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After one too many postings on parties and relatively pricey food, I think it is about time to write about something most everyone afford to eat in this economy. A good old plate of wan tan mee at Restaurant Ho Weng Kee, strategically located at the commercial area in PJ most recognized for its food offerings, SS2.

Wan Tan Mee at Ho Weng Kee, SS2
no air conditioning nor fancy tables

This particular kopitiam specializes in wan tan mee with its various differing types of ingredients. You can have them with braised chicken feet and mushroom, curry chicken, prawn dumplings,beef, shredded chicken meat, and so on. I usually prefer mine the old fashion way, dried noodle with char siu, and a small bowl of wan tan soup with spring onion served separately. To me, wan tan mee never not complete without pickled green chili.

Wan Tan Mee at Ho Weng Kee, SS2
old fashion char siu and wan tan with noodle

For this particular brunch session, we ordered 2 plates of old fashion wan tan mee, and a serving of deep fried dumplings as appetizer.

The fried dumplings were actually very very good! freshly fried with very crunchy skin and meaty yet with appropriate amount of other such as fungus, very juicy and tasted awesome. This was one of the better fried dumplings I had in a long time.

Wan Tan Mee at Ho Weng Kee, SS2
pickled green chili and the very good fried dumplings

The wan tan mee, on the other hand, were pretty decent in their own right. Char Siu could be a little thin, and while better tasting than most places, it falls short of hock lim at PJ State as far as char siu in wan tan mee goes.

Over all the meal was a pretty good one though, I helped myself with plenty of pickled green chili, and that fried dumpling was just pure ecstasy. I shall order the dumpling on my next visit and perhaps try their other wan tan mee varieties.

Wan Tan Mee at Ho Weng Kee, SS2
ho weng kee is on the street parallel to LDP

As for price, Ho Weng Kee charges slightly more than your normal kopitiam with hawker stalls. A plate of wan tan mee goes for RM 4.50 to RM 5.80 depending on the ingredients chosen. I still find it pretty reasonable.

32, Jalan SS2/66
Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

GPS: 3.119294, 101.620284
Opens for breakfast and lunch, closes on Tuesdays

Discuss : KY eats – Wan Tan Mee at Ho Weng Kee, PJ SS2

  1. the fried dumpling is kinda good. however the wan tan mee just ok. char siew not as remembrance as it should be. or I’m just too picky on taste?

  2. Lol… your map is funny. Anyway, 2 years ago, I used to eat Ho Weng Kee wantan mee very often when I was studying Korean in SS2. 🙂

  3. hmm…noticed that you seem to like wan tan mee a lot eh? :p

  4. Myhorng,
    You have been in Hong Kong for too many times, your experience is already different laa

    Hahah thank you. 😛

    Oh yes I like it! 😀

  5. They get points for the huge jar of pickled green chilli… nothing irks me more than having to ration and pace my green chilli while chowing down on wantan mee!

  6. Jade Zheng

    Christmas really made me pokai. I’m starting to view 1 cent as 1 ringgit. Believe it onot; so sad… KY BELANJA?!?!?! :DDD

  7. Yay…I’ve tried that. Very nice! I like the green chillies. But not that cheap either. Yummy….

  8. did u try the curry wantan mee?
    their specialty there

    it is to die for 🙂

  9. the best place to get my wan tan mee fix

  10. 550ml jar of faith,
    Couldn’t agree more!

    Jade Zheng,
    Can laa come come come! 😀

    But at least not too expensive lor. 🙂

    OK I shall try that next.

    OoOo 😉

  11. u must need to try their beef noodle.very tasty 1.i can say that i oready their regular customer for 10 years.when i was small oready follow my grandpa eat there oready

  12. Ohhh I’ve been there before where the time I worked nearby…
    Just remember the fried dumpling was good… =)

  13. ernie,
    I shall! 😀

    Yah, I really like the fried dumpling

  14. i have been there before. i think the classic wantan mee is better. i had the curry one and it was so so only

  15. mimid3vils

    Ur wanton mee portion quite big eh…2 wanton mee?

    Happy New Year 2009!!!

