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It never ceases to amaze me how communication technology brings people together. Ever since my old batch of ex-housemates moved out of my place over a year ago, we actually haven’t met for the longest time.

It wasn’t until a week ago when Huey Fang finally joined facebook that Carol decided that we should meet up again after such a long lay off. So we did just that last Saturday.

ex housemates, horng, carol, ky, huey fang
Horng, Heuy Fang, KY, Carol

Just as we were struggling to find a venue, I received an sms from Xaviera inviting us to Bondai Grill & Pub‘s soft opening at Curve. Perfect timing, so Horng, Huey Fang, Carol, ah Chan, and I went there right after dinner and joined by Suan, Ahfa, Bob, and Jack.

Of the three ex housemates, I’ve known Horng (also known as Honry) for 24, Huey Fang for 15, and Carol for 12 years and counting. They are some of my best friends whom I know I could count on for anything, and I do mean anything.

Old friends, ah chan, jack, eelaine, xaviera, suan
ah Chan, Jack & FA, Xaveira and Suan

I’ve known Suan virtually for at least 8-9 years and in person for over 5 years, FA for just a bit shorter than that, and Xaveira, ah Chan, and Jack pretty much before the conception of this blog. They’ve all been very good friends over the years.

I haven’t had such a great time since forever. Lotsa laughters, lotsa chit chats, and even a few heart to heart sessions. Thank you guys, and here’s to friendship.

p/s: We need to do this more often.

p/s 2: facebook album here

p/s 3: I wish I have one, with LCD tv please

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  1. foodcrazee

    its good to meet up your old buddy and felt happy too . . . . .

    Way to go bro . . .looks like ur life is kewl nowadays eh ?

  2. foodcrazee,
    Life isn’t bad at all. 😀

    Simon Seow,
    I am not sure if the feeling is mutual. 😛

  3. So much fun! I can see that you’re a person who treasure friendship and friends. 🙂

  4. aeroplane1234

    sometimes its scary to find out how long you know a person already. because that indicates how old we are. and the worst is one by one getting married and some even bring out 13 kids during reunion. and the worst of all it makes u lagi don’t want to get married because these married people are just very ugly. (makes u feel good because u didnt marry them)

  5. nice one! absolutely agree.. friends are the air in your hot air balloon.. friends are the plaster of paris when you fall down and hurt your arm, friends are the ‘chee yau char’ in your char kwey teow! Essential ! lol. have a good one:)

  6. Alice Teh,
    Was really a lot of fun. 😀

    Hahaha don’t remind me!

    Hahaha i like the “chee yau char” description! 😀

  7. i had a clubby weekend too! and WHY clubbing these days is so exp….

  8. Yes la!! The chow ahbengs and the chow ahlians re-united!!

    But KY, how come you didn’t invite me!!! LOL

  9. xin,
    Semua Naik maa. haha

    You’ve been MIA for a long time! dare you say! 😛

  10. Jade Zheng

    i can imagine how happy u felt.. the company with not good, but Great friends… i miss my buddies. ))): all so far away… )))));

  11. I miss eelaine too. LOL

  12. Jade Zheng,
    Yaaa, bunch of great buddies. 😀

    You’re like simon seow! 😀

  13. heh was awesome!

  14. geeze, i hope i have frds like urs

  15. Hi KY, this is my first comment. I have been reading your posts and really
    enjoy reading your reviews on the food and parties section. I live in Kelana Jaya SS7 and I didn’t even know around SS2 and Sunway area got such good food! I am a person who loves food and clubbing. Look forward to your posts. 🙂

  16. how fun, cheers!

  17. suanie,

    I’m sure you do. 🙂

    Thanks! 😀

    Yaaa 😉

  18. Cheers to friendship!

  19. Nice! It’s always good to meet up with old friends who you can count on through thick and thin.

  20. surely a great evening.
    btw, do i have another name as honry?

  21. wuah u r oways so busy . wonder how u manage to find the energy for it all 🙂

  22. KY if u plan to go clubbing in the near future pls invite me along, I haven’t been clubbing for 2 months now coz got no kaki :(. You can reach me at Cheers!

  23. eiling,
    Most definitely! 😀

    Huai Bin,

    Hahah wrong spelling lah.

    from food 😛

    Hahha only 2 months?

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