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Before heading to this somewhat ridiculously named restaurant for my last review on Guinness-infused Christmas main course promotion, I was a little apprehensive and thus I did a bit of research online. The reviews are certainly positive for The Magnificent Fish and Chips, so I brought Cindy of MDG fame (I know, overused line) along with me on this particular mission.

The Magnificent Fish and Chips
Magnificent Fish & Chips bar, with menu on the wall

The restaurant is situated at Changkat Bukit Bintang, just directly opposite Gypsy Wine & Bar, and a stone’s throw away from Bermuda & Onion, the other two places I have visited along the stretch of shops that is frequented by more expats than locals.

The owner Paul James is from England and a season ticket holder of Hull City Football Club, a friendly figure who made a quick escape when I tried to take a picture of him, possibly being not comfortable with his almost tragic hairstyle. He explained that all the fish served is from fresh stock except for the Atlantic cod (frozen), and that the name of the restaurant was invented after a particularly heavy drinking night.

The Magnificent Fish and Chips
the little cup Cindy holds is a Guinness miniature glass premium, comes in 4 different designs

The very helpful waiter, Zam, came to our assistance as we sat down, and politely explained that there is no “small” menu available. Everything they serve is written on giant blackboards hung on the walls inside the restaurant, which is not exactly very convenient if you happen to sit alfresco, or upstairs.

I ordered the Guinness steak pie from their Guinness-infused Christmas main course promotion, which carries the following deal you might have read from my previous posts:

  • order a Guinness-infused Christmas main course
  • fill up a voucher with your details
  • tear it in half and give the side with your details to the restaurant to redeem a small pint of Guinness Draught
  • keep the other half of the voucher to get RM12 off 3 pint of Guinness Draught on next visit

Cindy got the grilled butter fish, we also asked for gaujons as appetizer, with the Guinness ice cream and sticky date pudding as desserts.

The Magnificent Fish and Chips
Guinness steak pie, a Guinness-infused dish

The Guinness steak pie comes with a choice of mash potato, chips, salad, or these mini potatos soaked in buttery sauce. The pie itself was steamy hot and cooked with beef of very tender cuts. The taste of Guinness used to make the sauce and beef adds character to it and provide a very appetizing aroma, coupled with the crunchy skin of the pie, it was very delicious. I liked it a lot.

The Magnificent Fish and Chips
grilled butter fish and goujons

Cindy’s chose to have salad with her grilled butter fish. Both the salad and grilled fish is draped with balsamic vinegar, the fish with some black pepper on top too. A healthier choice I suppose, but certainly not lacking in the taste department either. Personally I love balsamic vinegar with salad and never understand the whole fascination on Thousand Island dressing (which is basically mayonnaise and ketchup.)

Goujons is basically a fancy name in French for fish fingers. We had some ten strips of deep fried fish served with tartar sauce and a slice of lemon. They were as tasty as they are hearty and went well with my Guinness Draught.

The Magnificent Fish and Chips
sticky date pudding, Cindy, and Guinness ice cream

For dessert, the Guinness ice cream is a must order item. Just slightly different from the sorbet made by Chef in Black during the event I attended but certainly offering the same character and unique taste of that thin bitterness and caramelized sweetness. Do try it.

The sticky date pudding though, was a bit of a disappointment with too much custard. I wish that it comes with more fruits and ice cream that is a lot more sour too. The message has been conveyed to Paul James and he said they will be working on improving it.

map of Changkat Bukit Bintang
Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar is located along the stretch of restaurants/pubs at Changkat Bukit Bintang

The final bill came to RM 138+ with the steak pie at RM32, butter fish RM28, goujons RM20, a couple drinks, and two desserts. I would say that the price is pretty reasonable considering the fresh ingredients, nice ambiance, and very good service we enjoyed. I have a feeling I am going there again to try out some of their other stuff.

28, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.147749, 101.707209
Tel: 03-2142 7021

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  1. paul’s tragic haircut hahahahahahahhaah you damn stupid la ok go make me walk to ceo’s office to take a look at his hair!@!!

  2. Ooh, magnificent indeed! Hey I notice Lingham’s is part of the standard sauce repertoire at these middle-range joints now – like at Bubba Gump and whatnot. Very cool.

  3. aeroplane1234

    this certainly redefine “fish and chips” which normally i always associate to “soggy cheap fish”.. awsomely exclusive.

  4. Hmm…so it’s Cindy Tey and not Cindy Teh. Sorry I always get your name wrong Cindy!

  5. aud,
    Hahhahaa, your CEO is the wrong Paul ok

    550ml jar of faith,
    Oh yahh.. interesting to know. 😀

    Yah, some higher end stuff. 😉

    Huai Bin,
    Hahaha, now you are in the know!

