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Ahhhh.. life in this valley can be pretty hectic. For example, a typical week can be something like this:

  • Monday: LRT, work, breakfast, work, lunch, work, LRT, badminton, dinner till late
  • Tuesday: LRT, work, drink milo, work, meet some friends for lunch, work, LRT, attend some funny event and got stuck in jam for 2 hours, supper
  • Wednesday: LRT, work, drink latte, lunch with ex-colleagues, go to site office, LRT, play ping pong, supper/dinner


  • Thursday: LRT, work, breakfast, work, tapao food from Isetan, work, drink coffee, LRT, early dinner, futsal 10-11pm, zzzz
  • Friday: LRT, pretend to work, long lunch, work a bit, drink milo, LRT, dinner, yumcha with suan and gang, sleep at 1am
  • Saturday: wake up late, trim grass, laundry, brunch, tv, dinner, party/event/lepak, watch football, sleep at 3am
  • Sunday: wake up even later, bak kut teh for brunch, lazying around, write, email, nap, read, dinner, tv, and trying to sleep earlier


Eat, work, play, eat, work, play, it can be pretty hectic, with too much caffeine and isotonic drinks, not to mention the occasional drops of alcohol in between. Not particularly relaxing for the body and soul I’d say.

And then I was introduced to Lipton Hirameki.

Hirameki basically means “Get Inspired”. How does tea relate to getting inspired? Well, black tea leaves contains theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to have the effect of reducing stress and promote the feeling of relaxation. When you’re able to relax, the brain will be able to get properly rested, and generate more creative juice thereafter.


I think I should learn to sit back, have a cup of tea (and I like mine black, without sugar), and relax a bit. Bliss!

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Discuss : Eat, Work, Play… time to Rejuvenate!

  1. wah! everyday so busy!

  2. Asus Eee PC

    Sounds like a full life – poor pun intended and thanks for the link to the contest!

  3. where u play badminton normally?

  4. u definitely miss out something…something very important..

    – eat exotic food, fine dining, fine cuisine, seafood, eat again, rinse wash, repeat several times.. (lol)

  5. vincent,
    Hehe yah!

    Asus Eee PC,
    Hahahaha, you’re welcome. 😀

    At an apartment in PJ. 😉

    Hahaha, that’s embedded in “dinner” 😛

  6. that sounds familiar, or

  7. Your post reminded me of my travelling on the LRT to work (Kelana Jaya to KLCC) for five years… every morning and night, day in and day out… Monday to Friday… Quite nostalgic. I really do feel like going back to Petronas Twin Towers or Menara Maxis to work.

  8. Wah, now KY learning how to drink tea already is it? What’s the whole deal with the Hirameki thing? I saw a box with the whole ‘how to brew tea the Hirameki way’ and it just looked really dumb.

    Drink good green tea instead!

  9. Yatz,
    hahaha you joker!

    Alice Teh,
    Yah, I still like KLCC compared to LCS though. Very convenient. 🙂

    Kevin Chan,
    Ah, this thing and green tea is different ma. Different composition, different effect too. 😀

  10. u know the look when u drinking tea….

    feel like slapping u… 😛 especially the middle pic

  11. u look “high” in the last picture XD

  12. shiang,
    Shut up. hahaha

    relaxing ok! 😀

  13. wow! i love your lifestyle

  14. foodcrazee

    good to see you learn how to relax . . . . cheers

  15. Hey hey, what premier league club do you support?

  16. eh, your 1st picture in the last strip looks quite leng zai okay! hahaha~

  17. wilsonphua,
    You think? hahaha

    Cheers! 😀

    That, is an interesting question. I don’t really have an all out club I support but a few I don’t really like so much. 😛

    Jade Zheng,
    OK, 1 out of 20… *yawn* 😛

  18. RealGunners

    i thought u left out 1 important thing: where does blogging time fall under?

  19. aeroplane1234

    oh man. all time classic. McD also serve them right? i wonder. is there other colors that this brand makes besides yellow label? if no why specify “yellow label”?

  20. RealGunners,
    Hahaha very observant! It falls in between everything. 😀

    Er.. I’m not very sure.

  21. So busy..
    Act busy only got lah.. 😛
    I need to get my life back!! cannot everyday work like that can die.

  22. Eh how come you and Su Ann ( are advertising the same product one ah? She sumore said someone from home sent to her for her studies and it’s the same shit…how much are you guys getting paid for this? LOL

  23. Everyday busy eating only. Work is just a disguise. Since you have a box full of inspiration, why not share some (with me) right?!!

  24. tom,
    Hahaha, true true, don’t work too hard!

    That is because this is an advertorial. 🙂

    Come! My house! 😀

  25. last strip, middle picture. muka stim lol

    i’m gonna get me some Hirameki tomorrow!

  26. Wahh.. So interesting one your life..

    Lets see mine:

    Monday to Saturday
    Breakfast, Work, Lunch, Work, Dinner, Work, Supper, DramaSeries-Marathon, Sleep

    Brunch, Work, Dinner, DramaSeries-Marathon, Supper, Sleep !!


  27. Tell me tell me, which club don’t you like. Fast fast!! I normally watch the earlier match up until 12 or sometimes 2am, then I’m off to sleep 🙂

  28. Hahahahaha KY, I love you already :DDD

  29. Brenda,
    Only because I’m not a huge fan of MU? 😛

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