus, tuna, salmon, and a generous portion of salmon roe. They were fresh, served on ice, and made for very good appetizer. The grilled shisamo too was done properly even as first time eater of the fish, the girl said it was good. And of course, the Guinness drought was excellent.

Somo Mont Kiara
SOMO is a stone’s throw away from Plaza Mont Kiara

The sets also come with miso soup and chawanmushi, they are priced at RM 35 and RM 45,  sashimi was RM 60. Together with drinks and shisamo, the dinner came to just a little over RM 200. It was very satisfying though, good food, great atmosphere, and of course, a very good company.

Lot 2B, The Shoplex@Mont Kiara, Jln Kiara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GPS: 3.166571, 101.652696
Tel: 019-312 6528

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  1. Ooohhhh….another good find!

  2. wow….must try the guiness food….let me try after my half marathon run first…now need to control my eating ler…

  3. Guinness with shasimi…… ewwwuuuu~

  4. sashimi baru ngam

  5. nicktay,
    Thanks 😀

    Hehehe, if you can convince the chef to make it, it’s quite awesome. 🙂

    Apa la spelling macam itu. hehe

  6. oohhh….food. but that shisomo looks oogliee..!!!

  7. I had my first taste of Guinness yesterday. It was awesome.

  8. calvin,
    shisamos usually look very tragic but taste real good 😀

    Ooo, more more more! 😀

  9. lapar le when read. lol

  10. Japanese food and Guinness, not a combination you see every day. I bet I’ll get lost in Mont Kiara too though.

  11. why am i getting hungrier…
    now pass me the seafood, the prawns look yummy yum yum…

  12. Robb,
    Lapar? Makan! 😛

    Huai Bin,
    You get lost everywhere!

    Here you go! 😀

  13. thenomadGourmand

    tried Sid’s pub in TTDI? They got one of the best Guinness drought, or so it was reputed for..

  14. somo nice!! haha =D KY ar!!! 2009 already!! still belum bawa me keluar makan… LOL =D chinese new year must go hunt you down d!!

  15. thenomadGourmand,
    Yah I was supposed to go there too but.. rancangan tergendala

    Hahehhe :X

  16. Jade Zheng

    aiyo.. that face of me. lol!

    THANKS 2 KY now i dare to eat long fish (with eyes closed). Long fish? Like… Long long fish. With no legs. Shisamo. Yes, Shisamo.


  17. mr.kyspeaks you make me hungry again. how? 🙁 I want the sashimi

  18. Jade Zheng,
    Hahhaah why are you so scared of things with no legs! 😛

    Make it happen pinky do it eat them eat them!

  19. u can has Guinness wtf..i can has Guinness too..but i is no sushi/sashimi fan-si..

  20. Seemingly it is a nice place to hang around~

  21. dun wan come in ur blog d… always make me hungry =x

  22. whoa man, i’m been drooling everytime i visit ur new entry…it’s too cool to have those…

  23. I think beef goes well with Guiness.

  24. Oh, did you meet the bosses?
    They are pretty young and friendly!

  25. Yatz,
    no sushi? you missing outttt

    Yah, very nice ambiance. 🙂

    Hungry? Eat! 😀

    Thanks thanks 😀

    Simon Seow,
    Yeh, very.

    I didn’t. oO

  26. hehe!
    KY, your map this time looks like a candy corn with fangs – looking very happy! 😀

  27. FeR,
    Hahahah I never thought of that before. 😀

  28. I can’t forget SABA SHIO YAKI taste n so delious all ur foods. Very well ur all staffs.

  29. sandy,
    don’t make me hungryyyy

  30. I went to Somo on saturday(03/07/10) night…but is really make me disappointed.. i purposely went there for sashimiset (RM70)which is I saw in I’Feel magazine..but,that’s too bad your staff said “No sashimi set today”…If advertise in magazine should not NO StOCK!!! and their services definately cannot accepted…one of ur staff,I don’t know what is his name,but he keep asked “can I clear this plate??” Actually the foods haven’t finised on that time..Rushing for wash the plate or rushing for ask us go off??? This is what I experience @ SOMO Mont Kiara….Well, I definately wont go there for my 2nd time.. and wont intro to friends also…

  31. Beryl,
    sorry to hear that, I agree that service in restaurants, almost any restaurants except those really high end hotels, here in Malaysia usually lacks..

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