  6. The foods look just awesome. So does the gorgeous lady there.

    O-kau ice cream, hmm.. wonder what it taste like.

  7. It’s not fish fingers leh, fish fingers has breadcrumbs not batter 😀

  8. PenangTuaPui

    Guinness ice cream.. something interesting.. will i get drunk?

  9. Myhorng,
    Okau ice cream is very good!

    Ok you’re the English. hehehe. my bad. 😛

    Not unless you have a lot. 😀

  10. the goujons look like good snacks with a pint, but the butter fish looked … rather dainty.

  11. I see, you and Kenny are hitting different restaurants that has the Guiness promotion. The nearest one to my place is Fitou Brasserie, Water Front, Desa Park City. I think I’ll go try there first.

  12. Jade Zheng

    Paul James’s tragic hairstyle was the reason he didn’t want to take pictures!? hahaha… Why didn’t I thought of that?! Couldn’t remember Zam’s name and he’s gonna burukkan his sikus to take back his 5 glasses becuz u din post that picture up. Hahaha!!! =P

    p/s: & Hi-5! I lurrve balsamic very very much too! ;D

  13. Nice to see mini potatoes soaked in buttery sauce served with the Guinness steak pie. Its a nice change…

  14. OMG! Guiness Ice Cream! Me wants!!!!!!!!!!

  15. J2Kfm,
    Ah, there are many other types of fish to choose from too. 😀

    Simon Seow,
    Do it! 😀

    Jade Zheng,
    Hahhahaha I shall post it somewhere else.. or something. Yaaa balsamic is best! 😀

    ck lam,
    You can choose between the few types of potato or salad. 😀

    Do it!!!

  16. why u like that wan!! this is my fav ffish n chips shop =( i havevtn been there in forever! i hate chu!

  17. The appetizer looks yummy 🙂

  18. thenomadGourmand

    atr creative one..guinness ice cream.. muz say this promo thing is a catalyst for new creations – gd for us to enjoy!

  19. hungryyyyyyyy~~~ why so yummy de!!

  20. when will the promotion ends? everything looks good~

  21. foodcrazee

    hows the potato ? the sauce looks a lil watery from the pic but the potato looks like IDAHO but not sure – looks delish

  22. GIn,
    Go again goo! 😀

    Oh yess. 😉

    Yah I love the ice cream!

    and why are you in ipoh! 😀

    End of the year. 🙂

    potato was pretty good. 🙂

  23. hey ky i think you lost yourself!
    you are not that ky that will look for
    cheap and good food now you are into money!!what you introducing now is all about guiness and nokia and bla bla!! Last time you use to introduce alot of good food in every single corner of all the places but now you are different u only go to expensive places to promote expensive food that is actually not nice!!I am so disapointed. I am actually a fan for you but now i dont think so!!

  24. ccc,
    Lost myself? Ah.. not quite. I agree with your observation and the reason is of course, I am running the Guinness campaign and at the same time been invited to a few food tasting sessions (such as the Friday Wine lunch).

    Who in the right mind would deny those opportunity? To taste good food and sometimes not having to pay for it?

    Most of this places are slightly more expensive, but some of them are still very reasonable (gypsy, cafe chulo, etc). The food are nice in their own way, and of course taste is also a very personal thing and some of them are acquired.

    That said, I do have quite a few cheap places I went recently and they shall be on the blog soon enough.

    Cheers and thanks for your comment. 🙂

  25. mimid3vils

    Guinness ice-cream? I scare the bitterness of the beer, will this taste bitter too?

  26. Hey dude , recently just saw you updated a lot posting featuring Guinness . Seem like you are addicted to Guinness.
    Christmas around the corner ,perhaps can make a Guinness party . No other drink but just Guiness!!!

  27. mimid3vils,
    Slight bitter taste, but I love it!

    I wish I can afford. hahaha

  28. Jade Zheng

    wtf so kesian & mou kuu dpt hate mail like this. *sek sek*

  29. Guinness freak you! The steak pie looks nice but I want only the potatoes. can?!!

  30. Jade Zheng,
    Yey! 😀

    OK, can! I eat all the other stuff, you have the potato. 😀

  31. still not too late to have a party.You still able to make it on New Year eve .Of course need some support (especially funding $$$$) from all your dude.Imagine that Guinness drink ,Guinness dessert,Guinness girls,Guinness game and etc….

  32. Stan,
    Hahaha noted! 😀


  34. have to stop looking at your blog when i am hungry liao

  35. Hantu Bola,

    don’t stop! 😛

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