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Happy Halloween everyone! I’m going to be at the most eagerly waited Nuffnang + Nokia’s Silent Halloween Party this side South East Asia.

This party’s going to be pretty interesting I believe, with everyone dancing silly with their earphones on whilst the club is in music-less. It’s going to be like watching MTV in mute (careful not to mispronounce it as nude). I even bought a pretty awesome noise canceling headphones for this. Best!

Happy Halloween
No, I’m not going to go as this, it’ll be a surprise!

Nokia is sponsoring the event, which means there are phones to be given out! If my luck is as good as the Pajama Party earlier this year.. Can’t wait!

Just a few hours to go before the party starts, I’ll see you guys at Borneo Baruk Club!

Discuss : Halloween Party Here I Come!

  1. now i can’t get a phone for my mum =(

  2. My Simple Food

    Hello….Please link me 🙂 I hope Nuffnang will pick me for the dinner at Italiennes Garden….Happy Halloweens!

  3. wow! a halloween party? that’s must be fun~

  4. that’s it… am not going to visit your blog anymore….gonna get nightmares from now on….

  5. i am quite curious wat u will go as. 🙂

  6. Did Rachel punch you in the eyes?

  7. hey hey… RAIN ahahhaha jus dropping by… linked u btw… “anne boleyn”

  8. lorna,
    Oh well I didn’t win any either. lol

    My Simple Food,
    Good luck! 😀

    It was!

    Hahahah damn it. 😛

    I was rain. 😛

    Oh noooo

    Hahahahaa 😛

    Anne Marie Cheong,
    Thanks 😀

  9. photos photos!

  10. xin,
    I didn’t take! Was too busy dancing and making fun of people!

  11. hahahaha cover has been blown. i can’t help but keep thinking the blue patch will be cooler if it were black…

  12. aeroplane1234

    my boss looked like u. everyday he is like that…

  13. KY, I dont get it! What were u???

  14. xin,
    Hahaha shhh

    So awesome! 😛

    I went with a different makeup, i was Rain! 😛

  15. […] year as far as parties go. There were 3 Nuffnang parties I attended, the pajamas party in March, Halloween party, and the Christmas bash in Singapore. There were other events such as Sunburst by Tuborg, Nokia, […]

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