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I had been anticipating my second Friday Wine Lunch ever since the first installment at Carat Club last month, so when Lenny from Millennium Associates invited me to Chinoz a couple weeks ago, I was overjoyed.

Friday wine lunch at Chinoz, KLCC
Nigel Dolan, chief wine maker, Wyndham Estate

The Friday Wine Lunch at Chinoz was hosted by Wyndham Estate, and organized by Millennium Associates with Pernod Ricard Malaysia. We were lucky enough to have Nigel Dolan, the chief wine maker from WE to join us for the session.

Lionel Lau and Chris Low who blogs at the cork brothers played excellent hosts, while Eiling, Gareth, Kim, and I were joined a few dozen Friday Wine Lunch regulars in this session.

foie gras bon bon, wild mushroom consomme, Friday wine lunch at Chinoz, KLCC
foie gras bon bon, wild mushroom consomme oxtail ravilioli

We started off with soup, the Wild Mushroom Consomme with Oxtail Ravioli paired with chilled Wyndham Estate Bin555 Sparkling Chiraz. I actually liked the soup quite a lot, it kinda carry stronger mushroom and a weak marmite taste to it. The texture of oxtail ravioli and it’s rather raw meaty taste gives the soup a very strong contrast. The sparkling wine washes the soup down just nice.

Next up was foie gras bon bon with caramelized apple. I love foie gras, and while this dish tasted pretty good, the portion left me with somewhat unsatisfied cravings. We had Wyndham Estate Show Reserve Cabernet Merlot to go with it. Cabernet Merlot is one of the earliest wines I’ve tasted back when I was in the states working in a restaurant, memory of yesteryear rushed back as I sipped the wine, not unlike the effect you get from listening to an old song on radio.

Friday wine lunch at Chinoz, KLCC
Confit of Salmon with poached oyster

We were given a choice of two main dishes and I went with the salmon. The color of the fillet captured my attention as soon as I set eyes on it, still bright orange and just very, very lightly cooked with minimal salt or any other spices to preserve its natural sweetness. It was so good I savored every single bite of it. The poached oyster adds character to the dish as well.

Fish is often paired with white wine, and it was not surprising that Wyndham Estate Show Reserve Chardonnay is chosen for this dish.

Friday wine lunch at Chinoz, KLCC
Oven roasted Beef Fillet and Green Tea and White Chocolate Mousse

Wyndham Estate Show Reserve Shiraz, the last of the 4 types of wine for the session, is paired with the other main dish – the oven roasted beef fillet, which was a little too tough and too cooked for my liking. However, I did enjoy the Show Reserve Shiraz and took liberty in having a couple glasses before the session is over.

The green tea and white chocolate moose concluded the meal in a sweet note. The two types of moose served in (surprisingly delicious) chocolate cups. I had another Shiraz with this.

Friday wine lunch at Chinoz, KLCC
Eiling and I, group photo with Nigel, Chris, and the gang

It was a very good lunch session and I would like to thank Lenny for the invitation. Friday wine lunch usually falls on the last Friday of the month, you can check with Millennium Associates for more information.

map of KLCC

G47 Suria KLCC
Petronas Twin Towers
50200 Kuala Lumpur City Centre

GPS: 3.157581, 101.712102
Tel: 03-2166 8277

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  1. KY, I officially sever all ties with you. We are not cronies. You never invite me to these things. Despite the fact that I’m not a hot chick doesn’t discount the fact that I should be going. Especially with wine. OMG! You evil, evil man. 😉

  2. Huai Bin,
    I was invited, I didn’t do the inviting! 😛

  3. Haha Huai Bin, calm down. If next time KY is doing the inviting, then you can bite his head off. But this one, you can’t blame him la (apart from the fact that you’re not a hot chick). KY, nice review!

  4. aeroplane1234

    the oxtail thing is VERY large portion, are u sure u can finish it?!!!

  5. huai bin he also never invite me one… but makes me nang everytime to rub it in wtf

  6. eiling,
    You’re right! 😀 thanks

    Hahhaha with 1 gulp!

    Hahha keel him!

  7. IT IS “HUAI BIN [COMMA] HIM” OK. you!!!

  8. okay. dude. you really get invited to honestly gorgeous restaurants with awesome food and drinks okay. >< ROAR. *jealous* ._.

  9. wahsei…another fine dining review…chun! this time with wine sumore….luv it!

  10. skyler,
    Ops 😛

    Hehehe, I’m lucky! Your sister too 😀

    Best kan? 😀


  11. the salmon with poached oyster looks so evil

  12. Oooh so very lovely! That confit of salmon just kills! I remember this one very nice bottle of semillon sauv blanc from Wyndham Estate… did you guys get to try any? Would have been perfect with that salmon!

  13. xin,
    The salmon was excellent!

    550ml jar of faith,
    Ahh didn’t have that particular wine. 🙂

  14. I’m hungry now. And I do miss Chinoz. Those were the days in KLCC… 🙁

  15. Alice Teh,
    Eat! Eat more!!

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  17. KY,
    Great blog and great picture.
    Chris Low

  18. Chris Low,
    Thanks, and see you again! 😀

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