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Just got back from watching Madagascar 2 a while back, and I must say this is one of the few rare movies that is actually better than the first one.

Madagascar 2

The story is a bit of a continuation from the previous show. After a short recap of the first movie, Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe, Marti the zebra, and Gloria the hippo embarked on a plane ride to get back to New York with the penguin crews and the lemur king but inevitably ended up in Africa.

The whole story is littered with so many funny moments and stupid jokes it was hilarious. My favorite scene would be the penguin accident (I shall not give any spoilers, but nice touch on the egg!)

Do catch the movie especially if you liked the first one!

KY and Cindy
Cindy (the infamous MDG winner) and me

I took a picture with the infamous Cindy for a tumpang glamor moment. There were a lot of familiar faces I saw from the Nuffnang/Nokia Silent Halloween party who were there too. Bravo to nuffnang for another awesome movie premier.

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  1. woohoo someone picked up the term “tumpang glam” teehee.

  2. dude thanks again for the tickets XD

  3. JEALOUS!!!! *scurries away to buy pirated dvd*

  4. i slept at 8.30pm last night!!! missed it but nvm got WAR soon!!

  5. YC,
    Hahaha, thanks to you! And I’m going to put your tumpang glam photos soon. hee-hee

    You’re welcome. 😀

    Go to theater la! 😀

    Hahahah tomorrow!

  6. I also got the free tix from nuffnang. I just hope Dreamworks will make a movie just for the hilarious penguins, they seriously deserve their own movie.

  7. Nice! Planning to watch this soon.. Hehe. :p

  8. I hated the first, and sorta didn’t like this one either. haha. Not Pixar mar. LOL

  9. KY didn’t recognize me….. 🙁

  10. I liked the first one, especially that king monkey (?) character that came out in droves in the jungle.

    Tumpang glamour. Haha! I love this word. I’m gonna add it to my repertoire along with “saham turun”, which I also picked up this year.

  11. Mr.Right,
    Haha I agree!

    Do it. 😉

    Hahaha you pixar whore!

    Ahhh too many people! paiseh paiseh =/

    Huai Bin,
    The lemur! 😀

  12. foodcrazee

    tumpang also get chun girl . .dashyat !

  13. Can’t wait to move it move it for Madagascar 2!!!

  14. You should have taken your Halloween make up off before meeting Cindy. 🙂

  15. not bad woh.. yesterday i tak kena spray! 😛

  16. foodcrazee,
    Hahaha of course! 😛

    Angie Tan,

    Hahahah, she will keel me!

    You were lucky! 😛

  17. aiya… i could have been there la!! came back from fishing yesterday! LOL =D well, see you soon bro! hehe… have to watch madagascar in DVD .. =D

  18. andrew,
    There’s always the cinema too!

  19. Thanks for the tickets KY ! 😀

  20. thx KY for the tickets! movie was awesome!
    din get to meet u though.. heh 🙂

    btw, the seat r bit front..4th row from d screen…but no complaints as it’s free.. lol ! 🙂

    till then, i gotta get my self move it move it!

  21. Melissa,
    You’re welcome! 😀

    You’re welcome too! 😀

  22. omg the penguins so funneh! thank u for traveling with penguin air..

    saw u at the entrance, but u were surrounded so no chance to say hi to u

  23. thx again for the tickets! finally met you=)

  24. Jade Zheng

    ooo… ejek me la here… i tangkap u. hahaha! =p

  25. xin,
    Hahahaha, I know! Ooo, next time we shall then! 😀

    You’re welcome, again!

    Jade Zheng,
    Memang true maaa, you fehmes!

  26. aeroplane1234

    oh man… u should have gone 6 inch down to get some milks…………(yes again, evil thought!!)

  27. lucky u to have such a beautiful lady camwhore for u 🙂

  28. aeroplane1234,
    Hahhaa you’re terrible.

    Oh yes! 😛

  29. oooooooooooooo

    with hot chic you took photo

    with hot red mamma ko buat dek je ye KY!

    jaga luh!

  30. Redmummy,
    You were so busy jaga anak maa. 😛

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