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The company I’m working for (yes, I do have a day job) comprises of people from across the globe, each with their unique cultural background, language accent, and most importantly, brand of humor.

One fine morning when I stopped by the pantry for a cup of latte (we have this awesome coffee maker), I saw this cardboard box with a paper label that says:

If you place plastic water bottle here, I will send to recycle bin

a very noble idea

A very noble idea, I thought.

Next to the recycle bin, there is another cardboard box set up by another dude who came from UK. It says:

If you leave your old, torn & dirty 5 & 10 ringgit notes here, I will recycle them into my bank

well why not? let me get you started!

I couldn’t help but get him started with 5 baht that was in my pocket somehow! And sure enough, within half an hour the box is filled with half a ringgit (literally), a 5 baht coin, and a further 30 sen. This scheme could work!

Why don’t you try this at your office?

p/s: the original recycle bin remains empty.


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  1. that was funny. lol
    I should start one with recycling chocolates! Bet it’s full by noon!

  2. wtf. srsly gonna try this in my obis 😛

  3. hahahah wtf… like that also can

  4. i think i need to put a recycle bin for: annoying people.

  5. aahh..i think i should recycle 50 ringgit notes

  6. My office only has Nestle hot drinks dispenser. Too sweet for me :p

    Brilliant ppl you got in your office. The recycle bins in my office is about 4ft tall and always empty.

  7. Robb,

    Do it. hahaha

    Try now!

    Brilliant right? hahaha


    You try and let us know ok? 😛

    Simon Seow,

  8. If you place your old and tattered USD here, I will take it to BOA to recycle… BOA not Bank of America but Bank of Anselm

  9. aeroplane1234

    “if u leave used condom here, i will….”

  10. half a ringgit literally ahhahahaha

    your colleagues are so funny

  11. i would love to build up this kind of recycle place..sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit

  12. i should create a recycle bin to recycle pokemon games XD

  13. Juanito,


    Yes! I have the other half 😛

    Hahhaa, yah, do it!


    Why not? 😛

  14. Hahahaha.. Why your colleague gave half a ringgit? *jahat*

  15. wah…like that oso can ah? will try this in my office when i muster the guts :p

  16. some pervs would lurve the idea of recycled underwear.

  17. ahlost,
    Hahaha cos they’re nuts! 😛

    Do it! 😀

    oOO kinky. lol

  18. Hmm…I’m not sure it’ll work in my current company but no harm in trying. 😉

  19. so cute! what an excellent idea:D

  20. i think i can put a recycle bin for: notes
    since our exam is going to come to an end 😀

  21. brilliant people ur working with.. now.. if i were to place a box on my floor – the box may get recycled!

  22. Huai Bin,
    Do it! hahaha

    Undoubtedly! 😉

    Hahhaah yah.

    HAhahahaha, never try never know!

  23. Please leave jokes here. Dabido will recycle them for you.

  24. Wah, you need to work also ah? Anyway, good idea, I will try in my office.

  25. Dabido,

    Of course I need to workkkkk 😀

  26. Sam White

    who is Subhashini? she cares about the Environment, please tell me where to recycle paper, plastic and bottles in Bukit Bintang?? anyone?? help

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