  16. i love noodle and ss2 not that far from our place. ermm…boleh tahan-lah!

  17. foodcrazee

    bro, SPICE GRADEN mgmt asked for food bloggers name .. . . . .i submitted yours . . .hopefully they will follow thru to belanja u makan . . . and of course review ler . Happy New YEar

  18. i prefer their classic wantan mee…very nice!!

    have a Happy New Year… 😀

  19. RM5.80 for a bowl of wantan mee!? wtf man. petrol price increase. cooking oil stay the same ok!

  20. Happy New Year! Hmmm, been a while since I ate at Ho Weng Kee, love the curry and the ngau lam here. Char siu definitely not great.

  21. I thought the Wan Tan Mee is just so-so.

  22. Ho Weng Kee used to be at Petaling Street in the mid 70s to 80s. I used to eat at Ho Weng Kee when I was going to MBSKL. They had the braised chicken feet with black mushrooms and chicken curry. It was one of the best wantan mee in town. When I was in SS2 a few years ago, I saw the shop but didn’t get a chance to eat there since I had lunch earlier.

  23. xin,
    Guess I’ll have to try to know. 😀

    Hahha, only 1.

    True, true. 😉

    Hahah thanks, happy new year! 😀

    Happy new year to you too!

    Welcome to KL! HAhhaha

    ngau lam.. *slurps*

    I guess we shall try the ngau lam and curry. 🙂

    Ooo interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  24. hi bro,

    I will try this shop. I have a suggestion that you try the wanton noodles located along jalan loke yew. The name is Hung Kee. Their “char siew” is nice. They have a branch in shamelin perkasa but not nice. Still prefer the one in Loke yew. The price for is RM 5 comes with 5 wantons in soup. You can try…

  25. Also you can try the wanton noodles in Canton-i in mid valley. The char siu is nice and the noodles are very QQ.. but not suitable for kids as it need a lot of chewing. Price wise… ooolala.. very steep

  26. Char siew…. *drools*

  27. clement,
    Thanks for the info! 😀

    Asyraf Lee,
    Haram laa 😛

  28. i love LOVE the dumplings at ho weng kee! and it doesnt help that i’m all the way in uk now when the shop’s only a 5min drive away from my home in pj 🙁

  29. omg..
    Ho Weng Kee… Curry Wan Tan Mee!!
    It’s the BEST!!

  30. pj,
    I love the dumplings too, move back to pj lo 😛

    ooo I want to try that next! 😀

  31. To all wei sek guai,

    Ho Wing Kee boss has officially retired… the shop has changed name to call Chan Ming Kee… aiya… those delicious, mouth watering, curry wan tan mee is no more available, cannot be found again, cannot eat again; i didn’t had much of these curry wantanmee since last year coz i concern on my cholesterol level… now, want to eat also don’t have… sigh…

    if anyone know of better/good curry wantanmee, please let known… thanks…

  32. KC,
    really? aiyahhhh

  33. huh? i just had lunch there today and the food’s still really great! had the curry laksa. still the best!

  34. lishun,
    good thing the standard’s still there. 😀

  35. Ho weng Kei in ss2 already tapau.. reopened in LOT10.. expect to pat more premium price..

  36. bond,
    ooo, but i heard the new operator isn’t bad either. 😀

  37. Cliff Tan

    Heard that retired,,,,,,,,the current runner actually was their ex stuff who help them prepared the BBQ cha siu …….great taste as well, just still have some different taste with Ho Weng Kee which I used to take since kids………

    Anyone try the Lot 10 Ho Weng Kee before ? it zit original or just use their name ?

    • Cliff Tan: nice to know! thanks for sharing. I have yet to try the Lot 10’s version but I guess I should. Almost everything I tried at Lot 10 Hutong turns out good though

  38. […] original Ho Weng Kee at PJ SS2 serves some awesome wantan mee and really good fried dumpling. So I wanted to try this one and see […]

  39. […] SS2 about few years ago. This noodle house took over from another famous brand; Ho Weng Kee (read this post from KY Speaks written in 2008), which also had a strong following back […]

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